Chapter 244

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Chapter 244: Spatial Transformation

After the establishment of the ‘Morning Sun Beauty Salon,’ the atmosphere in the ‘Morning Sun Courtyard’ changed. It wasn’t the beauty salon that influenced everyone but rather the proprietress Sister Bai and Xiaotian.

These two, like ethereal fairies untouched by the mortal world, simply staying in the courtyard suffused it with an otherworldly aura. Beauty holds such immense power.

Facing Sister Bai and Xiaotian, everyone couldn’t control themselves, bowing their noble heads. Their emotions were a mix of admiration, affection, and unease. In general, everyone in the Morning Sun Courtyard became extremely obedient in front of Sister Bai and Xiaotian, regardless of gender.

Oh, she’s no longer called Sister Bai; that name doesn’t match her beauty. Now, everyone is forced to address her as Fairy Wan’er.

It’s worth mentioning that Xiao Linzi, who comes back every month to specifically give money, has been returning more frequently lately. Who knows what he’s up to.

This Xiao Linzi is the man in a suit whom Su Hao and Yashan inadvertently saved when collecting summoner data. Later, Su Hao found out he’s the main financier of the ‘Morning Sun Courtyard.’ He couldn’t help but secretly rejoice that if they had been a bit later, this financier might not have survived.

Time flies, and the school has started again. Su Hao has returned to the Summoner Academy, spending mornings in the library and afternoons studying spiritual practice and spatial structure with Fu Leyi.

Life rhythms from the previous semester have resumed.

The first weekend of the first week saw the ‘Morning Sun Beauty Salon’ welcome its first customer – a wealthy woman weighing over three hundred kilograms. She chose the 80% beauty plan, forty thousand, payment first, and then the beauty treatment.

Sister Bai repeatedly emphasized that forty thousand is only for the face and doesn’t include weight loss services; they don’t offer weight loss programs. The wealthy woman didn’t care, waving her hand, saying, “Just do the face. As long as the face looks good, the body doesn’t matter. Money is not a problem!”

Behind the curtain, Su Hao collected the customer’s genetic information, made some adjustments, and started cultivating the gene modification solution. It could be completed in as fast as five hours.

During the waiting process, people tend to get impatient and may think they’re being deceived. To avoid trouble, Su Hao directly put the person to sleep.

The subsequent process went smoothly. When the wealthy woman woke up, she found her face had changed. She excitedly jumped around like a three-hundred-plus-pound child, speaking incoherently.

However, the current appearance of the wealthy woman is quite incongruent to everyone. What’s the experience of having an angelic face on a three-hundred-plus-pound body?

But it’s okay; this is the customer’s request. As long as the customer has money, Su Hao can meet their needs.

What’s this called? This is called professionalism.

After completing the business, Sister Bai left an anonymous phone number and advertised, “If you have friends who want beauty treatments, feel free to recommend them. As long as the money is right, everything is negotiable.”

The wealthy woman kept saying, “Definitely, definitely,” and left happily.

And until this moment, the economic crisis of the ‘Morning Sun Courtyard’ has been resolved! It can be foreseen that they will undoubtedly earn more in the future.

Sister Bai and Xiaotian look at Su Hao as if he’s a money-printing machine, their eyes gleaming, almost wanting to keep him in their arms all day.

“Remember to leave me eighty thousand!” Su Hao waves his hand and leaves first. For him, these are just small scenes. What storms and waves hasn’t he experienced? How much wealth hasn’t he possessed? This is just a temporary solution to his logistical problems.

Two years later, Su Hao is nine years old. With the enhancement of the ‘Prophet’s Gift,’ his reputation as a genius circulates among summoner students in a small circle. The academy’s students and teachers know that there is a super-genius summoner named Bai Jingzhong.

There are two reasons for this. One is the publicity done by his teacher, Fu Leyi. Initially low-key, Fu Leyi became somewhat uncontrollable in flaunting Su Hao’s virtues in front of other teachers over time.

‘Bai Jingzhong is this and that.’

