Chapter 239

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Chapter 239: Existence of the Four-Dimensional Channel

When it comes to talent, Fu Leyi becomes unusually excited, completely losing the aloof demeanor of a white-collar worker earning a million yuan at the beginning.

He is a living advocate of ‘Talentism.’

However, Su Hao doesn’t care. No matter how amazing others’ talents are, they can’t surpass him as he can add talents to himself of any type.

After calming down the excitement, Fu Leyi continued, “Talent has two functions: spiritual cultivation and spatial perception. The speed of spiritual cultivation depends on your talent and the method of cultivation. After class, I’ll give you a theory of spiritual cultivation. Read it tonight, don’t practice randomly, and tomorrow afternoon, I’ll start explaining it to you.”

Su Hao nodded, saying, “Understood, Teacher Fu.”

Fu Leyi continued, “Today, let me tell you about some theoretical aspects of space.”

Su Hao focused.

Fu Leyi organized his words and said, “In the distant reaches of the universe, there is a life planet we call a subsidiary star, meaning a subordinate planet. All the summoning beasts in our world originate from there.”

“You must be very puzzled. Why can we summon subsidiary star beasts from such a distant place? Not only you, even scientists are very puzzled about why subsidiary star beasts are often unintentionally transported to this world. At the same time, people or creatures in our world are also often transported and disappear.”

Seeing Su Hao’s puzzled expression, Fu Leyi smiled slightly and said, “Until now, no one has figured out the principle behind it. But there are some reasonable speculations.”

“Unknown years ago, there was a drastic change in the spatial force field of the universe, causing a folding of our space and the space of subsidiary star beasts, creating a certain degree of space folding, thereby connecting the two spaces, establishing a spatial channel.”

*And our summoning is achieved through this channel.”

After saying this, Fu Leyi smiled and said, “This is just a speculation, and the truth is still unknown. Little Zhong, do you understand?”

Su Hao nodded and then asked, “How do summoners find this channel then?”

After confirming that Su Hao understood, Fu Leyi raised a delicate hand and gestured, saying, “Don’t worry about that for now. Let me first talk to you about some basic theories of space.”

Fu Leyi brought a piece of white paper and a pen, spread it in front of Su Hao, and said while drawing, “The space we understand is a three-dimensional space, including front, back, left, right, up, and down. But do you know what one-dimensional and two-dimensional are?”

Su Hao nodded, saying, “I know.”

Fu Leyi nodded in surprise and continued, “Since you understand, there’s no need to go into detail.”

Fu Leyi drew a line and put a point on it, saying, “Consider one-dimensional space as a line, and you are a point on this line, only able to move forward or backward.”

Then, he drew a line intersecting this one, saying, “If I block this with a wall, how would you get to the other side?”

Su Hao drew an arc with a pen and said, “Evolve into two dimensions and go around from the side.”

Fu Leyi:…

He was fooled by this kid, Bai Jingzhong, again!

Fu Leyi took a deep breath, regained confidence, and showed an encouraging smile, saying, “Correct! What can’t be done in one-dimensional space can be easily solved in two-dimensional space. The same principle…”

Fu Leyi drew a circle on the paper, then drew a line, and continued, “If you are this circle, a two-dimensional creature, how would you break through the wall I drew?”

Su Hao gestured with his hand, saying, “Just evolve into three dimensions and jump over from above.”

Fu Leyi was well-prepared and wasn’t impressed by Su Hao’s showing off. With confidence, he said, “Right! That’s the idea. In fact, we are currently three-dimensional creatures, with an unreachable distance from the subsidiary star. To cross this distance and reach the other side, all we need to do is evolve into four-dimensional beings.”

After saying this, Fu Leyi continued, “But Little Zhong, don’t think that summoners are four-dimensional beings! In fact, the reason we can do this is just a trick!”

Su Hao couldn’t help but be curious, asking, “Trick?”

Fu Leyi said, “Yes, just a trick. Four dimensions are not something us humans can understand and perceive; it’s just a concept. But with just this concept, it’s enough.”

Su Hao nodded.

Fu Leyi continued, “For some unknown reason, the space has already folded, connecting us with the subsidiary star. It’s a fact. The reason summoners can successfully summon subsidiary star beasts is just that we can follow the spatial clues, find the target, and forcibly pull them over!”

After Fu Leyi finished speaking, he asked, “Little Zhong, do you understand what I’m saying?”

Su Hao nodded, pointing to the circle on the paper, “It means that a two-dimensional creature, wanting to cross this wall, doesn’t need to understand what three dimensions are because it simply can’t comprehend it. Instead, it just needs to blindly jump forward to overcome this obstacle.”

Fu Leyi smiled on the surface, “Exactly, that’s the idea.”

Internally, she was roaring, “Good grief! Where did Bai Jingzhong come from? He even understands extrapolation! What’s the point of teaching him anything!”

Aloud, she continued, “It seems Little Zhong is very clever!”

Su Hao just smiled. When he evolved into a [Prophet], that would be true cleverness!

Fu Leyi decided to test Su Hao sincerely, with a smile, “So, after discussing this, Teacher Fu has a question for Little Zhong.”

Su Hao nodded, “Please go ahead, Teacher Fu.”

Confidently, Fu Leyi pointed to the circle, “So, this two-dimensional creature, with no long legs, how can it jump?”

After a brief thought, Su Hao casually said, “It should use the method of spiritual cultivation, allowing us to master special powers that can perceive spatial movements. Then, following the spatial clues, we can to some extent manipulate the spatial channel and achieve the summoning.”

Fu Leyi:…

It seems she really isn’t a genius. These years, she really has been too hasty! She should be more low-key in the future!

Regaining composure, Fu Leyi maintained elegance, “So, returning to your initial question, ‘How do summoners find the channel,’ do you have an answer now?”

Su Hao nodded, “I understand, Teacher Fu. We don’t need to find where the channel is because we simply can’t. We just need to know that the channel exists, understand the rules, follow the rules, and success will naturally follow.”

Today’s communication with Fu Leyi was quite rewarding for Su Hao.

However, he had a different understanding of the spatial channel. He believed that the channel could be found; the reason it wasn’t found was because knowledge was still insufficient, and the right method hadn’t been found.

Su Hao thought to himself, “Once I’ve mastered all the knowledge, I might be able to use the power of runes to open the so-called spatial channel!”

But for now, he needed to take it step by step and steadily learn the relevant knowledge.

After returning to the ‘Morning Light Courtyard,’ Su Hao quickly formulated his future growth and learning plan.

First, learn the method of spiritual cultivation. After confirming that spiritual cultivation doesn’t conflict with [Prophet], evolve into a [Prophet] to accelerate the learning speed.

Second, coordinate with Yashan to conduct an experiment, helping him evolve into a [Prophet] while confirming the genetic sequence for human evolution into a [Prophet].

Third, learn how to perceive spatial structures and quickly summon the first summoning beast, reaching the level of junior high school graduation…

Now thinking about it, even junior high school graduation isn’t easy!

After planning, Su Hao waited for Yashan, who had also finished school and returned to the ‘Morning Sun Courtyard,’ carrying a small backpack and a gloomy face.

As soon as Yashan saw Su Hao, he complained, “Boss Jing, I hate little brats…”

(End of this chapter)

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