Chapter 248

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Chapter 248: I’m Invincible

During the night, after quickly finishing his homework, Yashan asked curiously, “Boss Jing, why haven’t you been seen going to school for a while now? Could it be that you did something and were ordered to take a break from school by your teacher?”

The reason why Yashan knew about the forced ‘suspension’ was that the 5th and 6th-grade students who used to bully the lower grades for fun were all repaired by Yashan in a single breath. He declared on the spot, “From now on, I, Bai Jingyi, will be the boss of this elementary school, and when you see me, all of you will have to call out to me, Jingyi… Boss, who doesn’t obey? Boss, who won’t obey?”

Under the banner of the whole school notification criticized ‘engage in black she will,’ they were ordered to suspend school for a week and reflect properly at home.

That time could have made Big Sister Bai furious. For a whole week, Yashan’s big chunks of meat were deducted, and every time he ate, he stared at Su Hao’s bowl and drooled.

What everyone didn’t expect was that this kid, Yashan, sneaked up in the middle of the night and went back to his old ways, cooking meat for himself. Of course, he did not forget to piggyback on Boss Wei’s share.

The small life is still living a flavorful life. Just let Xiaotian be confused; he clearly remembered the refrigerator had meat, how did it disappear?

Su Hao said, “I have graduated from elementary school! I don’t need to go to school for the time being, waiting for the next semester to go to middle school.”

Yashan was shocked and said, “What? Boss Jingzhong, you actually graduated from elementary school already?”

Weekend, Yashan quietly said to Su Hao: “Boss Jing, we have a new client. They contacted us, claiming to be people from Shengshi City, willing to invest ten million. If the beauty treatment goes well, they’ll add another ten million afterward. Should we take on this deal?”

Yes, after gaining popularity, the business at the beauty salon has surged to five million per session, non-negotiable, and only one slot is available each month.

However, people continue to flock to the Morning Sun Courtyard.

Su Hao nodded and said, “Accept it! Why not make money when we can? Besides, helping others is a good thing.”

Yashan agreed, “I’ll go tell Sister Bai, and we’ll set it for tomorrow morning at eight.”

Su Hao nodded.

After a while, Yashan, along with the picturesque Sister Bai and Xiaotian, found Su Hao.

Sister Bai, no longer as casual as before, sat elegantly across from Su Hao.

Su Hao put down his book and wondered, “Why is everyone here?”

Sister Bai hesitated, as if making a firm decision, said, “Little Zhong, how about we close the beauty salon?”

Su Hao was puzzled, “Why close it? It’s doing well, taking people’s money, providing services, it’s perfectly justified!”

Sister Bai, with a furrowed brow, said, “Mainly because it’s too dangerous. In the beginning, we indeed needed money, and taking some risks was worthwhile. But now we’ve saved quite a bit, the monthly interest alone covers our courtyard’s living expenses. There’s no need to continue taking risks.”

“Moreover, this client is from Shengshi City, the headquarters of the Central Plains Summoner Association. Anyone willing to invest this much surely has powerful summoners backing them, at least advanced summoners.”

“We, I’m just a junior summoner. My Frost Iron Wolf died two years ago and hasn’t been replaced. If someone has ill intentions, I can’t protect everyone. Little Zhong, you might not know, but the conflicts among summoners have no limits. Money without the strength to protect it isn’t truly ours.”

Sister Bai fully understood the immense interests tied to the technology that can completely transform someone’s appearance.

As time passed, the initial desire for big money gradually cooled, replaced by fear and a desire to withdraw.

Su Hao glanced at Yashan, thinking, ‘In these two years, Yashan has taken care of quite a few troublemakers. If something were to happen, it would have already! Right now, everything is fine.’

However, he understood Sister Bai’s concerns. For some people with self-awareness, more money isn’t always better. When it’s enough, the focus shifts to living a secure life.

After all, she has twenty children under her care! If something were to happen to her, these children would be left without support.

Su Hao thought for a moment; he needed to dispel Sister Bai’s concerns. Otherwise, the money they earned would be more of a source of anxiety than anything else.

And Su Hao didn’t want this quick and easy source of income to be cut off. Money is crucial for his future research.

