Chapter 24

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Chapter 24: Excited Protagonist, Let the Storm Come Harder!

“Although these investment directions all seem good, the money is still coming in too slowly!”

Lin Beifan said, “Even in the fastest industry, it still takes more than a year to recoup the investment. I just can’t wait! I hope to achieve results in the short term, that is, make big money!”

Liu Rumei rolled her eyes and said, “If it’s still slow, you might as well just go buy lottery tickets!”

It was originally a joke, but Lin Beifan answered seriously, “You don’t make much money from buying lottery tickets! You only make 5 million if you win, and if you don’t win, you lose everything. It’s not worth investing in!”

In this world, the lottery rules are like this, the prize pool for each period is 5 million.

No matter how many people win, the total prize is 5 million.

“Any other good suggestions you two?” Lin Beifan asked.

“How about gambling on stones?”

“Gambling on stones?”

The protagonist, Ye Xingchen, weakly said, “Actually, it’s buying and selling jade! During the mining process of jade, because there is a layer of weathered skin on the surface, it is impossible to see the quality inside. It can only be determined after cutting. This kind of thing has a strong gambling element, so it is called gambling on stones! I heard that many people have made fortunes through gambling on stones!”

Lin Beifan’s eyes lit up and he said, “That’s a good idea, let’s go gamble on stones!”

Half an hour later, they were standing at the entrance of a gambling on stones market.

Liu Rumei turned her head to look at Lin Beifan and said, “Seriously, are you really going to gamble on stones?”

Lin Beifan replied confidently, “Of course, otherwise why are we here?”

“But this thing has high risks. It can rise or fall with a single cut. Making money can make you rich, but losing can make you bankrupt! And you don’t have any relevant experience in this area, so I strongly oppose it!” Liu Rumei said coldly.

Lin Beifan smiled and said, “What investment doesn’t come with risks? Even buying stocks can have the possibility of hitting the limit down!”

Liu Rumei continued in a cold tone, “I am entrusted by your parents, and I have the right to supervise and review your use of every penny. I can stop you at critical moments! Let’s make it clear, a maximum of 5 million, and if you lose it all, you will obediently go back!”

“Only 5 million? It’s a bit too little! Let’s negotiate, how about 10 million?”

“Dream on! If you lose it all, you better come back to me!”

The three of them entered the gambling on stones market.

After inquiring, they chose an experienced Master Wang to help them select raw stones.

The protagonist, Ye Xingchen, silently followed behind.

His face expressionless, but his heart was filled with excitement.

As far as he knew, in his previous life, the demonic Lin Beifan had never gambled on stones. He simply did not have the ability and experience in this area. The fact that he hired Master Wang to help select raw stones was evident.

Even if he had the ability and experience, it would be useless because this thing mostly relied on luck!

If luck was not on your side, no amount of experience would help!

Otherwise, those gambling on stones masters would have made fortunes in this field long ago!

Just thinking about Lin Beifan preparing to lose made him very happy, wanting to sing a triumphant song!

“This is only the interest!” Ye Xingchen clenched his fists. “Wait and see, I will make you spit out the principal and interest at least!”

At this time, Master Wang had already helped Lin Beifan choose several stones.

“These raw stones, based on my experience, have a high probability of being green! As for which one to choose, it’s up to you. I can only help you this far!”

“Okay, thank you, Master Wang!”

Lin Beifan gave him some money as compensation for his hard work.

Looking at these big stones, Lin Beifan silently wished, “I wish: the price of the stone I choose will skyrocket by 100 times!”

[Ding! Wish unsuccessful, not in line with reality!]

“How about 90 times?

[Ding! Wish unsuccessful, not in line with reality!]

It wasn’t until 20 times.

[Ding! Wish successful!]

A mysterious smile appeared on Lin Beifan’s face as he pointed to the largest and most valuable stone, saying, “Boss, I want this stone!”

Boss: “This stone has a total value of 4 million. Are you sure?”

Unable to hold back, Liu Rumei advised, “Mr. Lin, please reconsider. I think you can choose a smaller stone!”

“No need to reconsider!” Lin Beifan affirmed. “I want this stone!”

The boss was delighted. “Alright, after transferring the payment, this stone will be yours! Do you want it to be cut here? It’s a free service!”

“Cut it here, please, and thank you, boss!”

After paying, the boss was happy.

Lin Beifan was happy.

The protagonist, Ye Xingchen, who was following behind, was also happy.

Cut it, cut it, it won’t bankrupt you!

His heart was truly excited!

His body was trembling a bit!

He couldn’t help but want to see Lin Beifan fail!

Let the storm come harder!

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