Chapter 232

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Chapter 232: The Evil-Repelling Sword Manual, the Madness of the Martial World

Lin Beifan had a look as if he had expected this. When he introduced the Evil-Repelling Sword Manual, he knew that this day would come. No one could resist the temptation of rapid power growth. That’s why all the sects united before, calling on the strong figures of the martial world to eliminate the powerful Tianmen and seize the Evil-Repelling Sword Manual for themselves. It was about time for this to happen again!

“Are there many people practicing the Evil-Repelling Sword Manual?” Lin Beifan asked with a smile.

“Many! A lot! So far, Six Doors have already discovered over ten cases from different forces! There must be even more hidden in secret! Once these people gain some strength, they can’t help but show off and expose themselves! They are completely unaware that they are seeking their own doom!” Guo said with a sinister laugh. “The Evil-Repelling Sword Manual is a sinister technique. The faster you cultivate it, the faster you die! Moreover, our court has countermeasures against the Evil-Repelling Sword Manual. They won’t be able to stir up any storms in front of us!”

“Master Guo, how does the Six Doors plan to handle them?” Lin Beifan asked.

Guo, with excitement in his expression, said, “My plan is like this: as long as they do not harm civilians or pose a threat to our court, we will let them be! In doing so, those who practice the Evil-Repelling Sword Manual will definitely become stronger than those who don’t, and their strength will grow even faster!”

“Those who haven’t practiced the Evil-Repelling Sword Manual will inevitably feel aggrieved and join in the cultivation. In the end, everyone in the martial world will practice the Evil-Repelling Sword Manual, leading to infighting among them. This will weaken each other’s strength and also weaken the strength of the martial world as a whole! What do you call this situation again?”

“Internal strife!” Lin Beifan summed it up.

Guo, the head of the Six Doors, slapped his thigh and said excitedly, “Exactly! It’s internal strife! Let them get tangled up in it! Haha!”

Lin Beifan clasped his hands and said, “Congratulations, Master Guo. You are preparing to make great achievements again!”

“Thank you, thank you! If it weren’t for Sir Lin’s ‘Evil-Repelling Sword Manual’ and the countermeasures, I wouldn’t have been able to achieve such significant success! You also share the credit for this achievement!” Guo immediately returned the courtesy.

“Haha!” The two of them conspired together and burst into laughter.

“The only worry is the Tianmen Sect’s leader, who has already disappeared, and we don’t know where he fled to!” Guo frowned. “The opponent’s strength is profound and unfathomable. He is now hiding in the shadows, holding the Evil-Repelling Sword Manual. If he cultivates a large number of experts again, it will undoubtedly stir up turmoil!”

“This person has enormous ambitions and formidable strength. Indeed, we have no better way now. We can only wait for him to show up again!” Lin Beifan said.

“Yes, it’s quite a headache!” Guo agreed.

After finishing their drinks, Guo immediately returned and ordered his men to closely monitor the martial world. They kept a close eye on those who practiced the Evil-Repelling Sword Manual and the sects involved. In order to catalyze conflicts in the martial world and make everyone fight against each other, he even distributed a few copies of the Evil-Repelling Sword Manual himself.

It must be said that since cooperating with Lin Beifan, Guo had become more cunning!

At this time, due to the Evil-Repelling Sword Manual, grudges and killings increased in the martial world.

At the Pingwei Escort Agency, corpses were strewn all over, and blood flowed. A young man in his late teens lay on the ground, covered in wounds, looking at his unfamiliar yet familiar enemies from the Jindao Sect. He asked, “In just two months, how did you become so powerful?”

The Pingwei Escort Agency and the Jindao Sect were old enemies, fighting for decades without a clear victor. Even in their generation, the situation remained the same. However, they hadn’t expected that in just two months, the Jindao Sect’s strength had grown so rapidly. They dispatched only one young man, someone of the same age as him, and wiped out their entire escort agency.

In the young man’s questioning voice, the other party held up their slender fingers and said triumphantly, “Guess!”

“Judging from your appearance, you must have cultivated the Evil-Repelling Sword Manual! Only those who cultivate the Evil-Repelling Sword Manual would become like you, neither male nor female, neither human nor demon!” The young man laughed bitterly, “Even if you’ve become stronger, so what? You are no longer a man! You are a eunuch, a genderless eunuch, haha!”

The other party seemed to be struck by pain and shouted, “Shut up!”

“I will say it! I will laugh! For the sake of power, you willingly degraded yourself into a eunuch! And our Lin family was destroyed by a eunuch, haha… Isn’t it funny?” The young man laughed with tears of blood.

The other party was trembling with anger, “Shut up! I will kill you today!”

They engaged in a fierce battle, but in the end, the young man was defeated and fled with injuries.

At a great cost, he finally escaped with his life. However, the hatred in his heart grew deeper!

“My parents are dead, my siblings are dead… I will not rest until I avenge them!” His eyes turned red, and his heart was filled with immense hatred, “It’s just castrating oneself with a wave of a knife, who can’t do it?”

So he gritted his teeth, took a knife, and began to cultivate the Evil-Repelling Sword Manual.

At the Golden Dragon Lake, two gangs, the Jiaolong and the Flying Fish, clashed.

At that moment, a powerful figure suddenly emerged from the Jiaolong gang. He was extremely fast, and his sword techniques were cunning and ruthless. He quickly killed more than a dozen members of the Flying Fish gang, securing their victory.

