Chapter 241

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Chapter 241: I’m Su Hao, No Cheating

Since practicing the spiritual cultivation method, Su Hao dedicates two hours daily to meditation. However, the effectiveness of this practice doesn’t necessarily improve with longer durations. Excessive meditation drains mental energy, leading to fatigue the next day.

After analyzing the theory of spiritual cultivation and experimenting twice, Su Hao quickly deduces the ultimate outcome. This practice not only enhances mental strength but also allows the spiritual body to grow mental tendrils from a certain perspective.

As these tendrils grow, they eventually form a structure resembling a spatial network, making it easier for summoners to manipulate space channels and facilitate summoning.


This alone earns Su Hao’s admiration for the world. According to his speculation, this spiritual cultivation method is only useful for individuals with summoner talent; ordinary people can’t find an entry point.

Indeed, every world has its unique aspects, always revealing secrets from perspectives unimaginable to ordinary people.

Persisting in daily spiritual practice for just ten days, Su Hao discovers a breakthrough: his consciousness surpasses physical limits, experiencing significant growth.

This exhilarates Su Hao, as this mental strength growth is no longer restricted by the body, opening a new gateway for him. It’s like his spiritual body, previously confined to a house, can now extend tendrils outside, exploring the world beyond.

Although not completely free from the “house,” it’s a significant breakthrough. The breakthrough in mental consciousness has another crucial implication for Su Hao: his vital energy can now grow without limits, avoiding concerns of uncontrollable power due to lagging mental strength.

If Su Hao’s power had a leveling system, obtaining the spiritual cultivation method marked his breakthrough. With some time to stabilize his state, he can gain even more powerful abilities.

Simultaneously with Su Hao’s breakthrough in mental consciousness, the experiment with the “Prophet” is successful.

After evolving into the “Prophet,” victim Yashan expresses gratitude to Elder Wei, claiming that the strange phenomena over the past ten days were worthwhile.

Compared to a clever brain, temporary impairments like deafness, blindness, speech loss, or mental confusion are acceptable. As the saying goes, “No pain, no gain.”

Amused, Su Hao remarks, “If you shine white light through a prism, you can get a rainbow!”

Knowledge is meant to shatter lies.

Since evolving into the “Prophet,” Yashan’s mental state significantly improves. Going to school each day no longer seems painfully abnormal; instead, he is full of anticipation.

Every time a teacher praises Yashan as a genius, he revels in the joy. If not for a hint of modesty, he’d openly declare, “Yes, I am a genius.”

Unfortunately, who can understand the joy of an ordinary person suddenly becoming a genius?

For a while, Yashan, the genius, feels lonely as snow.

Now that Yashan has successfully evolved into the “Prophet,” the human version seems temporarily fixed.

After further analysis, Su Hao concludes that the “Prophet” and the spiritual cultivation method not only don’t conflict but might even have a synergistic effect.

Excitedly, Su Hao designs the gene modification solution for the “Prophet.”

With a dose of the “Peak Intelligence Serum,” he transforms into a genius.

When Su Hao evolves into the “Prophet,” the feeling of incredibly clear thinking returns, causing him to burst into laughter on the spot.

Yashan asks, “Boss Jing, what’s happening with you?”

Su Hao laughs, “My joy, you wouldn’t understand.”

Yashan: “???”

Following this, Su Hao engages in spiritual cultivation again. He closes his eyes, quickly enters a meditative state, and within the void of consciousness, a glow emerges, sketching a spatial network diagram with strange curves.

Without the aid of Little Light, Su Hao memorizes and draws it effortlessly. The drawing speed increases, and in a moment, the first spatial network diagram is completed seamlessly.

“Awesome!” Su Hao opens his eyes, full of pride. Genius, indeed. Previously, he could create the diagram, but it took nearly half an hour. Now, he can finish it in less than ten minutes.

This training enhances the effectiveness, gradually transforming his spiritual body into a spatial network diagram.

Unfortunately, the nature of this mental drawing is exercise; success doesn’t prompt a “+1 mental” notification. Improving mental consciousness requires years of gradual accumulation.

