Chapter 234

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Chapter 234: Night Sneak Attack

After knocking out everyone, Su Hao immediately infused vitality into the bodies of the two summoners, bypassing their consciousness and recording their entire body data into the ball space.

Finished with that, Su Hao clapped his hands and said, “Let’s go, Yashan!”

Yashan nodded and took a few steps, then turned back and said, “Wait for me, Boss Wei. I’ll drag her back to her original place first. It feels impolite to leave her here; what if she encounters trouble?”

Su Hao shrugged, “Do it quickly then.”

Yashan dragged the blue-clad woman back along the same path. After a moment, he returned, saying, “I’m done, Boss Wei!”

Su Hao said, “Let’s go around again; tonight, let’s find a few more summoners.”

Yashan didn’t ask why Boss Wei wanted to find these summoners; he just followed along. Boss Wei must have his reasons.

After wandering all night, Su Hao surprisingly found over a dozen summoners strolling the night with their summoned beasts.

No need for much talk, he knocked them all out and recorded their information.

Of course, he also made some illicit gains.

It wasn’t until around three in the morning, when the two kids were extremely tired, that they quietly returned to their room in the Morning Sun Courtyard.

They collapsed into bed as soon as they returned.

They woke up promptly at seven the next morning.

The two, with panda eyes, arrived at the small cafeteria.

Freckled girl Xiaotian, seeing them, widened her eyes in surprise, “Little Zhong, Little Yi, what happened to you two?”

Then she put two large soup bones into their bowls, sympathetically saying, “Did you starve last night? Eat more!”

Su Hao and Yashan glanced at each other, both noticing the surprise in each other’s eyes.

Su Hao thought, “Huh? I thought only Yashan had dark circles!”

Yashan thought, “Huh? I thought only Boss Wei had dark circles!”

Su Hao said, “Last night, Jingyi snored, and I couldn’t sleep, ended up with insomnia!”

Yashan nodded beside him, “That’s right, I snored last night!”

After all, they were still kids; even though they had become powerful Bone Demons, they couldn’t resist the need for a good night’s sleep!

Xiaotian looked disbelieving, “Liar! Little Yi snoring? Why does he have dark circles too?”

Su Hao waved his hand, “That’s not the point. The point is, I didn’t sleep well last night! Sister Xiaoyian, you’re so kind. Help me and Jingyi apply for some extra sleep, okay?”

While Xiaotian hesitated, Su Hao continued, “Sister Xiaotian, look at us. We can’t attend the morning class today in this condition. If we fall asleep, it will affect others. Brother Hu Sheng won’t be happy if he sees us like this… You see, if we go, it’s not good for many reasons. If we don’t go, everyone benefits!”

After some thought, Xiaotian nodded, “Well, after you finish eating, go back to sleep!”

The two filled their stomachs quickly and rushed back to the dorm, covering their heads and going to sleep!

The feeling of returning to sleep, so good!

After waking up in the afternoon, Yashan asked Su Hao, “Boss Jingzhong, I feel like I’ve had enough sleep. Can we stay up all night tonight?”

Su Hao shook his head, “Sleep is crucial; staying up all night is not right. Tonight, let’s move quickly and not waste time. We finish precisely at two in the morning!”

Yashan nodded, “Got it, Boss Wei!”

As night fell and Jingchun was ‘deep asleep,’ Su Hao and Yashan stealthily sneaked out of the courtyard.

Once again, they swiftly roamed the streets and alleys of Yongxin City.

Soon, Su Hao found a target and said to Yashan, “Found one, let’s go!”

By the lakeside, a summoner was enjoying a leisurely stroll with his beloved summoned beast, the Armor-Plated Turtle. Suddenly, a lightning bolt struck them, leaving both the summoner and the turtle stiff on the spot.


A heavy blow to the back of the head, and the summoner immediately fainted, wondering, “What the heck?”

After recording the information, Su Hao applied a ‘healing’ effect to this innocent passerby, helping him wake up quickly.


Su Hao and Yashan quickly disappeared by the lake.




Record information, apply ‘healing’ runes…

In this way, Su Hao dealt with lightning, Yashan with the club, Su Hao directly recorded information. The two gradually developed a tacit understanding, and their work efficiency increased.

At two in the morning, they surprisingly knocked down more than twenty summoners.

Finish work and go home to sleep!

The next evening, the two small figures appeared once again on the streets of Yongxin City.

“Bang bang bang!”

“Crack crack crack~”

Many summoners encountered inexplicable attacks, unable to react in time, and were directly knocked down. The strange thing was, even the victims couldn’t see who attacked them!

Upon waking up, they found most of their money gone, leaving only a few dozen dollars—enough for a taxi and a bowl of fried noodles.

Nothing else was missing!

What did the person who knocked them out want? The money in their pockets? What’s the point of leaving a few dozen dollars? Could the assailant be a benevolent thief?

This was simply unbelievable.

As more and more summoners fell victim to these attacks, news about the ‘Summoner Night Clubber’ spread within the summoner community of Yongxin City.

Everyone who heard this news gasped in astonishment.

What kind of powerful summoner can do such a thing? They all believed that the one doing this must be a formidable summoner, undoubtedly accompanied by a unique summoned beast. Taking away the money was just a diversion; in reality, the victims didn’t really lack that amount of money.

This speculation persisted until someone released several surveillance videos. In the footage, two small children, seemingly around six or seven years old, suddenly appeared from the side. A dazzling flash of electricity struck the summoner and the summoned beast, freezing them in place. Then, one of the little boys, as if playing baseball, swung a stick and knocked the summoner unconscious.

Afterward, one child reached out to touch the summoner, while the other began searching and looting for valuables. Once finished, they left confidently. The entire process was smooth and incredibly skilled.

Summoners who watched these videos were stunned: “The Clubber Duo is two masked kids??”

Powerful summoners being ambushed and knocked out by two children? Are summoners really such fragile beings? What kind of high-tech product was that lightning?

A myriad of questions flooded their minds. Watching the videos didn’t clarify things; instead, it left them more puzzled.

The strength of summoners not only lies in their ability to control powerful summoned beasts in battle but also in their highly sensitive spiritual awareness, making them difficult targets for surprise attacks. However, the summoners in the videos, regardless of their level, seemed effortlessly ambushed by the two kids.

Upon further scrutiny, summoners studying the videos quickly reached a new conclusion: It wasn’t that the summoners’ spiritual awareness was insufficient; it was that the speed of those two kids was too fast!

“Where did these two abnormal kids come from?”

Some individuals began setting traps, intending to capture the kids during the night. However, to their disappointment, Su Hao had already collected enough data!

After that night, Su Hao ceased his data collection activities. Over the next two days, he immersed himself in the pinball space, studying the acquired genetic data and extensively reviewing books and materials about summoners in this world.

Soon, Su Hao deduced what the so-called ‘Summoner Talent’ in this world truly was. It was — “Four-dimensional perception”!

(End of this chapter)

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