Chapter 232

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Chapter 232: Spatial Rhythm

Su Hao infused blood qi into the little hand of the girl, Chen Haiyun, and the information was successfully recorded!

Su Hao shook her hand forcefully, like a handshake, and said after letting go: “Goodbye, little friend!”

Then he turned and disappeared into the crowd.

Throughout the process, little Chen Haiyun stood there in a daze, completely unaware of what had happened.

The man pushed aside by Su Hao looked at his hand inexplicably, unable to understand why he had been suddenly pushed to the side.

The onlookers around exchanged puzzled glances, asking, “What just happened?”

Then everyone’s minds came up with a sentence: Is that little boy sick?

Immediately, they self-explained, ‘The imagination of children is incomprehensible,’ and then forgave Su Hao for his recklessness.

Except for Chen Haiyun.

Her little hand was actually held by a boy?

Thinking about the TV shows she had watched, she suddenly felt dirty.

Very worried that she might be pregnant, what was originally a great joy to become a summoner now made her want to cry.

At this moment, Sister Bai noticed that Su Hao was gone and hurriedly asked, “Where did Jingzhong go?”

“Right here!”

Su Hao’s voice came from behind her, and when Sister Bai turned around, she saw Su Hao looking at her with a smile.

Sister Bai immediately breathed a sigh of relief and said, “There are too many people here; you can’t leave my side, understand?”

Su Hao nodded.

Yashan approached and asked softly, “Boss Jing, where did you just go?”

Su Hao said, “Jingyi, shut up!”

Yashan closed his mouth and stopped talking.

The next electronic broadcast mostly featured talents below ‘C level,’ earning the envy of the crowd but not causing much discussion.

It can be seen that ‘B level’ talent is quite rare, and the vast majority of summoners have talents below ‘C level.’

After half an hour, it was Su Hao’s turn.

At Sister Bai’s signal, Su Hao entered through the side entrance.

Inside was a large house, filled with various instruments.

Someone immediately guided Su Hao to sit in a chair, fixed him in place, and a helmet-like hood covered Su Hao’s head.

Like VR glasses, a light lit up in front, and the light began to form one twisted thread after another in front of Su Hao. Initially, the movement was very slow, but after a few seconds, it kept accelerating, finally forming a whole.

Su Hao frowned, observing the changing scene in front of him, puzzled.

Soon, the light disappeared, the helmet was removed, and a record keeper on the side was noting something, then handing the form to the guide.

No one glanced at Su Hao throughout the process.

The guide led Su Hao to another location, with the same helmet covering his head. This time, the scene was no longer chaotic twisted lines but a series of regular cubes, constantly twisting and changing, switching between flat three-dimensional and more complex patterns.

After a moment, the helmet was removed.

A record keeper next to him took out a red stamp, fiercely stamped it on the ‘normal’ column, and then handed the form back to Su Hao.

The entire process was silent.

The smile on the guide’s face also disappeared, casually pointing to the side, “Okay, you can go out from there!”

People without talent aren’t qualified to enter through the main entrance. The main entrance is for those with a future.

Su Hao took a look at his form, and the ‘normal’ column was marked with a prominent red stamp!

“Do I not have summoner talent?” Su Hao’s face slowly darkened.

He silently took the form and walked out following the guide’s direction.

Outside the door, there were people waiting, not to cheer but to mock: “Look, another ordinary person like us.”

What they liked most was to see the disappointed expressions on people’s faces.

They had been disappointed before, lacking the courage to see the proud expressions of others entering through the main entrance. Now they were here to find the same sense of loss they once had on other people’s faces.

Su Hao immediately saw Sister Bai waiting on the side and walked towards her slowly.

Sister Bai also showed a big smile, squatting down to look at Su Hao and said, “Jingzhong, it’s okay. You don’t necessarily have to become a summoner. You’re so smart; whatever you do will be amazing.”

Su Hao also smiled and said, “Indeed, I will be amazing at anything. But, I still want to become a summoner.”

Sister Bai was momentarily at a loss for how to respond to Su Hao.

Without talent, there is no prerequisite for becoming a summoner.

No matter how one tries or works hard, it is all in vain.

However, the hardest part of being human is recognizing oneself and facing reality!

Clearly, in Sister Bai’s eyes, Su Hao had fallen into a loop of blind self-confidence, unable to clearly see the reality.

The smarter a person is, the harder it is for them to escape the loop once they’re in it.

Sister Bai covered her forehead, sighing inwardly, “Another headache-inducing kid… But, who made me your Sister Bai?”

Soon, Yashan and Bai Jingchun came out one after another from the side door.

Without exception, all of them were ‘normal’ people!

For Yashan, whether or not he could summon didn’t matter; as long as he stayed by Boss Wei’s side, he was satisfied.

Bai Jingchun, still confused, didn’t seem to care much about talents.

Sister Bai seemed to have anticipated this situation; the chance of one percent was indeed too small.

Out of ten thousand children, only a hundred had summoner talent.

She never expected Su Hao and the others to have summoner talent; as long as these three children grew up safely, she would be satisfied.

Su Hao suddenly asked, “Sister Bai, what does it mean to have talent?”

Sister Bai was momentarily stunned. At this moment, she didn’t intend to keep any suspense and directly answered, “Those who can perceive spatial meridians have summoner talent.”

Su Hao exclaimed, “Perceive spatial meridians?”

Sister Bai explained, “The space we are in is very special; it fluctuates with a unique rhythmic pattern. Only a very small number of people can perceive this fluctuation, and that’s what we call summoner talent.”

After Sister Bai finished speaking, worried that she might have explained things too abstractly for Su Hao to understand, she added, “Think about it. Our summoned beasts come from the secondary star, which is unknown how far away from here. To summon the beast over such a long distance, one needs to break through the spatial barrier. And to break through the spatial barrier, one needs to perceive the rhythmic fluctuations of space.”

Sister Bai summarized, “So, to become a summoner, the prerequisite is that you can perceive the fluctuations in space.”

Su Hao frowned and asked, “Does it have to be done by humans? Why can’t machines use the spatial fluctuations to complete the summoning?”

Sister Bai was surprised that Su Hao thought of this and raised her eyebrows, shaking her head, “Machine summoning is indeed feasible, but the fluctuations of space are constantly changing. No matter how intelligent the machine is, by the time it captures the spatial rhythm and starts running the program, the space has already changed into a different appearance. Machines can’t accurately complete summoning like humans, following the complex fluctuations.”

After saying this, Sister Bai laughed, “Many years ago, someone proposed the concept of ‘intelligent summoning,’ but the majority of summoners opposed ‘intelligent summoning,’ and there have been no successful cases to this day. Moreover, the study of space is something ordinary people cannot engage in; only summoners have the qualification to research space. If summoners don’t actively delve into ‘intelligent summoning,’ it cannot be achieved.”

Su Hao nodded, saying, “I see.”

But in his mind, he was thinking, “Summoners can naturally perceive the rhythm of space, which must depend on some kind of sensory organ, similar to my ‘Perception’ rune. In other words, as long as I find this sensory organ and install one for myself, I should be able to perceive the rhythm of space.”

Once he perceives the spatial rhythm and learns the principles of summoning, he can gradually unravel the secrets of space.

Sister Bai said, “Let’s go! Today, Big Sister Bai will treat you to ice cream! You probably haven’t had it before, so cherish this opportunity!”

Su Hao followed Sister Bai out of the testing center, silent all the way, lost in thought.

Sister Bai thought Su Hao was still feeling sad.

In reality, Su Hao wasn’t.

He was thinking about where summoners gather; he plans to collect their body information at night for comparison.

(End of this chapter)

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