Chapter 242

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Chapter 242: Beauty

Soon, Su Hao noticed something wrong with the courtyard. He observed it from his bowl, noticing a decrease in both the amount of food and meat.

He and Yashan approached Xiaotian, widening their innocent eyes. “Xiaotian, why is there less food?” Xiaotian looked awkward, stammering, “You’re still young; eating too much is not good for your health.”

Su Hao immediately exposed her, “We’re in our growth period, eating too little is bad for our health. Is the courtyard out of money?”

Xiaotian squirmed, unsure how to respond. Su Hao said, “If you’re short on money, why reduce the food?” He then turned to Yashan, “Jingyi, we probably have some money under the bed. Go get it for Xiaotian.”

“Sure!” Yashan responded and ran off. Xiaotian helplessly said, “Xiaozhong, don’t make trouble. Your secret stash isn’t enough.”

Su Hao retorted, “Not enough? After getting the money, Xiaotian, remember to give us extra meals. Growing bodies need to eat well!”

Yashan quickly returned with a bag of money, handing it to Su Hao. “Boss Jingzhong, money!” Su Hao and Yashan, not caring much about money, had simple needs: a place to sleep, enough to eat, and warm clothes.

Su Hao opened the bag, revealing the leftover money from robbing summoners, around eighty thousand, maybe thirty thousand left. He handed it to Xiaotian, “Xiaotian, take it. Count it later; it should be enough for a while!”

Xiaotian, doubtful, took the money bag, opened it, and her eyes widened. Money! Colorful bills! She pulled one out, making it rustle. It was real money! Xiaotian muttered, “This is real money!” Suddenly excited, she grabbed the money bag and ran off without caring where Su Hao got the money.

Su Hao shouted after her, “Xiaotian, remember to add more meat for us!”

“Sure!” Xiaotian’s voice echoed from a distance.

After Xiaotian left, Su Hao started eating the warm rice, saying, “Jingyi, we need to find a way to make some money!”

Yashan brightened, “Are we going to use force again? I like that! Let’s act tonight, Boss Jingzhong.”

Su Hao glanced at Yashan, “What are you thinking? We are respectable people. We should engage in legitimate business.”

Yashan, curious, asked, “Can we do legitimate business? What kind of business?”

Su Hao grinned, “I haven’t decided, but I think opening a beauty salon would be good.”

Yashan had a big question mark in his mind, “Beauty salon?”

Meanwhile, Xiaotian rushed to Sister Bai’s door, knocking urgently. While on the phone, Sister Bai opened the door, “Boss Chen, I’m currently in a difficult situation. Lend me ten thousand for emergencies!”

The voice of a man immediately came through the phone, “Sister Bai, you know I don’t have money. I spent it long ago! Besides, you’re a skilled junior summoner; just participate in two matches at the Nantong Arena, and you’ll have the money. No need to borrow from me; you’re joking!”

Sister Bai helplessly said, “You know, my two Frost Iron Wolves were seriously injured in the last arena match. One of them died after being sent back to the sub-star. How can I participate in the arena now?”

The man hurriedly said, “Oh, I have something here. Let’s talk later. I’m busy right now!”

Sister Bai urgently said, “Hey, hey, don’t hang up. I don’t need ten thousand, just five thousand. Lend me five thousand…”

*Beep beep beep!*

Sister Bai felt defeated. The taste of asking for help was unpleasant, but it had to be endured.

Sister Bai took a deep breath, adjusted her mood, and then asked, “What’s going on, Xiaotian? Why are you in such a hurry?”

Xiaotian joyfully handed over the money bag, saying, “Money!”

Sister Bai looked at the bag in Xiaotian’s hand, feeling a familiar sensation. Have I seen this somewhere?

She took the bag, opened it, and found a mix of colorful bills. Suddenly, she remembered the money Bai Jingzhong handed her six months ago!

Sister Bai blurted out, “Given by Jingzhong?”

Xiaotian’s excited expression froze, “Ah? Sister Bai, how did you know?”

Sister Bai suddenly laughed, “Hey! These two little guys have their secret stash, too!”

Then, she pulled Xiaotian, saying, “Come on, Xiaotian, quickly come inside. Let’s count how much money there is!”

After a while, Sister Bai and Xiaotian neatly arranged the scattered bills on the table.

Xiaotian exclaimed, “There are thirty-two thousand, one hundred and thirty-five yuan!”

Sister Bai sighed in relief, “This money should help in the short term!”

After collecting the money, Xiaotian suddenly remembered, “Oh no, I forgot about promising extra meals for Little Zhong and Little Yi! Sister Bai, I have to go busy.”

Saying this, she hurried to leave, but Sister Bai quickly stopped her, “Don’t rush. Let me put away the money, and I’ll go with you.”

