Chapter 246

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Chapter 246: The First Summoning

Fu Leyi’s fourteen summoned beasts are indeed imposing, even just lying on the ground, they exude a tremendous deterrent force.

All these summoned beasts Su Hao recognizes, and they are all B-rank or higher summoned beasts. The largest among them is an A-rank Red Hair War Elephant, nearly ten meters tall. Its massive size gives off a strong sense of oppression, as if it could crush other summoned beasts with a single step.

It possesses five skills: Trample, Charge, Defense, Ivory Thrust, and Seismic Wave.

A super tank with thick skin and a domineering presence.

Among these fourteen summoned beasts, the most precious and highly rated is an S-rank summoned beast, the Sharp-Beaked Winged Dragon, standing on the head of the Red Hair War Elephant. With a beak resembling a crane, rows of sharp teeth, a seemingly fragile but extremely flexible neck, large wingspan, and claws at the tips, its two most powerful claws are exceptionally sharp.

The Sharp-Beaked Winged Dragon has eight skills: Aerial Hunting, Poison Flame, Bone Crushing Claw, Tear, Submersion, Eagle Eye, Intimidation, and Unbalancing Roar.

This winged dragon’s overall combat power is formidable and not easily summoned, making it extremely precious.

Unexpectedly, Fu Leyi actually possesses one.

There are also creatures like the Thick-Armed Power Ape, Hook-Tailed Giant Scorpion, Coiled Armor Snake, and more, each with its own distinctive features.

Overall, Fu Leyi’s lineup of summoned beasts is exceptionally luxurious.

Indeed, in the only summoner academy in the city, with teachers capable of teaching geniuses, the level wouldn’t be too shabby.

However, Su Hao’s straightforward evaluation, when heard by Fu Leyi, feels like being underestimated.

Fu Leyi, glaring, says, “You call this just ‘not bad’? You should know, I’ve never summoned all these beasts at once before! Today, summoning them together is to broaden your horizons, Little Zhong. Hmph! Little Zhong, I’ll give you a chance to reorganize your evaluation!”

Su Hao gives a thumbs up, showing his two big front teeth, “Great!”

Fu Leyi laughs, “That’s more like it!”

Then, triumphantly, she says, “The probability of summoning an E-rank summoned beast is 80%, D-rank is 15%, C-rank is 3%, and summoning a B-rank is only 1.5%. The remaining 0.5% is the probability of summoning A-rank and S-rank summoned beasts.

“And all my fourteen summoned beasts are B-rank or higher! Little Zhong, do you understand what this means?”

Without waiting for Su Hao’s answer, she continues, “It means not only am I a heavenly… it means my luck is far above average! Hahaha!”

“Yes, I’m the kind of person who waits for a bus twenty minutes less than others, with invincible good luck!”

Su Hao looks at this suddenly neurotic teacher with a speechless expression.

Wasn’t she like this before? Has her true nature been revealed so quickly? Does she have a boyfriend now?

Fu Leyi waves her hand, and her summoned beasts run around, leaving a large empty space. They then form a circle, crouching silently.

Fu Leyi points to the empty space in front, saying, “Later, you’ll summon your first summoned beast here, and I’ll set up the formation for you. Don’t worry too much.”

The reason for being so cautious and prepared is that every time a new summoned beast is summoned, it faces great risks. No one knows what will be summoned. If it’s an S-rank summoned beast, Su Hao, a rookie summoner with no combat abilities, might be in big trouble.

What’s even scarier is, if by some stroke of luck, Su Hao summons the legendary super summoned beast, then it’s all over.

Fu Leyi explains, “In the summoning process, when reaching the white dot of the deputy-star beast, spread the mental tendrils into a net, firmly entangle it, then pull it toward yourself. At the same time, accelerate the speed of spatial oscillation to expand the channel!”

Fu Leyi emphasizes, “Remember, simultaneous actions, and speed is crucial. If you find the deputy star beast struggling too violently and can’t succeed, immediately release the net of mental tendrils. Understand?”

Su Hao nods, “Understood.”

Fu Leyi nods, “Then stand in the middle and begin! Summoning an E-rank is considered a success.”

