Chapter 233

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Chapter 233: A True Talent

After returning to the ‘Morning Sun Courtyard,’ Su Hao once again approached Sister Bai and poured out all his doubts. He got the answers he desired. He had the opportunity to retest, but it would require a substantial amount of money.

Summoner textbooks were available in major bookstores, covering the basics. However, advanced sections were exclusive to summoner academies, and one could purchase them from other summoners. Graduates automatically joined the official Summoner Association, receiving specific credentials. Yet, many were unlicensed, becoming wild summoners.

With such freedom, Su Hao didn’t need to worry about entering a summoner academy to learn. His focus shifted to acquiring the ability of perception and spatial dynamics.


Suddenly, laughter echoed from the side. Su Hao looked over to see Bai Shansong laughing heartily, accompanied by six or seven others.

Bai Shansong loudly commented, “Hey, thought you were something special! Turns out, you’re just like us, a regular person, haha!”

Without directly naming names, the target was clear. Knowing Su Hao and others lacked summoning talent, they came to mock.

Bai Shansong continued, “Don’t know who it is, acting all proud as if they’re superior. Turns out, their face got slapped—ouch, ouch, my stomach hurts, hahah!”

Without letting Bai Shansong speak further, Su Hao immediately said, “Jingyi, the noise is too much!”

Yashan stood up, bones cracking, and walked toward Bai Shansong and the others. Bai Shansong panicked, pointing at Yashan, “Bai Jingyi, what are you doing? I didn’t provoke you. Planning to start a fight? Why hit someone? On what grounds?”

Yashan revealed a sinister smile, not saying a word. He kicked and swiftly reached Bai Shansong. A punch landed on Bai Shansong’s face.


Bai Shansong screamed, flying two meters and falling to the ground.

“Bang, bang, bang!”

In a short while, everyone involved lay on the ground, crying out in pain.

Yashan returned to Bai Shansong, stomping on him and delivering a series of punches.

Bai Shansong felt utterly crushed. He regretted it. Why did he mess with these two ferocious kids for no reason?

For all the joy a moment ago, now there was equal sorrow.

Bai Shansong couldn’t comprehend how these seemingly immature kids had such strength. As a nearly ten-year-old tall guy, he couldn’t beat these two apparently inexperienced kids!

It was truly frustrating!

Moreover, they were already six years old; they weren’t toddlers. Why didn’t they show some restraint in fighting? Bai Shansong felt bitter!

Su Hao and Yashan, on the other hand, were amazed. They found Bai Shansong to be an unexpected talent. Despite the severe beating he received last year, he hadn’t learned his lesson in just under a year. Truly, he was a talent!

At night, Su Hao woke up Yashan and said, “Let’s go find a summoner!”

Yashan quietly got up, saying, “Sure!”

After climbing over the wall, the two began wandering the streets.

Yashan eagerly flexed his fists. Since obtaining new runes, he wanted to test his abilities. Tonight presented the perfect opportunity!

Yashan asked, “Boss Wei, where should we look for summoners?”

Su Hao shook his head, saying, “Let’s stroll around casually and see if we get lucky to encounter a few!”

The ideal option would be to go to the Summoner Academy, but it was currently vacation time, and the academy was deserted. Su Hao had recorded genetic information from four summoners, including the little girl, but this data was insufficient for a precise analysis of the differences between summoners and ordinary people.

With a perception range of around 1,500 meters, gradually expanding as his body adapted, Su Hao quickly identified a target. It wasn’t a summoner, as their blood strength didn’t significantly differ from ordinary people. Instead, he locked onto a summoning beast. Since there was a summoning beast, there had to be a summoner nearby.

Su Hao led the way, saying, “Let’s go, found them!”

While running, he continued, “Two summoners, a total of five summoning beasts. We’ll act together to quickly take down both the beasts and the summoners.”

Yashan clenched his fists, showing a confident smile with a missing tooth, saying, “Don’t worry, Boss Wei!”

After a while, with bone growth covering their faces like bone masks, Su Hao and Yashan arrived at a small forest. A woman in blue sat atop a serpent with concentric patterns. She exuded confidence, looking at a suit-clad man opposite her.

Two pets flanked the woman—a heavily armored giant bear on the left and a robust, colorful-horned zebra on the right. The man facing her appeared worse for wear, covered in mud and blood at the corner of his mouth.

This man was none other than Xiao Linzi, who had visited the ‘Morning Sun Courtyard.’ In a more pitiable state were his two pets—a massive tusked boar with a bat on its back, both covered in bloodstains as if they had been through a fierce battle.

The woman in blue chuckled, “To endure until now, little brother, you’ve done well! Join us! Sister will take good care of you!”

Since Xiao Linzi visited the Morning Sun Courtyard, he had become interested in the Anti-Rebellion Association. Unexpectedly, he had traced one of its unofficial members.

Little did he know, he had been discovered by the woman’s summoning beast.

It was indeed the serpent with concentric patterns. Xiao Linzi recalled its information: a B-level summoning beast with four skills—’Heat Sensation,’ ‘Rapid Movement,’ ‘Strangulation,’ and ‘Venom Spray.’

With his tusked boar, Xiao Linzi stood no chance. It lacked speed, and escaping was futile. The crucial part was that the opponent had two summoning beasts, each formidable in its own right.

Sighing, Xiao Linzi thought, “Is tonight the end for me?”

If the opponent killed him and let the summoning beasts devour him, there would be no worries.

Seeing Xiao Linzi silent, the woman in blue playfully covered her mouth and said, “Since the little brother is shy and won’t speak, let me be more proactive.”

Afterwards, the serpent carried the woman in blue away, and the armored bear roared, charging toward Xiao Linzi.

“Bang, bang, bang!”

The armored bear, nearly five meters tall, made a resounding noise with each step. The zebra retreated a few steps, then suddenly launched an assault.


Xiao Linzi roared, and the tusked boar lowered its head, charging forward.


A muffled sound echoed as the armored bear was forcefully knocked aside and toppled.

As for Xiao Linzi, the bat caught his arms, lifting him into the air, evading the zebra’s charge. However, the bat was relatively small and couldn’t sustain rapid flight for long. Soon, it descended.

This positioning bat was only a C-level summoning beast with two skills—’Positioning’ and ‘Plague.’ It was more supportive and not suitable for combat.

As Xiao Linzi landed, preparing to escape, he caught a glimpse of a small figure suddenly appearing to his side, a hand chopping towards his neck.

“What?” Xiao Linzi was shocked. Trying to control the positioning bat to shield him was too late.

“It’s over!”

Two words flashed in Xiao Linzi’s mind as he felt a heavy blow to the back of his neck, his vision blackening, losing consciousness.

In the moment Xiao Linzi lost consciousness, the tusked boar and positioning bat immediately went berserk, charging towards Su Hao.


Su Hao raised his hand, sending two lightning bolts that immobilized the two summoning beasts on the spot.

Not finished yet, he conjured a large bone hammer and repeatedly struck the heads of the incapacitated summoning beasts until they were all knocked out.

At that moment, Yashan appeared, holding a woman’s collar and a snake’s tail, walking towards them, saying, “Boss Wei, it’s done!”

Su Hao gave a thumbs up and praised, “Well done!”

(End of this chapter)

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