Chapter 25

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Chapter 25 – Doll Maker Luca 4

“Help me!”

I thought I heard a voice coming from the rabbit that seemed to be crushed under some material.

Before I knew it, I chanted,

“Support 1!”

Strength +1

Life +1

Agility +1

Intelligence +1

MP +1

AP +1

My buff magic hit the rabbit, which was flapping its legs sandwiched between the fallen material. The rabbit shook as it lifted the material with one hand and stood up as if it were a strong character, smoothly and successfully escaping.

With eyes that had a faint intelligence, it gently held the hem of its skirt and bowed.

“Mission accomplished!”

Luca pulled at my clothes.

“Thanks, Aix, but it’s okay now.”

“Yeah, you’re right, partner.”

When I turned around, I saw a look of apology and concern in Luca’s transparent eyes. I could see myself reflected in those clear eyes. Crazy Bear held onto my leg tightly.

It felt like a scene from a hero’s tale suddenly appeared.

Isn’t this cool for some reason?!

I laughed cynically and got carried away with the hero’s syndrome.

“It’s okay, Luca, Crazy Bear…I have a mission. I’m the only one who can help those girls.”

I hugged them tightly and gently pushed them away.

But I’m going.

Because there is power in my hands.

So I can’t stop, even if I have to sacrifice my own body!

Fully immersed in my hero role, I walked around the room and cast buff magic on one rabbit after another that was in trouble.

“Support 1, Support 1, Support 1.”

The clumsy rabbits regained their intelligence one by one and bowed their heads.

They’re good kids.

They walked straight to the back of the room and forcefully opened the door to the large room. There were many rabbits sewing leisurely with needles.

“What’s up?” They stopped their hands and turned to look at me.

“Huh…there are a lot of them?”

Passion quickly disappeared from my heart when I thought that.

I don’t want to work.

In front of me were rabbits with round, glossy eyes.

“Dang it! Oh well, there’s no helping it.”

“Let’s power up everyone.”

Just as I made that solemn resolution, suddenly, Luca hugged me from behind.

I felt Luca’s slightly warm body temperature on my back and a sweet fragrance wafting through the air.


It was more of a tackle than a hug.

Being pushed down by a delicate girl like that made me feel weak and helpless.

I locked eyes with Luca, who was now straddling me.

Oh… you’re angry now, aren’t you?

“Aix! Cut it out already! Were you even listening to what I said? If you want to work, I’ll let you work as much as you want. But that’s not it, right? These kids won’t go out of control as long as we don’t give them difficult tasks. Please, take a break.”

“I-I’m sorry. I was a little too hyped up…”

“Let’s reset with some tea time.”

The sound of tea being poured from the teapot into the cup was comforting, and the delightful aroma filled the air.

It was probably made with some really expensive leaves.

I felt calm and relaxed.

The tea brewed by the intelligence +1 rabbit I helped earlier is amazing. I wonder if the day will come when she starts talking, as I look at her fluffy white fur and start to think.

“Oh, and here’s your commission.”


Staring at the large silver coin that was handed over.

Yay, it’s glittering!

It seems that Luca has something on her mind and she’s complaining while lying face down on the desk.

“Sigh.. When I asked for something difficult, things began to go out of control. In the end, even the child got confused and tangled up in the thread. It’s tough to lower your standard of living once it has gone up. It’s too convenient, your magic.”

Although I was stared at with a grumpy look on her face, what can I do? Crazy Bear is fluttering around, patting Luca.

“Master, cheer up. I’ve untangled the thread, so it’s not a problem.”

“That’s right.”

Rather than Luca’s troubles, I was distracted by the scent of tea and gave sloppy responses, which made Luca irritated and she lightly threw a cookie from the tea sweets at me.

It hit my body with a thump and fell to the floor.

I quickly rescued it.

Ah, this is delicious.

“Hey, Aix, don’t eat that if it fell on the ground.”

“Well, then don’t throw it,” I replied.

To my unexpected logical response, Luca’s puzzled expression changed to a snarl. Ah, maybe I had defeated Luca-sensei with my argument. I felt a sense of satisfaction for once, as I am usually the one being told what to do.

Then Luca, holding the cookie, smiled as if planning something. Oh, I had a bad feeling about this.

“If you catch it with your mouth, there shouldn’t be any problem, Aix.”

Of course this is problem.

This person is excessively self-centered.

“Luca, what do you think my reflexes are like?”

“Take this as an extra reward, Aix!”

With a big smile, Luca threw it up in a high arc. The cookie flew towards me. Am I a dog? No, I’m a shadow wolf! I was about to catch it in my mouth when the cookie hit my nose with a thump.


“I’m sorry, Aix.”

Luca was flustered. Did she think she could get away with it just because she was cute? No way! I needed to make her understand, so I took a weapon of retaliation in my hand.

“It’s not okay to play with food, Luca.”

I gently placed the cookie that fell on the table against Luca’s trembling, blushing lips. She ended up taking a bite of the cookie, and her face turned red like it was burning.

Hehe, I had already eaten this cookie earlier, but it was delicious. Very delicious. Could she resist this temptation just because it fell on the table?

Therefore, it was only natural for me to eat the one I dropped.

Luca hesitated whether to eat it or not and finally swallowed it with a crunch. Then, feeling embarrassed, she covered her face with Crazy Bear.

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