Chapter 245

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Chapter 245: Breakthrough Channel

This is not the first time Su Hao has used mental power to try to follow the spatial rhythm, but it is the first time he has used mental power to interfere with the spatial rhythm.

And he succeeded on the first attempt.

His mental body arrived at an unknown place in space. Perhaps this is the sub-star Fu Leyi mentioned, deep within the unknown of the starry sky.

The appearance of the sub-star also unfolded in Su Hao’s mental perception. It looked no different from where Su Hao was, just with a lot more white dots.

These white dots appeared even more massive, indicating the greater strength of these sub-star beasts.

“It has similarities with radar perception!” was Su Hao’s initial reaction.

However, it was entirely different from his radar perception.

Radar perception can accurately sense the characteristics of biological vitality, distinguishing different organisms and precisely determining their positions.

But mental perception on the spatial level is different. It cannot discern categories; everything appears as white dots, and specific locations cannot be determined.

In this folded state of spatial rhythm, two white dots sensed by the mental perception might be incredibly distant in actual spatial distance, and two white dots perceived as very distant by the mind might be close in physical space.

Space is indeed mysterious, irrational, and devoid of any discernible rules.

“Teacher Fu said for me to extend my mental tentacles and try to approach one of the white dots…”

Su Hao focused his mind again, and the tentacles continued to spread along various irregular line patterns, extending towards one of the nearby white dots.

However, to Su Hao’s surprise, his tentacles, under the influence of spatial rhythm, appeared in another location. The distance to that white dot increased, and he ended up near another white dot.

Su Hao: “…”

It seems that the so-called random summoning is just that; there’s no way to determine the next position. It’s about randomly approaching any sub-star beast, much like a lottery.

Su Hao attempted to reach out with his tentacles towards the white dot, but it immediately recoiled as if startled, appearing instantly in a distant location.

Su Hao furrowed his brows and thought, “When I touched this sub-star beast, it should have sensed my mental tentacles, got scared, and ran away. It shouldn’t be too far, but in the mental space, it looks very distant. In other words, I can’t get close to it again.”

However, according to Teacher Fu’s instructions, this trial ends here. Su Hao doesn’t plan to act recklessly; at least not now. He’ll listen to what Fu Leyi has to say, complete what he needs to learn, and then make his own attempts later.

Su Hao slowly retracted his mental tentacles and quickly left the range of the sub-star, returning to the real world.

Su Hao slowly opened his eyes.

Fu Leyi looked at Su Hao with anticipation. “How did it go, Little Zhong? Did you succeed in changing the spatial rhythm with your first attempt?”

Before Su Hao could answer, she adjusted her glasses, smiled, and said, “I know Little Zhong is a genius, but achieving a change in spatial rhythm on the first try is already excellent. I haven’t heard of anyone successfully breaking through the spatial channel on their first attempt. Don’t be discouraged; let’s try again.”

Su Hao puzzled, “Teacher Fu, I’ve followed your instructions and contacted the sub-star beast. What should I do next?”

Fu Leyi widened her beautiful eyes, “Wh… What? You’ve already contacted the sub-star beast?”

Su Hao nodded, “Yes! Just as you said. I contacted the sub-star beast and then returned.”

Countless summoned beasts ran through Fu Leyi’s mind, but she couldn’t utter a single sarcastic comment. Well, after two years, she should have known better and shouldn’t harbor any unrealistic fantasies. But why does she still feel a slight sense of unwillingness?

Her soul gradually numbed, revealing an unattractive smile, “Let’s talk about our conclusions!”

Su Hao summarized, “First, the actual distance of the white dots is different from the perceived, making summoning creatures random. Second, spatial rhythm is constantly changing. During summoning, one needs to concentrate and adapt to these changes. If interrupted suddenly, the summoning might fail. Third, sub-star beasts can sense the touch of mental tentacles and might run away in fright. Catching them requires precise timing, and there’s only one chance. The rest is still unclear.”

Fu Leyi took a deep breath and said slowly, “Well done. You summarized it very well. But I want to add two points. First, the white dots to some extent represent the strength of a sub-star beast, but it’s not entirely accurate. Sub-star beasts are not judged by size and strength but by their skills. An excellent summoner can combine different summoning skills to unleash unimaginable power. So, don’t overly pursue those big white dots; summoning a whale might be useless.”

Here Fu Leyi paused and continued, “Second, sensing a sub-star beast is only the first step in summoning. Summoning sub-star beasts is a very dangerous thing. Don’t attempt it without the supervision of a mentor. The ones summoned for the first time are not considered true summoning beasts. They are incredibly violent, with strong attack desires.”

Curious, Su Hao asked, “Is summoning always this troublesome?”

Fu Leyi laughed, “Of course not. Only the first summoning is this complicated. After successful taming, you can control the summoning beasts to cooperate actively, and it becomes very simple!”

Su Hao indicated understanding and then asked, “Teacher Fu, can I try summoning for the first time now? Are there any conditions I need to meet?”

Fu Leyi covered her mouth and chuckled, “It seems our little genius is eager! I thought you, the little adult, would never rush for anything!”

Su Hao smiled and remained silent.

Fu Leyi then said confidently, “With me here, Little Zhong, you can now perform your first summoning without any problems. Who am I? I’m a genius senior… uh, cough cough!”

Suddenly realizing something, Fu Leyi awkwardly swallowed her words, her face stiff, “Let’s go! We’ll head to the dedicated summoning room.”

The summoning room had a large area, shaped like a hemisphere, constructed with thick and shock-resistant concrete. Su Hao doubted that even his ‘200 Exploding Fists’ could break it.

After entering the summoning room, Fu Leyi asked Su Hao to stand behind her. She extended her hand forward and closed her eyes.

In the blink of an eye, the space in front of them began to distort. More than a dozen summoning beasts of various shapes and sizes emerged slowly from the void, then obediently lay down on the ground.

Su Hao counted them carefully – fourteen!

Each one was mighty and domineering, exuding a fierce aura typical of large predatory beasts.

Standing in front of these summoning beasts, Fu Leyi immediately became unpredictable and exceptionally imposing.

Su Hao secretly gave a thumbs up, “Impressive!”

Then he compared silently, “But it’s useless. Give me five seconds, and I can knock them all down.”

Fu Leyi proudly showcased her summoning beasts, turned around, and asked smugly, “Little Zhong, how do you like my summoning beasts?”

Su Hao answered truthfully, “Not bad!”

(End of this chapter)

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