Chapter 237

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Chapter 237: I Don’t Want to Go to School

The news of Su Hao being admitted to the Summoner Academy shook everyone in the ‘Morning Sun Courtyard’!

Question marks filled everyone’s minds.

Wasn’t it said before that there was no summoner talent? How did it suddenly appear, and that too, A-level and above?

Is the world changing too fast, or is their understanding mistaken?

Initially, everyone was skeptical, but when Su Hao actually went to register at the Summoner Academy, they had no choice but to believe, with nothing more to say.

Among them, Bai Shansong had the sourest expression.

Since Su Hao discovered his summoner talent at A-level or above, Bai Shansong had not appeared in Su Hao’s sight.

Husheng and Xiaotian, with disbelief on their faces, repeatedly sought confirmation from Sister Bai. Even though Sister Bai had told them many times, they still couldn’t believe it.

Actually, Sister Bai herself is still confused and has no idea what happened.

After much thought, she came to a conclusion: Jingzhong and Jingyi, those two little devils, are strange.

But where exactly is the strangeness? She couldn’t explain.

Then the thought of the two ‘night-time clubbers’ from the video popped into her head. Could it really be those guys?

Immediately, she shook her head, dismissing that idea from her mind.

“How could Jingzhong and Jingyi have such powerful abilities? Especially Jingyi, who looks so silly.”

Now, about Su Hao himself.

Despite his indifferent appearance, he was genuinely happy.

This was another instance of him using his skills to change his innate talent.

This meant that in the future, when learning special skills, he would no longer be constrained by so-called ‘talents’.

For example, if one day Su Hao reincarnated into a cultivation world and participated in some ascension event, an old immortal could touch his hand and cheerfully say, “Young man, leave the mountain! Cultivation isn’t suitable for you because you lack innate talent!”

If Su Hao hadn’t modified his aptitude through genetic technology, what would he do?

The answer is nothing.

The premise of ‘mortals cultivating’ is still having spiritual roots. If you don’t even have those ‘spiritual roots,’ you can only watch others soar while waiting for old age.

Just thinking about it feels exceptionally bleak.

But now it’s different. Regardless of the world he reincarnates into or how much of a waste he becomes, he can use his technology to modify his talent into the strongest category.

What ‘heavenly spiritual roots,’ ‘earthly spiritual roots,’ or ‘top-grade spiritual roots’? Modify them!

‘Emperor’s potential,’ ‘chaotic constitution’? Modify them!

Thinking about this, Su Hao felt exceptionally pleased!

The future looks promising!

Sister Bai and Yashan are both happy for Boss Wei’s success. Although their points of happiness are different, it doesn’t prevent them from having a small gathering.

Of course, the money for the gathering comes from the thirty thousand yuan Su Hao gave!

Early the next morning, Sister Bai took Su Hao, Yashan, and Bai Jingchun to register at the elementary school.

They first went to Su Hao’s Summoner Academy. With the stamped form in hand, Su Hao’s enrollment procedures were quickly completed.

The group then went to the ordinary elementary school to process Yashan and Bai Jingchun’s enrollment procedures.

After Sister Bai took the three kids for a stroll around the campus, they returned to the ‘Morning Sun Courtyard.’ In the evening, Yashan, with a reluctant expression, said, “Boss Jingzhong, can’t I attend the same school as you?”

Su Hao replied, “You don’t have summoner talent, there’s no way. Focus on your studies!”

Yashan lamented, “Then who should I ask for help with my studies?”

Su Hao said, “Believe in yourself, Jingyi. Those subjects are trivial for you; study well, and you’ll learn it eventually!”

Yashan roared in his heart, “I don’t want to go to school!”

Su Hao patted Yashan’s shoulder, saying, “Endure it for ten years!”

Then Su Hao added in his mind, “If it’s high school, endure it for twelve years!”

On the first day of school, Su Hao received his first-grade textbooks. An hour later, he had read all the textbooks and gained nothing! He discovered that the first-grade teachers were just amusing the kids—no real knowledge!

So, Su Hao became ‘disinterested’ in studying. On the second day of school, he left a note on his desk: skipping class!

The teacher followed the instructions on the note and found Su Hao in the library, heaving a sigh of relief.

The teacher, Fu Leyi, a woman with gold-rimmed glasses and a professional outfit, approached Su Hao, looking at the book in his hands—’The Evolution of Summoners: Beast Tamer.’

Su Hao had noticed her but planned to finish the chapter first. Soon, he gently closed the book and called out, “Teacher Fu!”

Fu Leyi curiously asked, “Why did you suddenly stop attending classes?”

Su Hao explained, “The content in those textbooks is too simple. I couldn’t learn anything. So, to avoid wasting time, I came out to find books on my own.”

Fu Leyi nodded and pointed to the book in Su Hao’s hand, “This is a history book, quite profound. Can you understand it?”

Su Hao nodded, saying, “Not much, but I’ve seen the development process of Beast Tamers. A long time ago in this world, a large number of ferocious beasts suddenly appeared, causing havoc. This book tells how people, through long exploration, found ways to tame these beasts and use them to combat others. The profession of Beast Tamer emerged…”

Fu Leyi listened quietly, and her gaze at Su Hao changed, as if she were looking at a rare treasure. She said, “Since you can’t learn in class, spend your mornings in the library. From 3 to 4 in the afternoon, I’ll clarify your doubts and teach you how to become a powerful summoner. How about that?”

Su Hao’s eyes lit up, and he immediately agreed, “Great! Thank you, Teacher Fu!”

Su Hao stood up, formally introducing himself, “Hello, Teacher Fu! Let me introduce myself properly. I’m Bai Jingzhong, you can call me Jingzhong. Please guide me in the future.”

Su Hao has always shown great respect for teachers willing to impart knowledge, addressing them with ‘您.’ Fu Leyi revealed a faint smile and said, “Let me introduce myself formally as well. I’m Fu Leyi, and you can call me Teacher Fu. I am a senior summoner!”

Su Hao’s eyes lit up; the title of a senior summoner is not casually given. He understood that the professional-looking Teacher Fu before him was an incredibly powerful summoner.

Summoner ranks are divided into five: novice summoner, junior summoner, intermediate summoner, senior summoner, and world-class summoner. The distinction is based on the number of B-level or higher summoned beasts at hand.

Someone who can summon even one summoned beast is a novice summoner but lacks significant combat capability. With two B-level or higher summoned beasts, one becomes a junior summoner. Five B-level or higher summoned beasts classify as an intermediate summoner. To become a senior summoner, one needs at least ten B-level or higher summoned beasts.

In other words, Teacher Fu, at the very least, can summon ten fierce summoned beasts for battle. Such a character is more than enough to guide Su Hao, a summoner rookie.

It’s evident that Fu Leyi, upon seeing Su Hao’s talent, genuinely feels delighted. Perhaps, teaching a genius is where the joy of being a teacher lies.

Fu Leyi said, “So, this morning, read books in the library by yourself, don’t wander around. Starting this afternoon at three, I’ll guide you.”

Su Hao sincerely thanked her, “Thank you, Teacher Fu!”

Fu Leyi nodded with a smile and then left. She had to go back to continue amusing the kids!

Meanwhile, Su Hao reopened the book and delved into the history of summoners. To thoroughly understand a profession, the best way is to explore its history and development, identify key figures, and interpret their thoughts and principles.

When the birth of the profession is clarified from the beginning, the essence of the profession can be thoroughly understood. Su Hao’s true understanding of this world begins today.

(End of this chapter)

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