Chapter 247

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Chapter 247: Trainee Summoner

Su Hao already knew the method of sending back the deputy star beast.

The principle is similar to summoning, with just one additional step in operation.

After confirming with Fu Leyi again, Su Hao took action.

First, he extended his mental power, entwining the vulnerable mental power of the lazy bear again. Then, he closed his eyes, entered a state of meditation, and extended a large number of mental tentacles to break through the spatial barrier and reach the deputy star.

The next step was to find a white light as a reference and pull the lazy bear back in reverse.

Su Hao’s mental tentacles casually traveled to a white dot, then swiftly captured it.

The white dot dashed away like a startled wild horse.

Meanwhile, Su Hao accelerated the spatial rhythm, opened a passage, and, leveraging the force pulling the white dot, reversed and pulled the lazy bear back.

The position of the lazy bear distorted in the light, and it was pulled forward, disappearing.

When everything returned to calm, Su Hao opened his eyes.

His eyes were full of excitement.

He succeeded!

He also understood the basic principles of summoners summoning pets in this world.

Fu Leyi looked at the small figure sitting on the ground with a complex expression, as if witnessing the rise of a world-class star.

And now, she had nothing more to guide Su Hao on.

Fu Leyi said in a deep voice, “Little Zhong, for the next month, summon as many times as possible! I will accompany you every day until you find a summoning beast that satisfies you. After that, I have nothing more to teach you. If you’re willing, I can even help you apply for graduation from elementary school and enroll you in the middle school section.”

“Thank you, Teacher Fu!” Su Hao sincerely expressed his gratitude.

Then he asked in surprise, “Why not apply for graduation from middle school?”

Fu Leyi remained silent.

In the following days, Su Hao would summon twice a day, summoning various beasts and sending them back. A repetitive cycle.

His summoning technique became more and more proficient.

The only regret was that after sixty summonings, all were consistently below D-rank, not a single one slightly higher.

But for Su Hao, it didn’t matter. No matter how powerful the summoning beast was, they couldn’t surpass him.

Even if dozens of S-ranks attacked at once, they wouldn’t be his match.

And what about D-rank summoning beasts? As long as he wished, he could manually transform them into exotic beasts, which was no less powerful than any S-rank summoning beast.

In the end, Su Hao chose a D-rank sawtooth guinea pig that looked pleasing to the eye as his first summoning beast.

After implanting his mental tentacles into the guinea pig’s mind and completely controlling it, Su Hao became a proud trainee summoner.

The Summoner Association, after verifying that he had complete control over the sawtooth guinea pig, awarded him a trainee summoner certificate.

And also, an elementary school graduation certificate.

As for why Su Hao chose a guinea pig, it was mainly out of habit, pleasing to the eye, and convenient for experimentation.

In the end, Su Hao couldn’t obtain the desired high school graduation certificate, only managing to get an elementary school graduation certificate.

It can only be said that they only recognized this young shell, not the soul that had grown a beard. It’s lamentable!

But it doesn’t matter; anywhere you can learn useful knowledge is a good place, whether it’s elementary or high school; he could skip school altogether.

The biggest change in these two years wasn’t the “Morning Sun Courtyard” but Sister Bai and Xiaotian, the two white swans.

The Morning Sun Courtyard remained the same. The adopted children lived as they did before—carefree, without worrying about three meals a day or clothing and shelter.

However, Su Hao and Yashan had relatively luxurious meals, with a significantly larger portion of meat. At first, some people had objections, but after Yashan beat them up, they had no complaints. Behind Sister Bai’s back, they would still whisper complaints about “unfairness.”

But would Sister Bai listen? Joking!

What is ‘fairness’? Many things cannot be concluded just by looking at the surface.

As for their “Morning Sun Beauty Salon,” only the four of them knew about it, even Husheng was kept in the dark. But Sister Bai had raised Husheng’s assistant’s treatment, allowing him to live relatively comfortably.

As for money, Sister Bai saved it as a contingency fund. Currently, it should be several tens of millions!

Su Hao didn’t bother to calculate the exact amount, but giving this money to Sister Bai and Xiaotian brought them a sense of security.

Of course, in these two years, Yashan had sent quite a few people into the unknown depths, and there were even two distinguished clients, not to mention that.

As for the changes in Sister Bai and Xiaotian, how should he put it?

Not only did their faces change, but the radiance emanating from their eyes also changed.

The feeling of being surrounded by happiness at all times filled them with vitality, like tender green seedlings breaking through the soil, possessing an endless future.

This change couldn’t be explained solely by the word ‘confidence.’

The only constant, perhaps, was the responsibility towards the Morning Sun Courtyard from beginning to end.

Observing the changes in Sister Bai and Xiaotian, Su Hao gained a new understanding of human nature.

Who says “appearance reflects the heart”?

Su Hao feels that this statement might be only half true. Conversely, “heart influences appearance” is also valid. Perhaps both play a role, interacting with each other.

From this perspective, many philosophical statements may not be comprehensive; rather, they are words used to convince oneself or others.

Just like when Su Hao urgently needed to prove the meaning of his existence.

“With my increasing experiences, I can feel that some of my pre-existing perceptions are gradually changing. And such changes are positive, optimizing my core logical thinking, enabling me to more easily acquire knowledge.”

In a state of meditation, Su Hao silently analyzed his own changes.

Regarding the soul, Su Hao’s viewpoint is a person’s self-awareness; concerning willpower, Su Hao’s viewpoint is logical thinking. After Su Hao’s logical thinking was optimized, it elevated his willpower. In turn, strengthened willpower reinforced his self-awareness, which is the soul. Su Hao’s essence is gradually improving.

This essence is not something represented by the blood and runes on his body. Strength is just strength; Su Hao is Su Hao, and they should not be confused.

After a moment, Su Hao’s mental tentacles once again broke through his body, reaching the mysterious and ever-changing void.

This time, Su Hao didn’t directly extend his tentacles to search for spatial rhythms. Instead, he carefully observed this void.

Several questions appeared in Su Hao’s mind:

First: Why can following these spatial traces take one to the deputy star and not elsewhere?

Second: If deputy star beasts can be summoned, why can’t local wild beasts be summoned? How does the “Summoned Beast Custody Bureau” manage to care for summoned beasts?

Third: What is the relationship between mental power and space? Why can it disrupt spatial rhythms?

Fourth: It’s known that summoned beasts can be summoned and sent back, but has anyone ever crossed space to reach the deputy star?

Fifth: If deputy star beasts can be summoned, why haven’t I heard of summoning a rock or a tree?

Clearly, even though Su Hao is now considered a summoner, there are still many unanswered questions in his mind. He has turned the entire library of the Summoner Academy upside down but hasn’t found relevant information.

When he asked his teacher, Fu Leyi, she widened her beautiful eyes, looking bewildered at Su Hao, saying, “Oh…there are still so many questions? I never thought about these issues before, so I don’t know!”

This realization made Su Hao aware of a problem. Perhaps someone has already conducted similar research, maybe they didn’t find an answer, or perhaps they found an answer but it’s been kept confidential.

Regardless of which scenario it is, Su Hao currently has no way of finding the relevant answers.

That leaves him with no choice but to explore and research on his own. As he grows older, he hopes to find more opportunities to unlock sealed knowledge in the future.

“Now the urgent matter is to analyze the differences between this space and the deputy star’s space, and—commonalities!”

‘Commonalities’ might be the key to unraveling the secrets of these two spaces.

(End of this chapter)

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