Chapter 24

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Chapter 24: Breaking Through the Barrier

Xu Yuan’s emotions were somewhat complex.

No matter what happened before, he would probably have to use the name Xu Changtian in the future.

“Oh,” a slightly disappointed voice echoed in the dark cave, as if somewhat disappointed that he didn’t reveal his real name.

After a few seconds of silence, she spoke softly, “So, in the future, you’ll use the name Xu Yuan?”


Xu Yuan?

A hint of strangeness flashed in his eyes.

After a moment of thought, Xu Yuan recalled that in “Blue Spring,” there seemed to be a mention of alternative names, but every time this Third Young Master made an appearance, he would die shortly after and his real name was never revealed.

Finding out that the original body was also named Xu Yuan now surprised Xu Yuan a bit.

Is it a coincidence?

Or is it because of something else?

His thoughts wandered for a moment but quickly focused again. Xu Yuan never wasted time on things he couldn’t figure out.

With his thoughts sorted, Xu Yuan turned to the woman beside him and spoke gently, “Miss Ran, wait a moment.”

“Ran Qingmo.”

Ran Qingmo suddenly interrupted him, her clear eyes blinking, looking very serious, “My name is Ran Qingmo.”


The air fell silent for a moment as they exchanged wordless glances in the darkness.

Feeling a bit speechless, Xu Yuan nodded and smiled, speaking again, “Ran Qingmo, when they come later, you don’t need to speak, I’ll handle it.”

This time, Ran Qingmo seemed satisfied and nodded, “Alright.”

After speaking, the two fell silent and didn’t say anything more.

Xu Yuan slowly closed his eyes and once again entered a state of cultivation.

The spring of spiritual water had already been completely collected into the universe ring, and the source of Qi in the cave had gradually begun to thin out. However, due to the presence of the Spirit-Locking Array, Xu Yuan was still amazed by the Qi he could sense around him.

As the cultivation method began to run in his meridians, the surrounding source of Qi was gradually absorbed into his body at a smooth and unobstructed pace.

The originally narrow meridians in Xu Yuan’s body had now become broad highways, and the ice-blue Qi that previously covered the walls of the meridians had been washed away by the formidable medicinal power from earlier.

The freely floating source of Qi in the world entered his meridians and began to transform at a rapid speed.

Just a quarter of an hour passed, and Xu Yuan discovered that the amount of Qi he had transformed in this short time was already equivalent to a week of hard cultivation for him before. He felt a bit emotional and somewhat helpless. Even with his full effort as an ordinary person, he couldn’t compare to the ease with which geniuses handle things. His mind was fully immersed in cultivation, and only someone who had experienced giving their all as an ordinary person could vaguely sense the scarcity of Qi. They could understand the terrifying advantage brought by this innate Taoist body.

But soon, Xu Yuan noticed that the freely flowing Qi around him was dissipating at a visibly rapid pace for some unknown reason. The existence pattern of Qi was similar to that of air, continuously flowing from areas of high pressure to low pressure to refill empty spaces.

However, even so, the Qi in the cave was quickly vanishing. From thick to thin, and finally, only a weak “Qi mass” remained within two feet of him.

Xu Yuan furrowed his brows slightly with closed eyes, controlling his soul to explore the situation. When an ordinary person begins cultivating, their soul can only sense the weak Qi within a foot of their body, but they cannot sense the flow or replenishment of Qi.

The terror of an innate soul body was once again demonstrated. Xu Yuan’s sensing range was not only wider now, but he could clearly perceive the flow of Qi. With the exploration of his soul, Xu Yuan sensed that the dissipating Qi in the cave was all flowing towards a spot one meter away from him.

He stopped his cultivation technique and opened his eyes to look.

Ran Qingmo was sitting with her eyes closed, meditating beside him.

All the Qi in the cave had been taken by her.

And he couldn’t compete with this big ice lump.

With a faint shimmer in his eyes, Xu Yuan shook his head gently and stopped cultivating. He leaned against the wall and closed his eyes to rest.

He somewhat understood why Ran Qingmo could reach Grandmaster level at such a young age.

She was always cultivating, every moment.

Whether it was at the Buddhist temple when they first met, or when she woke up in the cave, or even during their rest in the Waning Mountain Range.

As long as she closed her eyes and meditated, she was cultivating.

Hardworking geniuses are true geniuses.

As his thoughts reached this point, Xu Yuan suddenly paused. He remembered his elder brother from his memories.

That guy, it seems like he didn’t really cultivate much, right?

In his childhood memories, he would play with his elder brother, who was ten years older, all day long.

Although Xu Changge looked unwilling, he still accompanied him, often spending an entire day together.

In these memories, Xu Changge never stopped to meditate.

As Xu Yuan’s thoughts wandered, Ran Qingmo, who was sitting beside him, quietly opened her eyes and spoke with a cold voice, “They’re coming.”

Xu Yuan immediately refocused, his gaze sharpening.

