Chapter 240

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Chapter 240: I’ve had enough of my brain.

It’s normal for Yashan to be distressed, and Su Hao can understand. After all, being an adult and hanging out with a bunch of six-year-old kids all day is indeed very painful.

But pain has to be endured; learning must come first!

Su Hao then gave Yashan a bad idea, saying, “Jingyi, about this, your Boss Jingzhong is very experienced. I have a way to solve your troubles.”

Yashan immediately perked up, curious, “What’s the method?”

Su Hao pulled Yashan aside and whispered, “Just like the way we formed the Temple Forest Society. As long as you become the boss in school, a school bully, no one will dare to mess with you. By then, the school will be under your control, right?”

Yashan’s eyes lit up, realizing suddenly. How could he forget this? Indeed, as long as he knocks everyone down, what’s there to worry about?

Excitedly, Yashan said, “Boss Jingzhong, I understand. When the time comes, I’ll knock down the teachers too!”

Su Hao was shocked, immediately jumped up and patted Yashan’s head, solemnly saying, “Are you stupid? I’m talking about students like you, not including teachers! Teachers are the ones imparting knowledge to you, deserving our respect. Understand? Respect!”

Yashan, embarrassed, covered his head and said, “I understand, Boss Jingzhong, I know I was wrong!”

Su Hao, still concerned, said, “Listen to the teachers in school, got it? If I find out you dare to hit a teacher, I’m telling you, you’re done.”

Yashan quickly shook his head, “No, no! You can trust me!”

Su Hao didn’t know how his suggestion to Yashan would turn out in the end, but it didn’t matter. Yashan’s business wasn’t Su Hao’s concern anyway. At most, it would just make the elementary school a bit more lively!

With Yashan’s personality, him being the school bully was better than those unruly little kids being the school bully.

At night, when Yashan was scratching his head and doing homework, Su Hao, with a smile, approached him and said, “Is today’s homework difficult?”

Yashan, distressed, said, “It’s not difficult, but I don’t recognize many symbols, patterns, and characters. Writing these things is like guessing.”

Su Hao said, “I have a way to make you very smart, speed up your learning, but you have to cooperate with me in some experiments.”

Yashan threw his pen aside, stood up abruptly, and said, “What are we waiting for? Let’s go, let’s do the experiment! I’m tired of my brain!”

Su Hao hurriedly pressed him down, “No hurry, let’s wait until midnight!”

At midnight, after Su Hao cultivated the Prophet Gene Modification Liquid and filtered it, he injected it into Yashan.

When Yashan woke up, he found that he couldn’t hear anything.

Yashan shouted, “Boss Jingzhong, what’s going on? Why can’t I hear anything?”

Yashan couldn’t hear anything and didn’t know that his voice was incredibly loud. It was still night, but Yashan’s voice shook the entire ‘Morning Sun Small Courtyard.’

Su Hao was shocked and quickly transmitted a message to Yashan through the small dark room, saying, “Yashan, don’t speak, shut up immediately!”

Yashan instinctively closed his mouth!

“Ba Jingyi, what are you yelling in the middle of the night? Are you not sleeping?”

“Damn, is he crazy?”

“Ba Jingyi deserves a beating!”

For a moment, chaos ensued in the ‘Morning Sun Courtyard.’


The distinct sound of Sister Bai’s slippers echoed. She opened the door, sprayed Yashan with a barrage of words, slammed the door shut, and went back to sleep.

It took a while for everything to settle down completely.

Su Hao’s voice echoed in Yashan’s mind, “Yashan, you have taken the first step towards becoming smarter. Tomorrow night, we will continue with the second step. Stop! Yashan, don’t speak, just listen to me! Now, you can go to sleep. From now on, you must stay silent for a day, no talking, just like two years ago. Understand? Nod if you do.”

Yashan nodded, full of confidence in the Great Wei.

What’s the big deal about staying silent? No problem!

Watching Yashan fall asleep again, Su Hao thought to himself, “It seems the evolution failed. Indeed, Zhu Hua people and humans are ultimately different. I need to continue experimenting. I’ll deal with it tomorrow!”

The next morning, Su Hao immersed himself in the library, researching according to the ‘total — sub’ structure, delving into the knowledge that interested him.

Time spent reading always passed quickly, and soon it was afternoon, time for Su Hao’s study session with Fu Leyi.

Fu Leyi came up and asked, “Have you finished reading ‘Theory of Mental Cultivation’ that I gave you?”

Su Hao immediately took out the thin booklet and said, “I’ve finished it.”

Fu Leyi asked expectantly, “Do you understand everything? Is there anything you don’t get? I can clarify for you.”

Su Hao shook his head, “Not for now. It’s very detailed, and I can understand most of it.”

Fu Leyi: “…”

Okay, what was she expecting just now?

She said seriously, “This is the general outline of the theory of cultivation. However, it doesn’t involve specific methods. The ones circulating in the market are very basic and useful, but the efficiency of cultivation is not high. The general outline is the guiding ideology of mental cultivation. Having methods without a theory will inevitably lead to the wrong path. So, Bai Jingzhong, you must remember that all methods are based on the general outline. Understand?”

Su Hao nodded, “Understood. I won’t mess around, Teacher Fu.”

Fu Leyi said, “Now, I’ll officially teach you the ‘Fu Family Mental Cultivation Method.'”

After saying that, she casually took out a book and threw it to Su Hao, saying, “The goal of mental cultivation is to explore spatial fluctuations. So, everything starts with spatial meridians. This book contains a hundred spatial meridian diagrams, from simple to complex. The cultivation method is simple: memorize the meridian diagrams, then enter a meditative state, complete the patterns in your mind, and transform your mental energy into a sphere shape.

Over time, your mental power will be able to break through the body’s inherent limits, achieving significant growth. The more complex the patterns, the greater the help to mental growth. You start with the first diagram. Later, I’ll demonstrate how to use these patterns for cultivation.”

Then she declared, “This book is mine, not a gift for you. You can only remember it, not take it away!”

This didn’t matter to Su Hao. After flipping through the booklet from start to finish, he returned it to Fu Leyi.

Fu Leyi was puzzled, “???”

Did this guy not appreciate her mental cultivation method?

Only to hear Su Hao say, “Thank you, Teacher Fu. I’ve memorized it all.”

Fu Leyi subconsciously said, “What?”

Su Hao repeated, “Thank you, Teacher Fu. I’ve memorized it all.”

“Damn it!” Fu Leyi’s mind was filled with countless summoned beasts trampling over her self-esteem and pride.

She didn’t know what to say at this moment.

As for Su Hao, whether he was low-key or high-profile didn’t matter to him. He was focused on learning efficiency, and being low-key wasn’t necessary for now. After all, soon, after evolving into a “Prophet,” he would truly be a genius.

In this modern society, geniuses received more privileges and opportunities.

And he wasn’t worried about anyone harming him.

With his current strength as a Bone Demon + Advanced Grandmaster + Rune Master, not causing harm to others was already quite considerate.

Seeing that Fu Leyi seemed skeptical, Su Hao directly took the pen and said, “Teacher Fu, just point to one, and I’ll draw it to see if it matches.”

Fu Leyi was a bit incredulous. Even photos needed developing before being seen. She casually said, “Draw the thirty-fifth one then.”

Su Hao didn’t waste time. He quickly started drawing.

The more Fu Leyi watched, the more numb her expression became.

Her last bit of confidence was completely crushed by reality.

Fu Leyi thought to herself, “Is my brain filled with sewage or something?”

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