Chapter 236

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Chapter 236: Winning the Hearts of the People! Lin Beifan, the Prefect of the Capital!

To master the Sunflower Manual, it would take at least half a year of time. Lin Beifan had plenty of time to prepare calmly, so he wasn’t in a hurry. Instead, he focused on the issues of building the new city.

Under Lin Beifan’s efforts, the development of the new city progressed rapidly, changing day by day. Looking at the brand-new city that was about to rise from the ground under his hands, Lin Beifan felt a great sense of accomplishment. As long as this city continued to stand, he would never be forgotten. He and this new city would exist together forever, becoming a part of history. This could be considered the most brilliant mark he left behind in this world.

On this day, the Empress visited again. Seeing the dramatically transformed new city, she was delighted. “Before long, all the disaster victims here will be able to afford new houses! Sir Lin, you have made a tremendous contribution!”

“Thank you for your praise, Your Majesty. However, we have encountered a slight problem!” Lin Beifan said loudly, “In order to accelerate the construction of the new city in Dedian Prefecture, we need to do a lot of comprehensive urban planning work to ensure the orderly progress of urban construction. We will promote the development of all four modernizations, allowing people to live a happy and prosperous life, with housing for the residents, fields for the farmers, and income for the laborers…”

Lin Beifan continued to talk eloquently with a lot of empty words. The Empress twitched her mouth, “Make it simple and speak in plain language!”

“I want to use a hot air balloon to fly up high and guide the city’s construction!” Lin Beifan said simply, eagerly looking at the Empress.

The Empress glanced at him indifferently, as if she saw through his thoughts, “Sir Lin, you said so much just because you want to play with the hot air balloon, right? You’re really something!”

Lin Beifan felt wronged, “Your Majesty, how can you doubt the sincere intentions of your humble subject? Everything I do is for the construction of the new city, for Dedian Prefecture, for the millions of people affected by the disaster, for Your Majesty, and for Great Wu…”

The Empress felt a headache, “Alright, if you want to play, go ahead. I’ll arrange the hot air balloon for you right away!”

“Thank you, Your Majesty!” Lin Beifan exclaimed happily. At this moment, the Empress’s younger sister, the Little Princess, cleared her throat and spoke, “Empress sister, the Prefect is a scholar and has no martial skills. Flying with the hot air balloon is very dangerous! If anything happens, Great Wu will lose a talented pillar! So…”

The Empress looked over, as if she also saw through her sister’s thoughts, “So, what do you suggest?”

“I’ll fly with him, staying by his side to protect him at all times!” The Little Princess said earnestly.

The Empress smiled wryly, “Little Yunying, are you also interested in playing with the hot air balloon?”

The Little Princess felt wronged, “Empress sister, how can you doubt me? Everything I do is for the construction of the new city, for Dedian Prefecture, for the millions of people affected by the disaster, for Your Majesty, and for Great Wu…”

The Empress rubbed her forehead in exasperation, “Alright, alright, if you want to play, go ahead. I won’t stop you!”

The Little Princess was overjoyed, “Thank you, Empress sister!”

Soon after, the aerial artifact, the hot air balloon, arrived.

The two of them excitedly spread out the balloon, then rushed into the hot air. When the balloon inflated, they climbed aboard and slowly ascended into the sky.

In the blink of an eye, they flew to a height of 50 zhang (approximately 150 meters). Looking down from above, the entire new city was fully visible, presenting a panoramic view.

“We’re flying, the hot air balloon is flying!” The Little Princess was extremely excited, jumping around. Lin Beifan, who was controlling the hot air balloon, had some objections, “Little Princess, we are flying at high altitude. What if there’s an accident and we crash like pancakes? Please control your emotions!”

Suddenly, the Little Princess turned around and hugged Lin Beifan, exclaiming, “Lin Beifan, we’re flying, we’re soaring through the sky! This is my first time flying like this, so thrilled!”

Lin Beifan: “…”

After the excitement, the Little Princess looked up and asked, “By the way, what did you just say?”

Lin Beifan blinked and said seriously, “I said, don’t control your emotions, just release them freely!”

The Little Princess tilted her head, “Really? It seems like you didn’t say that just now…”

Lin Beifan retorted, “You’re so clever, can I deceive you?”

“That’s true!” The Little Princess agreed.

So, the Little Princess continued to release her emotions and forgot about what a pancake is!

The disaster victims in the new city watched the soaring hot air balloon and exclaimed in admiration.

“Is that the flying artifact, the hot air balloon?”

“It’s flying so high and far!”

“I really want to fly up there once! Even if it costs me ten years of life, I’d be willing!”

The Empress’s eyes were filled with envy. She also wanted to fly up and take a look! However, as the ruler of a country, she couldn’t be capricious.

In the following days, whenever Lin Beifan had free time, he would ride the hot air balloon and guide the construction of the new city. The Little Princess often used the excuse of protecting Lin Beifan to join the hot air balloon flights.

Besides them, Mo Rushuang, Li Shi Shi, and others also had the chance to experience the thrill of flying.

With the hot air balloon, Lin Beifan’s work progressed smoothly, and the construction of the new city advanced rapidly.

In less than two weeks, the construction of new houses was completed, and all the disaster victims moved into the cement houses, fulfilling the lofty claims Lin Beifan had made.