In the next moment,


The rocks splintered, and the sturdy walls of the cave were directly blasted open by an external force, creating a large hole that extended more than ten meters deep. Sunlight streamed into the cave through the opening, instantly dispelling all the darkness inside.

Within that sunlight, several faint figures could be seen.

It seemed that due to their fear of Ran Qingmo’s strength, they didn’t rush into the narrow cave immediately.

After a moment of silence,

A cold and hoarse female voice came from outside the cave.

“Miss Ran, please come out.”

The voice echoed throughout the entire cave.

Another moment of silence,

Ran Qingmo silently picked up her sword and stood up, heading towards the entrance.

Xu Yuan reached out and grabbed her wrist.

She turned her head back and Xu Yuan gently shook his head at her.

At this point in time, with the strength of his elder brother, he could deliver a fatal blow to this big ice lump.

Ran Qingmo remained silent for two seconds but obediently stood still.

Xu Yuan slowly stood up, patted the blood-red robe on his body, and spoke, “Miss Ran didn’t harm me, so don’t act against her. Let her leave.”


Hearing Xu Yuan’s voice, the figures outside the cave remained silent.

Seeing this, Xu Yuan walked towards the entrance as well.

The mountain cave blasted open was about ten meters long, with rocks scattered all over, making crunching sounds under his boots.

When he reached the cave’s entrance, Xu Yuan squinted his eyes and infused Qi into his eyes to adapt to the outside sunlight.

He gently touched his neck and saw four figures standing in mid-air outside.

A bearded man, a woman with a high ponytail in strong attire, a bald man, and a masked woman with her tight black clothes revealing her fair arms.

Xu Yuan’s gaze locked onto the masked woman.

He remembered her.

This woman was the one who handed him a weapon when Xu Changge beat him up.

The masked woman’s indifferent eyes swept over Xu Yuan as she spoke in a low voice, “Zhou Chen, take the Third Young Master away.”


Zhou Chen glanced at the Third Young Master standing at the cave entrance and shook his head helplessly.

The blood-red robe he wore was quite handsome, but who would listen to the words of this dandy Third Young Master?

Killing Ran Qingmo was the command of the Eldest Young Master.

Thinking this, Zhou Chen flew towards Xu Yuan in a flash, so fast that Xu Yuan couldn’t even see clearly.

But midway through the flight, Zhou Chen suddenly staggered and frowned, hanging in mid-air.

In his line of sight,

Weird blood-red Qi emerged from the wasteful Third Young Master’s hand as he lightly touched his neck, swirling around his fair neck.

In the instant Zhou Chen dashed forward, there were already traces of fresh blood oozing from his neck.

Xu Yuan gently touched his neck and looked at the four people again, repeating firmly:

“I said,

“Let Miss Ran leave.”

Feeling the warmth of the blood seeping from his neck, Xu Yuan thought that if he could be completely rational, he should take this opportunity to get rid of that big ice lump. Then, his identity would be thoroughly established, with no loopholes left.

But Xu Yuan couldn’t do it.

Perhaps in the future, they might conflict and become enemies over some matters, but it shouldn’t be now.

Whether she’s a saint or just a follower, he cannot repay her kindness with enmity.

She had helped him so much along the way, and in the cave too. Without her, he would have perished due to the Rejection Syndrome alone.

Ran Qingmo stood with her sword inside the cave, gazing at the blood-red figure standing at the cave entrance, her red lips gently pursed.


The fog surrounded them, and beneath their feet was the abyss of the Hanging Sky Cliff. The entrance of the cave fell into a deathly silence.

Seeing the blood-red Qi, a hint of surprise flashed in the indifferent eyes of the masked woman, but she quickly regained her composure:

“Third Young Master, we came to save you. What do you mean?”

Xu Yuan shifted his gaze to her and said softly, “Saving me doesn’t conflict with leaving Miss Ran go.”

A brief exchange, and the entrance of the cave fell into silence once again.

For the four figures standing in mid-air outside the cave, the appearance of Qi in the Third Young Master’s body was indeed unexpected, but it wasn’t a big deal for their cultivation level.

Knocking the Third Young Master unconscious and taking him away was easy, just a matter of a flash.

The problem was, no one knew what kind of cultivation technique the Third Young Master had practiced, or whether the blood-red Qi swirling around his neck would go berserk after he was knocked unconscious.

Admittedly, the difference in strength allowed them to forcibly suppress the Qi before it went berserk.


What if?

What if the situation didn’t go as planned, and the Third Young Master had an accident? Who would take responsibility?

If the Third Young Master died at their hands, it would be like burying their entire family together.

No one dared to take that responsibility.

The stalemate in the atmosphere lasted for an unknown amount of time.

Suddenly, a sigh came from the top of the Hanging Sky Cliff.

It was light, but it clearly reached the ears of everyone present.

The sigh fell,

A voice as smooth as jade sounded:

“Ying’er, if Miss Ran wants to leave, let her go, and bring Changtian up here.”

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