Chapter 235

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Chapter 235: Making Trouble Once

Of course, the so-called ‘four-dimensional perception’ is only Su Hao’s speculation.

And even if it is ‘four-dimensional perception,’ it’s just a rudimentary version.

Having the talent of a summoner doesn’t mean one already belongs to four-dimensional beings.

They are quite distant from four-dimensional beings.

However, Su Hao doesn’t underestimate the meaning of this ‘four-dimensional perception’ talent. On the contrary, he values it more and becomes even more curious.

The people in this world have truly evolved into extraordinary beings.

Perhaps even the ordinary people in this world don’t know how remarkable the so-called summoner talent is.

Furthermore, Su Hao has developed a strong interest in the structure of this world.

He wonders what kind of environment could lead the people of this world to evolve into a low-grade version of ‘four-dimensional perception’!

The summoner’s world undoubtedly hides secrets unknown to most people.

Of course, all of this is too early for Su Hao right now.

First, he needs to evolve the summoner talent.

In two days, the school will start, and Su Hao wants to acquire the summoner talent before that, then choose to enter the summoner academy for study.

He has his eye on the library within the summoner academy.

There, he is certain to find what he’s looking for.

Conveniently, he can also leave Yashan at an ordinary elementary school and let him learn with those kids for a while.

Yashan is, after all, a Zhu Hua person with limited knowledge, even though he has become human. Many of his thoughts haven’t completely turned around, and many things don’t align with Su Hao’s thinking.

So, subjecting Yashan to a round of ‘compulsory education’ is a well-thought-out decision by Su Hao, allowing the school and those little friends to thoroughly transform Yashan’s thoughts and mindset. When Yashan graduates from middle or high school, that’s when he’ll truly be Su Hao’s good assistant.

As for whether Yashan should become a summoner or not, Su Hao thinks it doesn’t matter.

Yashan’s combat power is already formidable. In a few more years, helping him evolve into a [Child of Fate], he would be almost invincible in this world. There’s really no need for him to become a summoner.

The reason Su Hao urgently wants to become a summoner is to research the properties of space.

But the word ‘research’ is incredibly burdensome for Yashan. Becoming a summoner would only distract him in general studies and slow down his learning speed.

So, Su Hao decides to send Yashan to an ordinary elementary school, allowing him to undergo a proper scientific education.

As for Su Hao himself, he will enter the summoner academy to study summoner knowledge!

Prepared and without hesitation, Su Hao injects himself with the pre-mixed genetic modification liquid and waits for the modification to finish.

Actually, this time, there aren’t many genes that need modification. It’s just some segments where the ATCG sequence needs adjustment.

After the modification, coupled with other gene sequences, magical changes can occur, allowing one to perceive the rhythm of space.

Su Hao speculates that people in this world can experience gene mutations under special spatial magnetic fields.

It carries some genetic characteristics, but not entirely.

Su Hao discovers that the quantity of this patterned TTCG gene sequence varies for each summoner. Through comparison, he concludes that the more segments there are, the better the talent.

Without much ado, Su Hao directly modifies a large number of such segments to max out his talent.

Four hours later, Su Hao wakes up, but he doesn’t perceive any changes in himself.

“It seems I need to use the machines at the detection center for identification!”

Su Hao doesn’t know the detection principles, but someday in the future, he’ll undoubtedly figure out the key points.

Learning is endless!

Now the question is, should Su Hao go by himself, or should Sister Bai accompany him?

Go to the testing center yourself; there’s no guarantee they’ll actually test you!

This is the structure of modern society, a kind of protection for children. Everything requires the approval of elders to be accomplished.

Of course, this kind of protection, when applied to Su Hao, is a form of discrimination. At this age, no matter what Su Hao says, no one will take him seriously unless he shows his fists.

After some thought, Su Hao decides to let Sister Bai accompany him. Whether Su Hao passes the test or not, in the end, to enter the Summoner Academy, he can’t bypass Sister Bai.

Anyway, no matter how things turn out, he won’t explain anything!

Su Hao’s radar has now reached a range of three thousand meters, making it easy to locate Sister Bai.

After finding Sister Bai, Su Hao directly states his purpose: “Sister Bai! After careful confirmation, I discovered a problem. It turns out I do have the talent of a summoner. Please take me for another test!”

After hearing Su Hao’s words, Sister Bai neither hurriedly agrees nor rejects. She squats down, places the back of her hand on Su Hao’s forehead, and checks.

Hmm, normal temperature, no fever.

Then she straightens Su Hao’s face and stares into his eyes.

Hmm, clear and spirited gaze, doesn’t seem to have hysteria.

After confirming that Su Hao is fine, Sister Bai finally addresses Su Hao’s issue seriously and asks, “How did you discover that you have the talent of a summoner?”

Su Hao says, “A call from the depths of my soul! Sister Bai, that’s not the point! The point is, trust me this once. Or, take me for another try. After the test, if it fails, I’ll lose my interest. But if it succeeds, I’ll become a summoner.”

Sister Bai says, “Jingzhong, I know you really want to become a summoner, but if you don’t have the talent, you shouldn’t act recklessly!”

Su Hao takes out a prepared bag of money and hands it to Sister Bai, saying, “Sister Bai, this is fifty thousand yuan! I prepared this money these days specifically for another test. One test costs twenty thousand, and this money is enough for two tests.”

Sister Bai is taken aback, immediately takes the money bag, opens it, and sees a bunch of scattered bills with various denominations. Judging by the amount, it’s definitely fifty thousand.

Sister Bai widens her eyes and says, “Jingzhong, honestly tell Sister Bai, where did you get this money?”

Su Hao doesn’t answer but instead says, “Sister Bai, take me for another test! For the sake of this much money, accompany me in this little mischief!”

Sister Bai looks at Su Hao, and in her mind, it’s as if a lightning bolt has struck. A scene of two kids ambushing a summoner, searching his body, and stealing money from a video suddenly flashes.

Shocked, she blurts out, “Those two ‘clubbing hands’ wouldn’t happen to be you and Jingyi, right…”

Su Hao is puzzled, “What ‘clubbing hands’?”

Sister Bai looks at Su Hao, feeling ridiculous for her own outburst. How could it be Jingzhong and Jingyi? I’ve watched these two grow up. I know them inside out.

She chuckles and shakes her head, saying, “Nothing!”

She then looks at Su Hao again and suddenly says in a hearty manner, “Alright! Jingzhong, since you’re so persistent, Sister Bai will accompany you on this journey. But let’s make it clear, this is the last time. If you still don’t have the talent, you’ll obediently go to a regular elementary school. Don’t keep thinking about becoming a summoner all day.”

She thought Su Hao would agree readily, but to her surprise, Su Hao says, “Sister Bai, if it doesn’t work today, let’s try again tomorrow. Perhaps the machine is malfunctioning today, and we might get results tomorrow!”

Sister Bai twitches at the corner of her mouth and then boldly says, “Fine! Since you have fifty thousand to play with, the remaining ten thousand belongs to me!”

Su Hao smiles and says, “Deal!”

Off they go. Sister Bai immediately takes Su Hao back to the testing hall, continuing the registration process.

“Sorry, ma’am. The records show that your child, Bai Jingzhong, has already been tested, and the result is ‘normal’!” the staff member says.

Sister Bai doesn’t speak and directly tosses in twenty thousand.

“Please wait a moment, we’ll quickly arrange the procedures for your retest,” the staff member immediately changes their attitude.

(End of this chapter)

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