Chapter 249

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Chapter 249: King of the Giant Guinea Pigs [Speed Demon]

Su Hao didn’t answer; instead, he picked up many hard stones and threw them into the sky.

A bunch of stones soared into the air, and everyone’s gaze followed these stones.

With a thought, Su Hao controlled the movements of the giant guinea pig.

“Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh!”

Only a slight sound of breaking through the air was heard, and then the stones in the sky exploded one after another.

“Bang, bang, bang!”

The stones turned into fragments, falling to the ground.

At this moment, Su Hao’s calm voice came, “See, this is the power of the Sawtooth Guinea Pig King. Even S-class summoning beasts may not be its match.”

Sister Bai looked at the scattered stones on the ground with an expression of disbelief. Were these stones shattered by the chubby giant guinea pig just now?

And all of it happened in an instant, making it hard to believe if not witnessed with her own eyes.

Xiaotian also widened her eyes, covering her mouth with her hand.

At this point, Yashan considerately brought a sturdy iron kitchen knife and handed it to Su Hao.

Su Hao took it and flicked his finger, producing a crisp sound of golden iron.

“See this kitchen knife? Made of steel, absolutely genuine.”

Then, he controlled the giant guinea pig to reveal its figure and casually threw the kitchen knife.


The giant guinea pig disappeared from its original position at an eye-untrackable speed, then glided over the airborne kitchen knife and returned.


The mid-air kitchen knife actually broke into two pieces, making two clear sounds as it fell to the ground.

Su Hao said, “Did you see it clearly this time? No matter what summoning beast it is, in front of my Sawtooth Guinea Pig King, it’s like that kitchen knife—easily torn apart. My Sawtooth Guinea Pig King, as an S-class summoning beast, also has eight skills: ‘Bite’, ‘Ultra-High Speed’, ‘Dynamic Vision’, ‘High-Frequency Vibration’, ‘Invisibility’, ‘Rip’, ‘Aerial Tread,’ um… and there’s one more, ‘Camouflage,’ also known as ‘Show Weakness to the Enemy’ or ‘Feigning Tiger to Devour Wolf,’ whatever you prefer.”

Sister Bai and Xiaotian looked at the cute and silly creature; still, it was hard to believe. Why hadn’t they heard of a summoning beast called ‘Sawtooth Guinea Pig King’ before?

Was it summoned for the first time in history?

Then Su Hao said, “So, as long as my Sawtooth Guinea Pig King is here, we don’t need to be afraid of anything.”

Seeing that Sister Bai was still hesitant, Su Hao added, “I have many more kings waiting to be summoned, don’t worry, Sister Bai!”

After much persuasion, Sister Bai was finally convinced to continue operating the ‘Morning Sun Beauty Salon’ and took on the two million beauty task.

The meeting time was set for the next morning at a random hotel in Yongxin City.

Sister Bai and Xiaotian argued with the leader of the other party for a long time.

It seemed that the other party requested to closely monitor the beauty process to prevent accidents.

However, Sister Bai and Xiaotian absolutely did not allow anyone to observe.

The standoff continued.

Until Sister Bai became impatient, the other party compromised.

After Sister Bai knocked out the person, Su Hao pushed the door open and walked in slowly, giving off a feeling of a villain up to mischief.

When Su Hao saw this customer, he couldn’t help but be stunned.

In the past two years, he had seen many peculiar and wealthy female customers, but he had never seen one so pitiful before.

Half of the face was nearly gone, resembling being slapped by a blind bear, covered with scarred ravines and wrinkles.

One eye seemed on the verge of blindness.

Su Hao remarked, “The difficulty of this beauty treatment is quite high!”

It had already transcended the realm of beauty; it could be considered facial reconstruction.

Sister Bai exclaimed, “I didn’t expect it to be like this. I can’t imagine how this girl has lived all these years. It’s really pitiful. Can it be repaired, Jingzhong?”

Su Hao replied, “It can be repaired.”

Sister Bai asked, “And will it be the same as before?”

Su Hao circled around the woman and said, “This will be a bit troublesome. A single injection won’t be enough. Is there anesthesia?”

Sister Bai turned to Xiaotian, who rummaged through some belongings and took out a syringe of anesthesia, saying, “There are two more!”

Su Hao gestured, “Inject both of them into her!”

Sister Bai and Xiaotian exchanged glances. “Will this be okay?”

Su Hao gave them a reassuring look, “Don’t worry! I have a sense of proportion.”

Xiaotian no longer hesitated and injected both doses of anesthesia into the disfigured woman.