‘Oh my god, Bai Jingzhong has already learned all the information about summoning beasts. I’d call him the Summoning Beast Encyclopedia!’

‘I can’t believe it, Bai Jingzhong’s spiritual practice has reached such a realm. At eight years old, he can interfere with spatial dynamics and summon deputy star beasts.’

‘Shocking! Bai Jingzhong has completely mastered spatial dynamics and acquired summoning control. He will soon become an apprentice summoner, and he’s only nine years old.’

The teachers at the academy were successfully brainwashed by Fu Leyi. Although they might not have seen Su Hao in person, they remembered the name Bai Jingzhong.

The other reason is that other teachers boasted about ‘Bai Jingzhong’s’ achievements in higher-grade classrooms, saying, “You are the worst batch we’ve ever taught, not even comparable to a second or third-year kid.”

This caused dissatisfaction among many senior students. After Su Hao, with his small stature, defeated all dissatisfied students, everyone acknowledged Su Hao’s genius name.

When the teachers boasted again about ‘how amazing Bai Jingzhong is,’ the students nodded in agreement, saying, “Teacher, you’re right!”

Videos of Su Hao fighting on campus circulated for a few days within a small range and were then banned. This is also why Su Hao’s fame is only known in a small circle.

Genius still needs some protection.

As a super genius, Su Hao, at this moment, is undergoing spiritual practice under the care of Fu Leyi. With closed eyes and a focused mind, countless tendrils of spiritual consciousness gradually extend beyond his body. Through these extended spiritual tendrils, Su Hao perceives a different scene in the world.

Distortion, fluctuations, chaos, circulation, profound, colorless yet vivid, with points, lines, surfaces, solids, and even more complex patterns constantly flowing. There are also numerous densely packed white dots of various sizes, moving irregularly.

According to Fu Leyi, these white dots are living beings.

Su Hao doesn’t know how to describe the scene he sees, as if it were the work of an abstract painter or a scene that only appears in chaotic dreams—unreal and surreal.

Yet, despite the abstractness, this scene appears in Su Hao’s perception, and his powerful awareness tells him that what he perceives is correct!

Is this the true appearance of the universe?

Then, what about the mountains, rivers, trees, stars, and seas that we see in our daily lives? What is that?

Which one is the real face of the world? Or perhaps, are they all?

Then Su Hao had a new realization: The face of the universe has never changed; it’s just that our ways of perceiving this universe are different, resulting in different outcomes.

It’s like the world in the eyes of humans and the world in the eyes of animals—it’s not the same.

But what everyone sees is the real world.

Su Hao stabilizes his mind. The extended spiritual tendrils begin to trace irregular lines and surfaces, fluctuating along with these patterns. As the tendrils extend further and longer, they eventually fill the space in front of him.

This is the result of Su Hao’s continuous training over the past two years. If not for his exceptionally powerful spirit and the talent boost from the ‘Prophet’s Gift,’ achieving this would take at least five years.

For regular summoners, the training begins in the fourth grade and continues until the ninth grade—a span of six years—just to roughly understand spatial patterns and attempt the first summoning. They can’t reach the level of freedom and ease that Su Hao has achieved.

Becoming a summoner and manipulating space for summoning is indeed not easy.

As Su Hao’s spiritual tendrils continue to extend, probing into the unknown, he recalls Fu Leyi’s advice.

“According to Teacher Fu, next, I need to follow the rhythm of this space, provide a positive force, gradually accelerating the rhythm. When the rhythm reaches a certain speed…”

Su Hao heeds Fu Leyi’s guidance and starts, through the extended tendrils, to provide a force to the rhythmic movement of the spatial network. This is the so-called process of manipulating space.

Su Hao’s spirit becomes highly concentrated. The irregular movement of the perceived spatial modules becomes faster and faster. At this point, any slightest error would nullify the progress, requiring a fresh start.

After the spatial movement reaches a certain speed, Su Hao’s spiritual consciousness seems to break through a certain limit, entering another vast sky.


Clarity. And this entirely new world unfolds in Su Hao’s spiritual perception.

(End of this chapter)

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