Lin Beifan called out loudly, “Fellow villagers, let’s keep up the good work! Lay down the cement roads, build the city walls, and have our city ready before the new year! Let’s spend the New Year in peace and happiness!”

“Alright!” Everyone’s enthusiasm was soaring.

With united efforts, everyone rolled up their sleeves and worked hard, and in less than 25 days, they built the city walls and laid down cement roads.

As a result, the construction of the new city was declared a complete success!

In less than three months, with the efforts and attention of everyone involved, a huge city capable of accommodating millions of people stood tall on the eastern side of the capital.

Standing in front of this magnificent city, everyone felt a great sense of achievement!

This was their city!

They built it brick by brick!

Every grain of sand represented their hard work!

It was irreplaceable in their hearts!

“Please, Your Majesty, grant the city a name!” The officials and the common people all spoke in unison.

“Please, Your Majesty, grant the city a name!” The crowd echoed.

The Empress was very excited, “Good, good, good! This is a miraculous city, built under everyone’s efforts, capturing the hearts of the people and fulfilling their aspirations. So, this city shall be named—’Minxin City’!”

“Minxin City!” Everyone was highly satisfied.

“Bring me the writing tools!” The Empress was in high spirits.

The brush, ink, paper, and inkstone were quickly arranged!

The Empress picked up the brush and wrote three characters on the paper—’Minxin City’!

There was no need to say more; these three characters would be hung up in the city.

“Sir Lin, where are you?” The Empress called out again.

“I’m here!” Lin Beifan stood up.

“The construction of Minxin City is completed, and it’s time for rewards based on merits!” The Empress smiled and admired, “Sir Lin, since you became the Prefect of the Capital, the politics have been clean, and the people are well-fed and clothed. Later, you rushed to Southern Jiang regardless of everything to aid the disaster-stricken people, achieving remarkable merits! You invented cement, the miraculous building material, solving the food and housing problems for the victims, and also raised sufficient funds and resources for the court! Now, in less than three months, you miraculously built a city capable of accommodating millions of people…”

“Sir Lin, your capabilities, merits, and prestige are all sufficient for further advancement! So, starting from today…” The Empress loudly declared, “Your official rank is promoted, you are now a third-rank official of the court, officially assuming the position of the Prefect of the Capital, responsible for overseeing all matters in the Capital and Minxin City, concurrently serving as the principal of the Imperial Academy!”

“Thank you, Your Majesty!” Lin Beifan said loudly….

Raising his head, he looked at the millions of disaster victims! The million victims looked at the thin figure that had rescued them from the abyss. Their emotions were deeply moved, their eyes fanatical, and they all said in unison, “We pay our respects to the Lord Prefect!”

The resounding voice shook the heavens and the earth!

Lin Beifan smiled and waved his hand, “Dear fellow villagers and elders, no need for so many formalities! From today onwards, I will formally take charge of all matters in the Capital and Minxin City. I hope you will all support my work!”

“Lord Prefect, we will definitely support your work!”

“Whatever you want us to do, we will do!”

“Even if you ask us to die, we would do so willingly!”

This was true public support!

Lin Beifan turned his head and smiled as he looked at the civil and military officials!

Although he was only a third-rank official of the court, he was now the Prefect of the Capital!

With millions of people in the Capital and Minxin City, they all had to listen to him!

There were also hundreds of officials in the Prefect’s residence, and various functional departments were well-established, with the authority to intervene in the six ministries!

He could directly command over 6,000 constables!

He could also have an audience with the Emperor and directly report his work!

From a power perspective, he was no less inferior to the six ministers!

In some aspects, even stronger!

“From today onwards, I assume the position of the Prefect of the Capital! It is a great responsibility, and I hope all the gentlemen will support my work! I express my gratitude here!” Lin Beifan bowed his hand humbly.

First to speak was the Chief Constable of the Six Doors.

He laughed heartily and bowed, saying, “Congratulations, Sir Lin, on your promotion to the Prefect of the Capital! As fellow officials, I will surely cooperate with you in your work. At the same time, I hope the Prefect will take care of the Six Doors!”

“Haha, of course!” Lin Beifan responded.

“Congratulations, Lord Lin, on your promotion!”

“Congratulations, Lord Prefect!”

Others congratulated one after another.

Lin Beifan had fully grown up now, and his power was no less than theirs!

He was in charge of the Capital, and many things had to be dealt with by him. It was better to put on a good face instead of a sour one, hoping that he wouldn’t be too excessive in the future.

“Thank you all, I will certainly not let you down!” Lin Beifan smiled.

The Empress saw this scene and also smiled.

Before, when Lin Beifan held a low position, he could leave the civil and military officials speechless, causing them to complain endlessly.

Now that his rank had risen, and his power had increased, she wondered how the situation would turn out.

She was very much looking forward to it!

At this time, it was less than a week before the Spring Festival.

The festive atmosphere grew stronger, and everyone purchased New Year goods, put on new cotton-padded clothes, and slaughtered chickens and ducks, happily preparing for the New Year.

The civil and military officials in the court had almost stopped working, preparing to start their holidays.

TL: Remember, Lin Beifan’s official position was Vice Governor, as the Governor position was still held by the Empress. However, he has now become the Governor/Prefect himself, responsible for the Capital and Minxin City.

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