Su Hao, with a calm expression, walks to the center of the empty space, as if it’s just another daily routine.

Unable to help it, these steps might be complex for others, but for this genius, it’s too simple.

He has an inexplicable confidence that as long as he captures it, he can definitely pull over the unfortunate deputy star beast from the other side and complete the first summoning.

Fu Leyi, on the other hand, appears more nervous than Su Hao.

She controls her dozen summoned beasts, staring intently at the small figure in the field.

She must ensure Su Hao’s safety while instantly subduing any deputy star beast Su Hao summons.

This job is never simple.

Apart from that, Fu Leyi is also very curious about what Su Hao will summon for the first time.

There are countless species on the deputy star, and summoning strange and weird things is not uncommon.

Su Hao sits on the ground, meditating quietly.

The mental tendrils extend once again, and the mysterious and eerie mental perception world appears in Su Hao’s awareness.

Every time he sees this scene, Su Hao is incredibly shocked, even more so than exploring the heart of the universe.

This universe is much more fascinating than he imagined.

The mental tendrils extend in large numbers, following the threads of spatial oscillation, growing deeper and deeper. When they fill the area in front of Su Hao, they start applying force, gradually accelerating the spatial oscillation.


Su Hao once again breaks through the shackles of space. The mental tendrils pass through an inexplicable channel, entering another space where countless small and large white dots are scattered everywhere.

Su Hao knows it’s useless to focus on these white dots. The tendrils explore in a random direction, eventually arriving next to one of the deputy-star beasts, entirely determined by probability.

Soon, Su Hao’s mental tendrils, from an inexplicable angle, reach a white dot. It’s neither too big nor too small, seemingly decent.

And Su Hao isn’t picky.

Su Hao’s mental tendrils suddenly spread out, several tendrils forming a small net, covering the white dot. Bind! Pull back! At the same time, Su Hao’s mental tendrils exert force, rapidly vibrating along the spatial oscillation.

Su Hao firmly remembers Fu Leyi’s words: be fast and simultaneous.

However, what surprised him was that the deputy-star beast didn’t resist violently as expected.

Su Hao didn’t care much and just exerted force. That white dot was swiftly pulled back by Su Hao.

As if there was a “pop” sound, the white dot seemed to have broken through some boundary and appeared next to Su Hao.

Su Hao didn’t rush to retract the tendrils and directly opened his eyes.

In his sight was a round and chubby creature added in front of him.

Su Hao’s first reaction was, “Summoning successful!”

For Su Hao, this was a completely new experience. Through his own power, he brought a creature from some unknown place to his side! This was a breakthrough! He believed that with continuous research, he could definitely unravel the secrets of space!

As for what kind of creature he summoned, Su Hao expressed that he didn’t care.

On the other hand, Fu Leyi, who was ready and nervous, burst into laughter after seeing the deputy star beast Su Hao summoned, “Hahaha, I thought Little Zhong was going to summon a fierce S-rank deputy star beast. I didn’t expect it to be this guy!”

Su Hao carefully observed this creature and quickly recognized it as a lazy bear. It had no skills, just loved eating and sleeping, not picky about food, could eat tree bark and leaves, lucky if it got some meat, not picky if it didn’t. They seemed rare, so summoning one indicated Su Hao had decent luck.

However, it seemed useless.

The creature was covered in mud and rotten leaves, as if it had just woken up. Its round face with small eyes blinked in confusion as it looked at Su Hao and the fierce summoned beasts surrounding it.

Fu Leyi couldn’t hold back her laughter, “Little Zhong, do you want to make this lazy bear your first summoned beast? Although it’s only E-rank and not very useful, it can still be considered a novice summoner.”

Su Hao waved his hand, “No need, I’ll just send it back!”

Fu Leyi exclaimed, “Sending it back is more laborious than summoning. Since you don’t want it, let my pets have it as a snack!”

Su Hao shook his head, “It’s okay. I mainly want to try how to send it back.”

Having successfully summoned, if he could send it back, it would be equivalent to completing a round trip across space. The significance of this to Su Hao was extraordinary.

(End of this chapter)

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