Chapter 238

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Chapter 238: Being Stuffed by Little Zhong

Su Hao quickly understood the historical timeline of this world.

The so-called summoners evolved from beast tamers. As human exploration reached a certain level, technology began to flourish. Through technological means, humans discovered a special group within the beast tamer community, sensitive to spatial anomalies.

With exploration and experiments, they successfully summoned the first fierce secondary star beast from another space, known as a summoning beast. Summoners were born as a result.

After centuries of development, summoners gradually replaced beast tamers, becoming the mainstream in the world. Even now, summoners remain the dominant force, tasked with defending against powerful secondary star beasts invading from different places to protect peace.

However, Su Hao had a question: with technological progress, the upgrade of powerful weapons, and the use of human armies and high-tech weapons, why are summoners still the mainstream force against secondary star beast invasions?

Su Hao delved into various sources but found no explicit explanation. However, he speculated on four possible reasons.

Firstly, the number of professional soldiers in this world is limited, not deployed worldwide but serving as a special deterrent force. Moreover, many senior military officials are summoners.

Secondly, if secondary star beasts suddenly appeared in urban areas, the military couldn’t react quickly, whereas summoners and their summoned beasts could swiftly eliminate the threat. A powerful summoner could be as effective as a small army in such situations.

Thirdly, the ruling class has always been part of the beast tamer community, and the modern military is under their control. The world has not experienced a global human internal war, maintaining a relatively stable class structure.

Fourthly, it’s rumored that above S-level summoned beasts, there are super summoned beasts that modern weapons struggle to defeat.

In summary, being a summoner is a prestigious profession, and almost everyone aspires to be a guardian, but only those with talent qualify. Talent is often inherited, but some individuals can undergo spontaneous genetic mutations, acquiring summoner abilities.

Su Hao also learned that genetic research in this world is at a primitive stage. Creating talent like Su Hao’s is nearly impossible, although some might artificially create specific conditions to induce genetic mutations for summoner talent.

After clarifying the basic history and world structure, Su Hao started searching for information on the growth of summoners and summarized five main directions: “Categories and Breeding of Summoned Beasts,” “Taming and Complete Control of Summoned Beasts,” “Mental Cultivation of Summoners,” “Perception and Use of Spatial Structure,” and “Summoning Procedures.”

Unexpectedly, a summoner has to learn so much. Su Hao realized that cultivating a summoner from the age of six is not hard to understand.

Despite the numerous categories, Su Hao was only interested in “Mental Cultivation of Summoners,” “Perception and Use of Spatial Structure,” and “Summoning Procedures.” As for taming summoned beasts…

He thought of a simple solution – make them obedient by summoning until he got a compliant one, then manually upgrade it using his genetic technology. After all, a level seven exotic beast was no less formidable than an S-level summoned beast.

Therefore, what Su Hao lacked was not summoned beasts but knowledge of the mind and space!

Su Hao’s thirst for knowledge burned, realizing he was reading too slowly!

Tonight, I’ll develop the genetic modification solution for the “Prophet”! Turn myself into a genius and accelerate my learning! Roar~ “But… let’s have Yashan do it first! If I mess up my own brain, it’s game over!”

With this thought, Su Hao suddenly felt that Yashan was a valuable assistant!

At three in the afternoon, Fu Leyi found Su Hao in the reading room and brought him to an adjacent study. The two sat facing each other. Before the formal class, Su Hao politely greeted, “Hello, Teacher Fu!”

This was courtesy!

Fu Leyi smiled and said, “Little Zhong seems to be in good spirits. Tell me, what books did you read this morning?”

Su Hao listed them one by one, briefly explaining the things he had summarized from these books and his own speculations. He honestly said, “Teacher Fu, as for knowledge related to summoned beasts, I can self-study. I am more interested in mental cultivation, spatial structure, and summoning.”

After expressing his thoughts and interests, Su Hao didn’t strongly request Fu Leyi to teach him what he wanted to hear. He let Fu Leyi arrange freely. Fu Leyi would know better how to systematically teach summoner knowledge quickly.

Su Hao’s knowledge about summoners was almost blank, and he didn’t pretend to be knowledgeable in this area. However, after hearing Su Hao’s words, Fu Leyi was still surprised. She thought, “Is this Bai Jingzhong still a person? Only six years old? I’ve been foolishly thinking I’m a genius all these years. Turns out, I’m not! The reason I considered myself a genius is that I’ve never seen what a genius looks like!”

Fu Leyi felt a bit arrogant over the years, a bit hasty!

After organizing her thoughts, Fu Leyi slowly said, “Summoner learning generally starts with understanding summoned beasts—knowing their categories, traits, skills, temperaments, and habits. Mental cultivation begins in the fourth grade, around nine years old. As for training in spatial structure, it starts when you enter middle school, around eleven years old. The first actual summoning occurs in the ninth grade, which is also the graduation exam, similar to a common school’s middle school entrance exam. As long as you successfully summon your first summoned beast, tame and control it successfully, you become an apprentice summoner.”

After saying this, Fu Leyi looked at Su Hao and smiled, “And you, you’re only six years old now!”

Su Hao waved his hand confidently, “Teacher Fu, age is not a problem. Please treat me as a 20-year-old adult!”

Fu Leyi chuckled, covering her mouth, “Six years old is six years old. I can’t see you as a man, strong lad!”

Su Hao helplessly said, “Then don’t look at me when you’re teaching!”

There was no way. Most people judge others based on appearance, and speaking and acting with this six-year-old body made it challenging to have strong persuasive power.

Fu Leyi was in a very pleasant mood. She found it quite interesting to interact with this little boy. She didn’t expect this little genius to have such an interesting soul.

Ten minutes of chatting before the formal class, getting to know each other, Fu Leyi officially started the class for Su Hao!

Fu Leyi said, “Summoned beast-related knowledge is indeed not the most fundamental thing for a summoner. The most fundamental things are mental cultivation and spatial sense. Since you can self-study knowledge about summoned beast categories, I’ll skip that section and start with mental cultivation and spatial sense.”

In reality, most summoners have quite a bit of research on summoned beasts. Many summoners have a hobby of collecting summoned beasts and take pride in having a powerful and rare one. There are even events specifically for summoner beast exhibitions.

After pausing for a moment, she adjusted her glasses and said at a moderate pace, “Let’s first talk about the so-called summoner talent. I’ve checked your information, and your talent is above A-level, probably the highest S-level. You may not know what summoner talent means. For a summoner, talent is everything. Without talent, no matter how hard you work, it’s useless because someone without summoner talent can’t perceive the rhythm of space. The quality of talent directly determines how keenly you can perceive space. Simply put, it determines your growth rate and the height you can ultimately reach.”

“Little Zhong, do you know what your S-level talent means?”

Su Hao was about to answer, but Fu Leyi directly said, “It means you have the opportunity to become a world-class summoner standing at the pinnacle of this world.”

Well, it makes sense. As a teacher, you must master the skill of asking and answering your own questions.

(End of this chapter)

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