Chapter 25

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Chapter 25: I treat you well, and you repay me with ingratitude?

Just then, a man with his head covered passed by Lin Beifan.

Lin Beifan shouted, “Lai Xiaoqiang!”

The figure trembled slightly and quickened its pace.

Others looked around.

“Lai Xiaoqiang, where is that weirdo?”

“Why didn’t I see him?”

The figure walked even faster, as if trying to escape the scene.

Lin Beifan shouted again, “Lai Xiaoqiang, don’t run. Just because you wear a sack, doesn’t mean I won’t recognize you!”

Everyone immediately searched for Lai Xiaoqiang with a sack.

They quickly found him because there was only one person wearing a sack.

“So, he’s Lai Xiaoqiang!”

“Wearing a sack, is he too embarrassed to show his face?”

“Why would he be embarrassed? He met us sincerely last night, even with that disgusting dance. Huh!”

“Yeah, a real weirdo!”

Lai Xiaoqiang: “…”

He became anxious, grabbed Lin Beifan, and ran to a deserted corner, tearing off the sack from his face. Indeed, it was the real Lai Xiaoqiang.

“Lin Beifan, why are you shouting my name?”

Lin Beifan puzzled, “Isn’t it normal to greet acquaintances?”

“Normal… normal my foot! You intentionally humiliated me, didn’t you?” Lai Xiaoqiang angrily retorted.

Lin Beifan frowned, “That’s not fair. Am I really that petty? Although we had some conflicts before, it was just minor squabbles. What’s the big deal? In fact, I always considered you a friend. After hearing about last night, I was upset and confused. I refuse to believe you could do such a thing!”

Lai Xiaoqiang shook, “You believe me?”

Lin Beifan nodded, “Of course! Despite you being a bit ugly, shameless, vulgar, lecherous, and mentally challenged…”

Lai Xiaoqiang interrupted, “…”

“But, at least you’re human. Humans have decency and integrity; they wouldn’t do such things!”

Lai Xiaoqiang, moved, said, “Thank you! In this era where everyone misunderstands me, you’ve consistently stood by my side, fully supporting and trusting me. I’m so touched!”

“Time reveals true character!” Lin Beifan smiled. “By the way, they say you did a strip dance last night. Is it true?”

Lai Xiaoqiang reluctantly nodded, “It’s true!”

“What? You…” Lin Beifan widened his eyes.

Lai Xiaoqiang hastily explained, “Listen to me. The situation was like this! I was drunk, completely unaware of what I was doing!”

“I suspect I was possessed! I tried explaining to others, but no one believed me! Even my own sister didn’t believe me. She kicked me out, saying she doesn’t recognize her perverted brother!”

Lin Beifan sympathized, “Poor you!”

Lai Xiaoqiang bitterly continued, “Now, the whole sect knows about it. I’ve become a laughingstock, and I can’t face anyone!”

Lin Beifan patted his shoulder, comforting, “Don’t worry, whether others believe it or not, I trust you!”

Moved by Lin Beifan’s sincere gaze, Lai Xiaoqiang couldn’t contain his emotions. He slapped his thigh and excitedly said, “Thank you! In the whole world, you’re the best to me! I’ve chosen you as my brother-in-law!”

Lin Beifan’s expression instantly turned dark.

“I treat you well, and you repay me with ingratitude? Not a decent person at all!”

“Next time, I’ll give you something exciting to make it unforgettable for a lifetime!”

Perhaps scared by Lin Beifan’s expression, Lai Xiaoqiang shivered and quickly said, “Brother-in-law…”

Lin Beifan, angered, said, “Hmm?”

Lai Xiaoqiang immediately changed his tone, “Lin Beifan, it’s like this. I have some bad news for you!”

“What bad news?”

“The Outer Sect Senior Brother Li Xun is coming back!”

Lin Beifan puzzled, “If he’s coming back, he’s coming back. What does it have to do with me?”

“Don’t you know? Senior Brother Li Xun has always liked Senior Sister Bai Yiyi! Knowing that you’re living with Senior Sister Bai, do you think he might explode? Will he come looking for you?”

Lin Beifan rubbed his chin, nodding, “Hmm, quite likely!”

“Not likely, it’s certain. No one wants to wear a cuckold’s hat!”

Lai Xiaoqiang sighed, “Initially, Senior Brother Li Xun was on an external mission and wouldn’t have returned so soon. I heard it was Wang Chuan who paid a significant price to contact Senior Brother Li Xun, so he brought him back!”

Lin Beifan grumbled, “This Wang Chuan is too petty. Can’t he just take a beating once? Does he have to hold a grudge like this?”

Lai Xiaoqiang was shocked, “You beat him again?”

Lin Beifan nodded.

Lai Xiaoqiang asked, “When did this happen?”

“It was during the entrance assessment. I chose him as my opponent and gave him another beating!”

Lai Xiaoqiang exclaimed, “Impressive!”

Lin Beifan added, “It’s legal!”

This statement left Lai Xiaoqiang bewildered.

Legal? Does that mean he can be beaten without consequences?

“No wonder he holds such a grudge against you. He paid a huge price just to deal with you! Anyway, I can’t help you in this matter. Good luck!”

Lai Xiaoqiang sighed, put on the sack again, and sneakily left.

After pondering for a moment, Lin Beifan continued towards the transmission hall.

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