Chapter 243

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Chapter 243: Secretly Sinking Underground

The next day, Su Hao brought the cultivated genetic modification solution to find Xiaotian.

In Xiaotian’s room, Su Hao took out an extra-large syringe and said, “Xiaotian, I’ll give you an injection first.”

Xiaotian appeared visibly afraid, hesitating to approach.

Su Hao said, “Do you want to become more beautiful? If so, close your eyes; it’ll be over in a moment.”

This sentence struck a chord with Xiaotian. She rolled up her sleeve, revealing her fair arm, then closed her eyes and turned her face aside, saying, “Go ahead!”

Su Hao directly pulled Xiaotian’s hand over and injected without hesitation.

Sister Bai couldn’t help but close her eyes while watching.

Soon, following Su Hao’s instructions, Xiaotian lay on the bed. After a while, she gradually fell asleep.

Three hours later, Xiaotian’s face had undergone a noticeable change compared to before. The freckles on her face faded, and her facial features became softer and more delicate!

It seemed as if some minor adjustments had been made, or a touch of makeup applied to her face.

Sister Bai, looking shocked, couldn’t utter a word while observing the still-sleeping Xiaotian.

After another hour or so, Xiaotian groggily woke up.

When she was fully awake, Su Hao timely handed her a mirror.

Looking at herself in the mirror, Xiaotian couldn’t help but let out a piercing scream, “Ah—”

The high decibels made Sister Bai cover her ears instinctively.

However, Su Hao, unfazed, directly covered Xiaotian’s mouth to silence the noise.

Su Hao said, “It’s just the initial stage of beauty treatment; the changes aren’t very obvious now. In a couple of days, you’ll completely transform into a sketch.”

After venting, Xiaotian couldn’t calm down. Holding the mirror, she couldn’t take her eyes off her own face. Upon hearing Su Hao’s words, she exclaimed with joy, “Can I become even more beautiful?”

Su Hao replied, “Of course!”

Then he turned to Sister Bai and smiled, “Sister Bai, do you now believe we can run a beauty business?”

Sister Bai still seemed somewhat incredulous at the moment, even reaching out to pinch Xiaotian’s face to check if it was real. Ignoring Su Hao’s words, she just asked curiously, “Jingzhong, where did you get these needles?”

Su Hao couldn’t reveal the truth and just laughed, “I found a treasure chest. Do you believe it?”

Unexpectedly, Sister Bai nodded, “I believe.”

In reality, she didn’t believe it, but Sister Bai didn’t want to delve deeper. She only asked, “How many beauty needles can your ‘treasure chest’ produce?”

Su Hao replied, “One needle per week.”


Sister Bai slammed her hand on the table and exclaimed, “Deal! Let’s open a Dawn Beauty Salon!”

Su Hao immediately raised three fingers, “I have conditions, three conditions!”

“First, for the first two months, one needle per week. But after two months, it should become once a month;”

“Second, I won’t take any responsibility publicly. Sister Bai will be fully responsible for all matters in the beauty salon. Keep my secret, and except for Sister Bai, Xiaotian, and Jingyi, no one else should know the beauty needles come from me. As for the reasons, you can make up your own;”

“Third, I want 20% of the beauty salon’s profits, from now on.”

Sister Bai immediately said, “Deal!”

Then she asked, “Jingzhong, does this beauty needle have any side effects?”

Su Hao said, “The only side effect is being too beautiful.”

Sister Bai, as if determined, said, “Before opening the beauty salon, Jingzhong, give me an injection!”

Su Hao replied, “Sure, let’s do it next week!”


In just three days, everyone noticed Xiaotian’s transformation.

She was unbelievably beautiful, like a celestial being fallen to earth. Her face seemed ethereal, as if it didn’t belong to this world but existed only in imagination.

Yet, everyone knew it was Xiaotian. No matter how beautiful, she still had the same voice, the same gentle demeanor. However, her aura had changed; she became more confident.

Her confidence stemmed from her completely transformed face.

Xiaotian herself was in a dreamlike state, unable to describe her feelings. Suddenly, she was enveloped in immense surprise, gaining something she had never dared to imagine.

