Chapter 24

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Chapter 24: This is the dance that real men should perform!

After removing the last piece of modesty covering from Zhang San, Lai Xiaoqiang set his sights on the next tough guy.

“Zhao Si, it’s your turn now. Don’t disappoint me!”

“Brother Qiang, I can’t do this. Can we switch someone else?”

“Don’t waste time. Come over here! If I don’t strip all of you today, I won’t believe in trust!”

After about an incense stick’s time, except for Lai Xiaoqiang, everyone else in the room was completely naked, crouching in the corner shivering, resembling startled little quails.

Lai Xiaoqiang laughed heartily while drinking, “You’re all grown men, why be shy?”

In their minds, they silently complained: It’s not like you’re the one undressing, of course, you can talk big.

“Brother Qiang, our game is done, and we’ve had enough to drink. Can we leave now?”

“Yeah, Brother Qiang, can we go?”

“Or… at least let us put on some clothes!”

“Pah! You’re dreaming!”

Lai Xiaoqiang shouted, “We’re not done having fun today. No one is allowed to leave, and no one is allowed to put on clothes! Stop crouching in the corner, stand up and have some fun!”

“Brother Qiang, we can’t stand up like this!”

“It’s embarrassing!”

Lai Xiaoqiang slammed the table, “Stop talking nonsense, everyone get up and have some fun! If anyone doesn’t join in, I’ll take care of them!”

So, everyone started having fun, getting wild and revealing their flamboyance.

“This is the dance that real men should perform!”

Lai Xiaoqiang himself got into the spirit.

Taking off their clothes one by one, they swayed with the rhythm.

Not satisfied with that, they even led this group of tough guys to the hall, dancing a spicy dance in front of the public.

“Look at how I groove~~”

“Swaying, swaying~~”

“Look at how mighty I am~~”

“Mighty, mighty~~”

Everyone was left dumbfounded!

What kind of entertainment is this? So trendy!

Seeing beautiful women dance is common, but witnessing tough guys dance is a first, truly eye-opening!

They danced away, and to everyone’s surprise, it turned into a strip dance. Everything that should be seen and shouldn’t be seen was all on display!

So provocative!

So eye-catching!

It’s hard to eat now, what should we do?

Someone couldn’t bear it, slammed the table, and angrily rebuked.

“What kind of performance is this? It’s too indecent, it disgraces our culture!”

“No shame! It’s over, I’m going to get pinkeye!”

“Someone needs to stop them, don’t let them dance again!”

“Where’s my knife?”

Because the performance was so sudden, the restaurant staff were bewildered.

“Uncle, is this the program you arranged?”

“How could it be me? Even if I wanted to liven things up, I wouldn’t choose this group of eye-catching men. Do I still need my eyes? Can I still run my business?”

“I remember now, they are guests from the Peony Pavilion! Innkeeper, this is their spontaneous action, should we intervene?”

“We definitely need to intervene. If this gets out, our place will be shut down, and we won’t be able to do business!”

So, the restaurant staff rushed forward and pulled them down.

After the farce, Lin Beifan, the instigator, clutched his stomach and burst into laughter.

“This trick is so interesting!”

“Used it well, and it will produce unimaginable effects!”

“Lai Xiaoqiang, my apologies!”

“Who told you to always oppose me? Consider this a small lesson!”

“No need to thank me, hahaha!”

After laughing, Lin Beifan once again focused his gaze on the world he had just created.

“This can be called a low martial world, or even a low-level little thousand world!”

“Extraordinary power, but not much of it!”

“The extraordinary power – inner strength, still cannot be released externally like divine power, with limited destructive power! Even if cultivated to the level of a top-notch master, it’s slightly inferior to ordinary divine power practitioners!”

“Moreover, the lifespan of cultivators has not increased!”

“So, there is still a lot of room for growth in my world! My next effort will be to continue refining the rules, adding extraordinary settings, and evolving it into a middle martial world!”

After summarizing his experience, Lin Beifan lay directly on the bed and had a good night’s sleep.

The next day, Lin Beifan announced his return and continued to the Transmission Pavilion for further study.

Although his points were already depleted, his sister Bai Yiyi gave him another 5000 points, telling him to continue creating, and if it’s not enough, he can ask her for more.

Lin Beifan, feeling grateful, thought, “With a sister like this, what more could I ask for!”

After bidding farewell to Bai Yiyi, Lin Beifan happily headed towards the Transmission Pavilion.

On the way, various rumors reached his ears.

“Did you hear? Lai Xiaoqiang and a dozen friends stripped and danced wildly at the Dragon Gate Inn!”

“I heard about it. A dozen men publicly undressing and shamelessly dancing, it’s so disgusting!”

“I was there at the time! Honestly, in all my years, I’ve never seen such an eye-catching scene. It kept me awake all night; my mind was full of white, scattered, marbled pork!”

“According to other victims, all of this was forced by Lai Xiaoqiang! He usually pretends to be righteous, but once he’s drunk, his true nature is exposed! He’s a pervert with strange preferences!”

“Wow~~ I never expected Lai Xiaoqiang to be such a person. Ugly people are really capable of strange things!”

“Yeah, you can’t judge a person by their appearance. I must keep my distance from him in the future!”

Listening to these rumors, Lin Beifan couldn’t help but crack a smile, though he didn’t want to.

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