Chapter 25

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Chapter 25: Holy Spring Wine, Follow the Master to Kill and Plunder!

“The next auction item is a barrel of Holy Spring Wine, with a starting price of eight million spirit stones. Let the bidding begin.”

The barrel of wine appeared, and the jar that contained the wine was a low-grade magic treasure with flowing patterns. Once it appeared, a strong fragrance of wine spread out, shaking the minds of the crowd.

This caused a commotion at the auction.

Many people stood up excitedly, their faces full of anticipation.

“Holy Spring Wine is here!”

“This wine is brewed by the wine master of Holy Spring Villa. With an annual output of less than a hundred barrels, it is one of the top wines in the world. It is rumored that drinking this wine has a one in ten thousand chance of gaining insight into the Dao. This wine must be bid for.”

Even Feng Wanxi, upon smelling the strong wine fragrance, became spirited and her eyes shone brightly as she commented, “Whether it enters the Dao or not doesn’t matter. The wine is mellow and rich, and it is indeed one of the top wines in the world. I want this wine!”

From the side, Chen Chang’an pondered.

Since the master loves wine, why not make some good wine for her?

Soon, he found the “Divine Brewing Technique” in the “Filial Piety Store.”

The price was 100 filial piety points.

Chen Chang’an purchased it directly.

Immediately, his wine-making skills became extraordinary.

He smelled the fragrance of the wine.

In the hearts of the people, the fragrance of the wine was mellow and rich, incredibly tempting.

But to Chen Chang’an, he knew just by smelling it how this Holy Spring Wine was brewed. He evaluated the wine as average, with a common fragrance and even a hint of astringency. It was just an ordinary wine, and he even thought of it as junk wine.

He didn’t expect the master to be interested in such an ordinary wine.

If it’s him who makes it, the master would definitely love them!

Chen Chang’an was pleased.

By then, he would probably earn a lot of filial piety points.

From a private rooom, someone had already started bidding.

“Nine million five hundred thousand!”

“Ten million!”

“Eleven million!”

Feng Wanxi also began bidding.

“Fifteen million.”

Upon seeing Feng Wanxi bidding multiple times, the gloomy-faced Monster of Nether Spring knew that she wanted to get her hands on this wine.

“If you dare to intercept me, I won’t let you off!” he said coldly.

Afterward, the Monster of Dark Spring joined in on the bidding without hesitation.

The bidding price skyrocketed, and soon it exceeded 40 million spirit stones!

Many people had already withdrawn and given up on bidding.

Although this wine was a top-tier wine, it was not a rare and priceless wine.

Twenty-five million was already close to the limit.

But now, it had reached forty million.

It seemed that forty million was not the end.

Feng Wanxi’s face grew cold.

She looked at the private room where the Monster of Nether Spring was sitting.

Every time she bid, the Monster of Nether Spring would increase the bid by one million. He had contributed to reaching the current price of forty million spirit stones.

“This old guy,” Feng Wanxi said coldly.

Chen Changan was also speechless.

A jar of such crappy wine actually sold for tens of millions in auction.

He couldn’t help but say:

“Master, that old guy is maliciously bidding, causing trouble for you. This wine is not worth this price, so let’s just forget about it.”

“I’ll make you some good wine later, which definitely won’t be worse than this Holy Spring Wine.”

Feng Wanxi doubted Chen Changan and gave him a glance:

“But this is the Holy Spring Wine, one of the top wines in the Nine Regions Immortal Domain. Don’t joke around, my disciple.”

Chen Changan shook his head without explaining, planning to surprise her with his own brewed wine.

Feng Wanxi said:

“The annual production of this Holy Spring Wine is only a hundred jars. I heard that this wine is mellow and has a long aftertaste, and is a rare collection wine. Since we’ve come across it this time, I must bid and taste how it is.”

As she spoke, her eyes emitted a cold light.

“But if that old guy insists on bidding, then let him have it in the end. We can always kill and loot him. Even a demonic cultivator dares to cause trouble for me, hmph.”

Chen Changan heard this and thought that his master was really ruthless.

That old guy from the Nether Spring must be looking for death to oppose his master.

In the end…

Feng Wanxi directly said the bidding price of 45 million, her tone was calm but it gave a sense of urgency.

The Old Monster of the Phantom Spring sneered, he seemed to see the desperate look on Feng Wanxi’s face!

“46 million.”

“Old Monster of the Phantom Spring, are you trying to oppose me?”

“Friend, this is fair competition, where’s the opposition?”

He thought to himself, that woman must be close to her limit, after shouting this price, she will give up.

He was proud, daring to oppose me, then you will pay over 40 million for this wine!

Make you bleed!

Who knew.

In Feng Wanxi’s elegant pavilion, there was no more sound of bidding.

The Old Monster of the Nether Spring turned green.

What the hell, that bitch!

You tricked me!!!

In the following auctions.

There were no items that Feng Wanxi was interested in.

At noon.

The auction was finally coming to an end.

The servant brought the successfully bid items.

Feng Wanxi paid with over 20 million spirit stones, and over 2000 spirit tickets without even blinking an eye.

What a rich woman, Chen Changan couldn’t help but sigh.

He was very curious about how wealthy his master really was.

“Let’s go, disciple, let’s go rob and plunder.”

After obtaining the auction items, Feng Wanxi didn’t want to stay any longer, and left with Chen Changan.

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