“Ah? This martial art technique… you’ve cultivated the Evil-Repelling Sword Manual!” Someone among the Flying Fish gang recognized it immediately.

“You have some discerning eyes! Sisters, attack!” More strong cultivators of the Evil-Repelling Sword Manual emerged from the Jiaolong gang, and they slaughtered the Flying Fish gang, leaving no survivors.

Only a few members who were away on business escaped the massacre, but the seeds of hatred were sown.

“Brothers and sisters, the Jiaolong gang annihilated our Flying Fish gang, killing 165 of our members, leaving none alive except us! Shouldn’t we seek revenge for our gang leader and avenge our brothers and sisters?”

“We should! We should! We should!” The angry crowd roared loudly.

“Jiaolong gang exterminated our Flying Fish gang, do you think they will spare us?”

“They won’t! They won’t! They won’t!” The angry crowd continued to shout.

“So, what should we do?”

“Cultivate the Evil-Repelling Sword Manual!” The crowd shouted loudly. They then drew their weapons and inflicted serious wounds upon themselves.

In other parts of the martial world, due to the Evil-Repelling Sword Manual, conflicts and grudges were increasing, leading to more chaos.

At the Shaolin Temple,

“Senior brother, we just received news that another third-rate sect was annihilated because of the Evil-Repelling Sword Manual! All 263 members were killed, not one survived. It’s truly pitiful. Amitabha!” The old monk clasped his hands together in prayer.

The abbot of Shaolin looked solemn, “The situation is getting worse! In the past month alone, hundreds of people in the martial world have lost their lives because of the Evil-Repelling Sword Manual, and four sects have been wiped out. If this continues, the entire martial world will wither away! This is a catastrophe that affects the entire martial world. We must immediately convene a martial arts assembly to stop everyone from cultivating the Evil-Repelling Sword Manual!”

“Why should we intervene, senior brother? A weaker martial world would be more advantageous for Shaolin, wouldn’t it?” The puzzled old monk asked.

The abbot shook his head, “Junior brother, you don’t understand! A weakened martial world may indeed be very advantageous for Shaolin. However, if we lead a weak martial world, how can the imperial court value us?”

“The imperial court chose us as the leader of the martial world because we have prestige, strength, and enough qualifications to manage martial affairs and maintain order. If the martial world is no longer a threat, the position of the martial arts leader will become hollow and meaningless. Would the imperial court still value Shaolin Temple?”

“Therefore, the best approach is to find a balance between the imperial court and the martial world, not allowing either side to become too powerful. Let the imperial court need us, and let the martial world also need us! Only then can Shaolin benefit the most!”

“Amitabha! Senior brother, you speak the truth. I have learned from your teachings!” The old monk bowed his head.

Thus, the abbot of Shaolin, as the leader of the martial world, immediately convened a martial arts assembly.

At the martial arts assembly, the abbot of Shaolin expressed his deep concern and recounted the recent conflicts and grudges that had arisen in the martial world due to the cultivation of the Evil-Repelling Sword Manual. He condemned the Evil-Repelling Sword Manual as a demonic technique and prohibited everyone from practicing it. Anyone found violating this rule would be executed.

However, despite their outward agreement, people continued to secretly practice the Evil-Repelling Sword Manual. They knew that if they didn’t cultivate it while others did, they would be at a severe disadvantage. Without strength, how could they protect themselves? They had witnessed several sects being annihilated because one side did not practice the Evil-Repelling Sword Manual while the other did. So, every sect allowed their disciples to cultivate it, not out of a desire to become stronger, but for self-preservation.

Thus, due to the Evil-Repelling Sword Manual, the martial world was caught in a frenzy. Rather than reducing, the conflicts and grudges increased day by day. The abbot of Shaolin sighed helplessly, realizing that the martial world was on the verge of upheaval.

In the northern region, within the secret chamber of a luxurious mansion, the Prince of the Northern Hebei walked in with a smile. He showed genuine concern for the middle-aged man who was meditating to recover from his injuries and asked, “Cold Gate Master, have you fully recovered after two months of rest? Do you need me to collect more heavenly and earthly treasures?”

“Thank you for your concern, Your Highness. I have completely recovered!” The middle-aged man replied with a smile.

This man was none other than the escaping leader of the Tianmen sect. After fleeing, he accidentally ended up in the northern region, where the Prince of the Northern Hebei found and took him in.

One was eyeing the other’s power, while the other coveted the other’s influence, and they quickly formed an alliance.

“I’m relieved now that you’ve fully recovered. Haha!” The Prince of the Northern Hebei laughed. “By the way, Leng Ruochen Master, I just received some information about your sect’s Evil-Repelling Sword Manual. I’m not sure if I should tell you about it.”

“Evil-Repelling Sword Manual?!” The Tianmen sect leader narrowed his eyes. It was because of the Evil-Repelling Sword Manual that he found himself in his current predicament.

“Between you and me, Your Highness, do we still need to be so polite? If you have something to say, just say it!” The sect leader remarked.

“True, there’s no need for formalities between us. I’ll be straightforward,” the Prince of the Northern Hebei said with a serious expression. “Leng Ruochen Master, I just received news that your sect’s Evil-Repelling Sword Manual has resurfaced in the martial world! It has caused many disputes and conflicts in the martial world.”

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