The most shocked was Sister Bai’s assistant, Husheng. When he saw Xiaotian, his eyes nearly popped out. He thought a celebrity fairy was visiting their “Morning Sun Courtyard” to make a donation, but it turned out to be Xiaotian!

Hu Sheng felt like he had a change of heart!

However, a week later, when Husheng saw Sister Bai, he changed his mind again…

Men, well, they’re quite normal!

His emotions were momentarily chaotic. Between the two stunning beauties that suddenly appeared in the Morning Sun Courtyard, he lost his usual composure and lost himself.

Then, suddenly, Husheng had a feeling deep within: the woman before him had become someone he could never reach in his lifetime.

A profound sense of loss overwhelmed him. He felt confused all of a sudden, unsure of where to go or what to do.

Sister Bai and Xiaotian stayed in the room, each admiring their own beauty.

Xiaotian suddenly said, “Sister Bai, is this all real? Am I dreaming?”

Sister Bai said, “I don’t know, but I hope it’s real! It would be great if this dream could last forever.”

Curious, Xiaotian asked, “Sister Bai, how did Jingzhong (Su Hao) manage to do this? He’s still so young!”

Sister Bai shook her head, “I noticed long ago that Jingzhong is very smart, different from ordinary children. Half a year ago, I confirmed that Jingzhong is a once-in-a-century genius. Neither you nor I are geniuses, and we can’t understand what the world of geniuses is like.”

“So, he can do things beyond our imagination without much surprise. He’s a summoner; maybe he accidentally summoned a special summoning beast? Perhaps that beast happens to have a skill that secretes a ‘flawless face’ beauty serum?”

“The world is vast, with too many unimaginable things. We simply can’t understand them all. What matters to us is whether we have money, whether we can raise the children in the Morning Sun Courtyard.”

Listening to Sister Bai’s words, Xiaotian nodded in agreement.

Sister Bai continued, “So, I won’t ask about Jingzhong, and you shouldn’t either. As long as we can earn money. Don’t disclose this information, keep it a secret, understand?”

Touching her own face, Xiaotian nodded, “Don’t worry, Sister Bai.”


After careful consideration, the plan for the beauty salon was quickly finalized.

Beauty services were divided into two tiers, with prices ranging from low to high.

1. Tier One: 8/10 beauty level, five hundred thousand.
2. Tier Two: Face swap, one million.

No need for a storefront; clients would be approached privately, specifically targeting wealthy women. Initial discounts would be offered, and prices would be adjusted based on demand later.

As for attracting clients, holding before-and-after comparison photos of Sister Bai and Xiaotian would surely convince people.

Su Hao didn’t have to worry about security issues. With him and Yashan around, what security problems could arise? Su Hao had already figured out the combat system and the highest power level in this world. As long as he was cautious, there was no real threat to him.

Unless he decided to openly oppose the entire world, but he was just discreetly seeking wealth, with no fundamental conflict with the ruling class. There was no notion of being an enemy to the world. At most, someone might covet their profits and reach out to them.

If such a person appeared, they could simply eliminate them and bury them deep underground. Given the numerous people mysteriously transported away every year, who would care about a few disappearances?

Moreover, genetic technology was indeed a lucrative business! Once the business took off, “Morning Sun Courtyard” would no longer worry about finances.

During his school term, Su Hao could study peacefully. Additionally, this matter conveniently allowed Su Hao to collect various human genetic information and conduct some inconspicuous experiments while making money.

Three birds with one stone.

And what he had to contribute was just spending a bit of time each week to complete the genetic design and produce the genetic modification solution.

Even cultivating the genetic modification solution had become automated now.

As for dealing with those who dared to covet and reach out, wasn’t there still Yashan?

After the official establishment of “Dawn Beauty Salon,” Su Hao pulled Yashan aside and said, “Jingyi, I have an important task for you: when Sister Bai goes out for business, ensure their safety. Anyone who dares to target us, quietly eliminate them and bury them underground.”

For the Steel Armor King, this was a straightforward task.

Yashan patted his chest and said, “Leave it to me, Boss Jingzhong!”

(End of this chapter)

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