Su Hao opened the woman’s eyelids and observed, then said, “You both go out! Jingyi, guard the door for me. Don’t let anyone in until I open it.”

This woman’s identity was unknown, and she had brought quite a few bodyguards. Su Hao was worried they might barge in halfway.

Yashan immediately said, “Sure, Jingzhong boss!”

After everyone left, Su Hao conjured a sharp little steel knife in his hand and, with a few gestures, began cutting away the scarred part of the woman’s face.

This bloody scene couldn’t be witnessed by others, or the beauty treatment would be difficult to continue.

Su Hao found that this face had undergone multiple surgeries. The inside was far from as smooth as it appeared on the outside.

Over the years, the other party had been searching for ways to restore facial features, but it seemed all attempts had failed. This time, the attempt was probably made with a hopeful heart.

Encountering Su Hao was her luck, and Su Hao happened to be able to solve this problem.

Sometimes reality is cruel; having money doesn’t necessarily get things done, but having money can increase the chances of getting things done.

“This damaged zygomatic arch can’t be fixed; after all, I haven’t researched bone growth runes.”

Su Hao first repaired and smoothed out the damaged zygomatic arch that was pulled out, checked it, and after confirming there was no issue, he ignored the splattering blood on his face and drew a ‘Blood and Flesh Growth’ rune in the palm of his hand.

This was a rune he designed in his previous life based on the principle of the Steel Armor King’s strong regenerative power.

It could expend a portion of life force, rapidly stimulate the growth of blood and flesh, and restore the original appearance.

Originally prepared for himself, before evolving into a 【Bone Demon】, he couldn’t regenerate if he lost a hand or foot.

Unexpectedly, it was first used for making money.

The rune on the palm activated, emitting a soft and radiant white light, continuously shining on the woman’s blood-soaked face.

Ten minutes later, the remaining flesh on the woman’s face began to squirm, becoming faster and gradually covering the entire face.

After half an hour, Su Hao retracted his palm, the white light dissipated, but the flesh on the woman’s face continued to squirm, reconstructing a completely new face.

Su Hao estimated that after stopping the rune, the regenerative effect would continue for another ten minutes. Following the trend, the face should be fully healed after ten minutes.

Another ten minutes passed, and there were no more changes on the face. It had taken on the appearance of a normal face, but the newly grown skin had a hint of dark red, looking quite eerie.

Su Hao activated the ‘Healing’ rune, attaching it to the woman. The woman’s face visibly returned to normal at a rapid pace. In just twenty minutes, there was hardly any noticeable difference.

The preliminary repair was complete.

Su Hao assessed and found that the woman originally had a very delicate appearance. Even without the need for cosmetic procedures, she was a rare beauty.

However, Su Hao was still somewhat dissatisfied. A two-million-dollar job should consider the customer comprehensively and strive for perfection. Just being a ‘rare beauty’ was evidently falling short of their ‘Morning Sun Beauty Salon’s reputation for shaping ‘top-tier beauties.’

So, Su Hao planned to design this woman carefully, aiming to reach the level of a national beauty. Then, he could comfortably pocket the two million.

But the woman’s aura at this moment seemed very weak. The effect of the runes drained her life force and consumed a significant amount of energy within her.

Clearly, in this state, it was impossible to continue modifying her genes. She needed at least two days of recuperation.

Su Hao frowned in contemplation for a while. After tidying up a bit, he simply opened the door, letting Sister Bai and the others in, and said to Yashan, “Jingyi, continue guarding.”

The room filled with blood made Sister Bai and Xiaotian’s hearts pound, and they had a bad premonition: “This is bad, it’s over! Could Jingzhong have messed up the person?”

However, when they saw the woman lying on the bed, they were dumbfounded!

This exceeded their imagination, appearing even more incredible than making someone beautiful.

Xiaotian muttered, “Could Little Zhong have replaced her altogether!”

Someone who had lost half of their face, had some bones shaved off, and fully recovered in just a few hours?

In the span of a few hours in this room, what exactly had happened?

The two stared at Su Hao with mysterious eyes, waiting for his explanation.

Su Hao said, “Currently, we’ve only completed the first step. She’s a bit weak now. Cover her face with a white veil and don’t let her take it off. Serve her with good food and drink. After three days, we’ll proceed with the second step of the beauty treatment. If possible, collect the remaining one million in these two days.”

Sister Bai and Xiaotian were speechless. In Jingzhong’s eyes, this miraculous scene was just the first step?

What kind of S-class summoning beast did the novice summoner Bai Jingzhong possess?

It was truly mysterious!

(End of this chapter)

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