Chapter 236

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Chapter 236 A-level and above

Today, there were fewer people taking the test, but still quite a few. Su Hao had to wait for half an hour, and unexpectedly, it was the same female instructor. Even more surprising, she seemed to have a slight impression of Su Hao.

Perhaps the impression was due to the cute and explosive large mouse printed on Su Hao’s clothes? Regardless, the instructor’s attitude was harsh: “Haven’t you been tested before?”

Su Hao replied, “That’s right!”

The instructor impatiently said, “I deal with so many people every day, don’t have time to play childish games with you. Hurry up and leave! Don’t disturb my work.”

It was evident that this person, after days of receiving countless tests from children, was on the verge of a breakdown. At this moment, an outbreak was imminent.

Su Hao thought it troublesome, frowned, and directly counterattacked with the most practical words: “I just paid twenty thousand, and I demand a retest!”

The instructor was about to get angry but resisted. She still led Su Hao inside but couldn’t help complaining: “I hate people like you who act recklessly just because you have money! Don’t you know how busy we are? Do you know how annoying you are? No talent is no talent. Why bother? While you’re having fun, we’re not. Normal people we can’t handle, and yet we have to deal with people like you, who work for personal reasons or for fun, repeatedly…”

The instructor kept complaining, knowing the child beside her couldn’t understand, but that didn’t matter. She just wanted to vent. People in the testing room, hearing her incessant complaints, couldn’t hide their disgust.

Working with someone with such a bad temper was a kind of torture. The once good mood instantly worsened.

When will this mental torture end?

But no one said much; they just did what needed to be done. Everyone knew not to easily provoke such a woman, or they’d be in for trouble.

Su Hao knew the instructor wasn’t annoyed with him but with the wealthy and willful person behind him.

Su Hao understood, but understanding didn’t mean he would tolerate it. Listening to the instructor’s incessant complaints, he shouted loudly and seriously at her, “Shut up, and if you say another word, I’ll smash your mouth!”

Who isn’t tired from work?

Who isn’t giving their all to live?

Why should I listen to your complaints?

The instructor was stunned, looking down at the small figure only reaching her waist.

Even this little guy without a summoner talent dared to yell at her?

The grievances she had endured in recent days erupted. She threw Su Hao’s form on the ground and loudly said, “Don’t think I’ll let you off. Get lost, talentless brat!”

Su Hao immediately jumped up, landing a punch on the instructor’s mouth, causing her to fall backward, mouth bleeding!

Now she was completely stunned!

Everyone in the testing room was shocked!

Then a gloating joy spread across their faces, each person trying hard to suppress their laughter, not wanting to burst out. No one cared about Su Hao’s small stature; they were amazed at how a teenager had managed to knock down an adult.

Because that punch struck a chord in their hearts, making them feel relieved. They almost jumped up and applauded, saying, “Well done!”

Su Hao picked up the form dropped on the ground, didn’t need guidance, and sat on the testing chair, handing it to the recorder.

The recorder happily took the form from Su Hao and gave him a thumbs up. This kid had done something they only dared to think about.

Swiftly, the helmet was placed on Su Hao, and the testing began.

The instructor seemed to realize something was happening and was about to explode. However, two colleagues immediately stepped in to stop her, consoling, “Why get upset with a child? Kids don’t understand! Just let it go!”

Su Hao had already dismissed her from his mind.

When the field of vision lit up again, dispersing into twisted threads of light, Su Hao didn’t see the chaotic lines like the last time. These lines, upon entering his eyes, under the influence of his brain, actually converged into an infinite loop of spatial patterns. As the lines danced, this spatial pattern slowly tore apart, connecting to another space and merging back together in a repetitive flow.

The test quickly concluded!

The helmet automatically came off, and Su Hao looked at the tester.

The tester’s face was full of surprise.

The results of the test made the recorder almost unable to believe it. When he retrieved Su Hao’s previous test data, the result was ‘normal.’ But now, this time, it turned into ‘A-level or above’? What was going on? Could it be a computer error?

The tester was in confusion, but when the strange kid looked at him, the tester pointed to another chair, indicating for him to sit there.

Su Hao nodded, understanding, and moved to the second testing platform.

The helmet was put on again.

The tester closely monitored the data on the screen.

Soon, Su Hao’s field of vision once again displayed regular squares that began to twist and transform. However, this time, the changes, in Su Hao’s eyes, were no longer irregular distortions but rather a bending and folding effect of space, extremely magical.

At this point, Su Hao understood how to test whether someone had a summoner talent.

This testing method was indeed concise and accurate.

For people without talent, looking at this thing was like staring at a lump of shit, their minds a mess. But for those with talent, looking at it revealed a different landscape.

The helmet was removed.

Although the recorder found it hard to believe, he still did his job and joyfully informed Su Hao, “Congratulations, Bai Jingzhong, you have A-level or above talent!”

Then, a large red stamp was forcefully pressed on the ‘A-level or above’ section of the form!

The sound was loud enough for everyone in the testing room to hear.

Su Hao looked at the recorder more favorably, no longer feeling so averse to the people in this testing room.

Anyway, professionalism is a basic principle. If you’re on the job, you should do your job well.

Unlike that instructor who acted like the whole world owed her something for a little fatigue.

However, such people could be found everywhere. Besides enduring, what else could you do?

Fortunately, Su Hao had strength. For these trivial matters, he was too lazy to consider compromising. If he didn’t like something, a punch could settle the matter and relieve the frustration in his heart.

At this moment, the instructor also heard the tester’s words and was once again dumbfounded.

She almost jumped up to declare it was ‘impossible’ or something similar, but fortunately, her quick-witted colleague covered her mouth swiftly!

Soon, the entire hall resonated with the sound of electronic broadcasting: “Congratulations to Bai Jingzhong for possessing A-level or above summoner talent in the second test!”


The testing hall instantly became extraordinarily lively, resembling the atmosphere of a concert.

Upon hearing the broadcast, everyone couldn’t believe their ears.

“Did I hear it correctly? A-level or above?”

“No mistake, I also heard it’s A-level or above!”

“Is this the third A-level or above in our Yongxin City this year?”

“Another genius!”

The most shocked person was Bai Wan’er, aka Big Sister Bai, waiting at the side door! She couldn’t help but pull aside someone and ask, “Did the broadcast just say Bai Jingzhong has A-level or above talent?”

The person replied, “It should be correct!”

Bai Wan’er immediately ran to the main entrance. There, she saw Su Hao with a smile on his face, walking out from the main entrance, waving the form in his hand at her.

Bai Wan’er felt like she was in a dream and muttered, “Is it fake?”

But when she took the form from Su Hao’s hand and saw the bold red stamp on the ‘A-level or above’ section, White Wan’er knew that what she heard was true!

At this moment, Bai Jingzhong seemed very arrogant. He even waved at her and said, “Big Sister Bai, the thirty thousand is yours!”

(End of this chapter)

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