When Sister Bai and Xiaotian arrived at the courtyard canteen, they found Su Hao and Yashan sitting leisurely, reading books. Empty bowls were placed on the table beside them, clearly waiting for the next meal.

Sister Bai sat directly across from Su Hao and said, “Jingzhong, tell Sister Bai honestly, where did that money come from?”

Su Hao replied, “Found it!”

Before Sister Bai could speak, Su Hao immediately added mysteriously, “Sister Bai, I have a business that can make big money. Do you want to join?”

Sister Bai was successfully led off track by Su Hao and laughed, “You know how to do business? Tell me, what kind of business?”

Su Hao grinned, “I haven’t decided, but I think opening a beauty salon would be good.”

Sister Bai had a big question mark, “Beauty salon?”

Then pointing at Sister Bai, Su Hao said, “I can turn Sister Bai’s single eyelid into charming double eyelids.”

The more he spoke, the more absurd it became. Sister Bai didn’t want to play along with Su Hao’s nonsense and asked again, “Enough with the teasing. Tell me, where did the money come from?”

Su Hao raised an eyebrow, “Don’t believe me?”

Both of them had expressions that screamed, “Trust you? Yeah, right!”

Su Hao said, “Let’s give it a try then. In just two days, I can turn Xiaotian into a beauty, a swan, a fairy, or even an internet sensation!”

Without giving them a chance to interject, Su Hao continued to tempt, “Sister Bai, Xiaotian, think carefully. If it doesn’t work out, what’s the harm? Consider it as accompanying me in some mischief! But what if it works? What if it works, and you both become rich! No more worries about the income of ‘Morning Sun Courtyard.’ Sister Bai, don’t you like that ‘Beauty Shell’ brand large down jacket in the city center? And those charming lipsticks. Xiaotian, are you still troubled by the freckles on your face, feeling self-conscious when going on dates? Imagine how you’ll look after turning into a beauty! You’ll become the dream goddess of many men!”

“All of this comes so easily. Just trust me once! Even if there’s only a one in a million chance, it’s worth a try, right?”

Su Hao spread his hands, “Anyway, you won’t lose anything, right?”

Then Su Hao said, “Sister Bai, do you remember the time we had fun together half a year ago? I’ve successfully entered the Summoner Academy now!”

Actually, when Su Hao mentioned lipsticks, Sister Bai was already convinced. After Su Hao finished speaking, Sister Bai slapped the table and exclaimed, “Jingzhong, tell me, how do we try?”

Su Hao showed a smile, “Very simple, Xiaotian, stretch out your hand.”

Xiaotian obediently took off her glove, revealing her fair hand.

Su Hao pointed at Xiaotian’s palm, and his blood qi penetrated. Soon, Xiaotian felt a warm heat spreading throughout her body.

Su Hao withdrew his hand quickly.

Xiaotian asked curiously, “Is that it?”

Su Hao said, “Not in a hurry. I’ll come to see you again tomorrow.”

Then, he closed his eyes and entered the pinball space, quickly shaping Xiaotian’s face. After finishing the sketch with the help of a Little Light-assisted projection, he said, “Jingyi, go get a pencil and a piece of Bai paper!”

In no time, Yashan brought a small stack of paper and a pencil. Su Hao rapidly sketched on the paper—actually, he doodled without much care.

After a while, a beautiful face appeared on the paper, surprisingly resembling Xiaotian by about seventy percent.

Su Hao said, “Xiaotian, what do you think of me turning your face into this?”

Xiaotian took the sketch in her hands, blissfully saying, “So beautiful! Is this me?”

Su Hao directly debunked her, “No.”

Xiaotian’s dream shattered instantly.

Su Hao added, “It will be in two days!”

Xiaotian’s hope soared.

Putting down the pencil, Su Hao said, “Alright, let’s end it here today. We’ll talk more tomorrow. Xiaotian, we’re hungry; quickly make us some food!”

Feeling elated with the sketch, Xiaotian immediately replied, “Wait for me; it won’t take long!”

At this moment, Sister Bai, envious, pointed to Xiaotian’s sketch and hesitated, “Jingzhong, can you draw one for Sister Bai too?”

Su Hao directly picked up the paper and pencil, saying, “This is simple. But Sister Bai, do you want me to beautify you too?”

Sister Bai nodded, “If Xiaotian really succeeds, I want it too!”

Which woman doesn’t love beauty?

However, Sister Bai didn’t have too high expectations for this. Accompanying the children in their mischief, fulfilling their yearning for a beautiful life, wasn’t it what she, as the big sister, should do?

Sister Bai sighed in her heart, “Ah, during this time, my attention to Jingzhong and Jingyi has decreased, and their minds have become stranger as they grow older.”

But to be honest, she really liked the portrait that Jingzhong drew for her.

(End of this chapter)

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