However, patience is something Su Hao doesn’t lack. With a clear direction, everything is manageable.

“Moreover, I’m a genius now, hahaha!”

Since he’s a genius, it’s reasonable for Su Hao to cultivate faster than others, right? In the past, rapid progress felt like cheating, but now it’s a reflection of his true strength, allowing him to confidently say, “I’m Su Hao, no cheating!”

So, every morning, Su Hao reads in the Summoner Academy library, attends lessons with Fu Leyi in the afternoon, practices spiritual cultivation for two hours in the evening, and conducts experiments with Yashan at midnight.

Life becomes incredibly fulfilling.

Four months later, the school is on winter break. Snowflakes gently fall, covering the “Morning Sun Courtyard” with a blanket of white.

Su Hao takes the time to evolve himself and Yashan into “Steel Armor Kings,” gaining domain power. His strength is almost restored to one-fifth of the peak in the previous world. Radar perception reaches a limit of five thousand kilometers, while Su Hao maintains a daily reconnaissance range of three thousand kilometers.

Don’t underestimate one-fifth; it’s still larger than Earth’s size.

According to Su Hao’s estimate, his current strength in this world is almost invincible. After evolving into the “Steel Armor King,” he decides not to evolve further into “Earth Lord” or “Life Bearer” in the short term.

The reason is that the “Steel Armor King” allows him and Yashan to disguise themselves as humans in full-body armor, avoiding odd appearances. Evolving into “Earth Lord” with black crystal armor would make their disguises seem fake and potentially raise suspicions.

Moreover, their current strength is sufficient for self-preservation in any situation. Any S-rank summoning beast daring to show its teeth in front of them can be easily turned into a pile of mush.

Despite this, Su Hao still holds deep respect for the summoner profession.

People who study spatial abilities are indeed impressive, even if they might not withstand a punch from Su Hao. Some things cannot be measured by strength alone.

Su Hao, however, never prioritizes pursuing immense power as his primary goal. His first objective is learning and acquiring knowledge. Powerful strength is just a means for him to safeguard knowledge.


The cry of a baby resonates from the opposite courtyard, triggering another baby’s cry in response. These are abandoned infants brought in from outside the “Morning Sun Courtyard.”

It’s a common occurrence for new little ones to join the big family of the “Morning Sun Courtyard,” and everyone has grown accustomed to it. Regardless of their stance or sympathy, everyone in the Morning Sun Courtyard is filled with care and love for these abandoned children.

Following the seniority order of “High Mountain Jing Xing” and “Virtuous and Bright Flowing Light,” the two newcomers are placed in the “Xing” generation. Sister Bai names the boy Bai Xingfeng and the girl Bai Xingzhi.

Su Hao and the others are no longer the youngest in the courtyard and must now take on the responsibility of caring for the infants.

Caring for babies…

For Su Hao, this is a kind of torture! After attempting to care for them for a day, Su Hao realizes he’s not good at it. These little ones can crawl so fast that, if he’s not careful, they end up in some unknown corner.

Luckily, Yashan is there! When it’s Su Hao’s turn to care for the babies, it’s Yashan who takes over, and when it’s Yashan’s turn, it’s still Yashan!

What’s an assistant? This is an assistant!

At night, Sister Bai, Husheng, and Xiaotian sit in a small room, warming themselves by an electric heater. The three of them look quite somber.

Sister Bai suddenly asks, “Xiaotian, why has money been spent so quickly recently?”

Xiaotian remains silent for a moment before saying, “Since these two little ones joined, aside from formula and diapers, they got sick two months ago, and the money is almost gone. If it weren’t for Brother Xiaolin’s recent financial support, we wouldn’t have enough to pay the rent now.”

“And…” Sister Bai presses, “And what?”

“And, Little Zhong and Little Yi eat too much…”

Sister Bai: “…”

Husheng: “…”

They originally wanted to buy everyone a new set of clothes for the New Year, but the “Morning Sun Courtyard” is facing an economic crisis.

(End of this chapter)

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