No money, lots of problems; some money, at least 90% of the troubles can be reduced.

Su Hao said directly, “Sister Bai, I’ll be honest! Actually, I…”

Sister Bai and Xiaotian widened their eyes, swallowed hard, and finally, Boss Jing was about to reveal his long-held secret!

The two looked at Su Hao with anticipation, eager to hear what he would say next.”

Su Hao continued, “Actually, I’m a genius summoner.”

Sister Bai rolled her eyes, “I know that.”

Su Hao added, “A very exceptional kind of genius.”

Sister Bai retorted, “I know that too, Jingzhong, get to the point!”

Su Hao chuckled, “Alright! Brace yourselves for what I’m about to say!”

Su Hao sat upright and said seriously, “Sister Bai, my genius is beyond imagination! I, Bai Jingzhong, am invincible!”

Sister Bai and Xiaotian: “…”

Su Hao said, “Honestly, you don’t believe it. Jingyi, say something.”

Yashan immediately said, “Sister Bai, Xiaotian, not only is Boss Jingzhong invincible, but I, Bai Jingyi, apart from not being able to beat Boss Jingzhong, am also invincible.”

Sister Bai and Xiaotian became even more skeptical, thinking they were just talking nonsense.

Su Hao, feeling awkward, said, “Okay, okay, I was just trying to lighten the mood because you seemed so tense.”

Seeing the two speechless, Su Hao laughed, “Sister Bai, don’t worry, my summoned beast is quite powerful. Come, let me show you my summoned beast!”

The group arrived in the courtyard, and without any visible action from Su Hao, a round and chubby giant guinea pig crawled out to the center of the yard. It sniffed with a puzzled expression, its long whiskers twitching.

Su Hao’s summoning didn’t require the focused concentration of other summoners. He could casually extend his mental tentacles into the void and summon the Sawtoothed Guinea Pig. Clearly, Sister Bai, being a summoner herself, noticed this.

With everyone watching, Su Hao, instead of controlling it with psychic power, allowed the creature to retain complete autonomy.

Upon being surrounded by Su Hao and the others, the guinea pig was frightened. It scurried behind a tree trunk, cautiously peeking out to observe them.

Sister Bai glanced at the guinea pig, “This is a D-grade summoned beast with only one skill, ‘Gnaw.’ It’s at the bottom of the food chain among summoned beasts. Is this the powerful summoned beast you were talking about?”

Su Hao smiled, “My summoned beast is different; it’s the King of Sawtoothed Guinea Pigs, an S-grade summoned beast.”

Sister Bai and Xiaotian wore expressions of disbelief.

Knowing they didn’t believe him, especially considering the deceptive appearance of the King of Sawtoothed Guinea Pigs, Su Hao decided to demonstrate personally. He calmly said, “I know you don’t believe me, so I’ll let the guinea pig show off a bit.”

When Su Hao initially chose the guinea pig as his first summoned beast, he gave it a burst of Speed Rune that instantly upgraded it to level four. Despite its seemingly weak appearance, this little creature could demolish a house when it went all out.

Su Hao planned to summon several subsidiary star beasts and then upgrade them all to level four or five exotic beasts of various sequences to serve as his summoned beasts. He didn’t really care about the species; as long as they looked good.

For those with strong endurance, he would evolve them into level five or higher exotic beasts; for those with weaker endurance, he would evolve them into level four exotic beasts.

Su Hao gestured towards the King of Sawtoothed Guinea Pigs, “Come, show them a bit of your invisibility.”

Startled, the guinea pig quickly retracted its head behind the tree trunk and vanished from everyone’s sight.

Sister Bai’s eyebrows twitched, “Is this what you call invisibility?”

This guinea pig really embarrassed Su Hao. However, although it looked big, its intelligence was quite impressive.

With a slight movement of Su Hao’s mental tentacles, he instantly connected with the guinea pig’s body, controlling it to walk out and saying, “What just happened was accidental. Now, watch closely!”

Just like that, the guinea pig, the size of a pig, gradually faded away and eventually disappeared completely in front of everyone.

Unable to find any trace, Sister Bai blinked in surprise, “Did you send it back?”

But her many years of experience told her that the guinea pig hadn’t been sent back.

(End of this chapter)

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