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Chapter 231

Chapter 231: Hello, little friend.

Now that Su Hao has advanced to the level of “Bone Demon,” gaining powerful regeneration abilities, he becomes reckless in cultivating the “gene modification solution,” significantly reducing the time needed. Every other day, Su Hao injects Yashan and adjusts the data continuously.

After two months, just before Yashan is completely messed up by Su Hao, the human gene coordinates are finally established. Yashan also obtains his long-awaited personalized compound rune: “Super Fire Dragon Lightning Piercing Great Tornado!”

Of course, this is the flashy name Yashan strongly requested, and Su Hao doesn’t mind. After successfully evolving into a master, Yashan enthusiastically experiments with his new compound rune.

Opening his palm, a small flame jets out, several lightning bolts crackle within the fire dragon, and then the flame and electric sparks start to rotate, forming a splendid little dragon whirlwind in Yashan’s hand.

“Awesome!” Yashan couldn’t be more satisfied.

After confirming Yashan’s successful rune, Su Hao designs his own compound gene runes: “Perception,” “Lightning,” “Hardness,” and “Barrier.”

Survival takes precedence!

As for attack runes, he can easily draw them, with minimal demand.

After a brief check, Su Hao injects himself with the “gene modification solution” and instructs Yashan, “Jingyi, don’t let anyone approach me easily.”

Yashan nods, saying, “Understood, Boss Jing.”

In no time, Su Hao falls into a deep sleep.

The drowsiness emitted during the gene modification process is unstoppable, marking his most dangerous moment. Fortunately, Yashan is there to watch over, minimizing the risk.

Several hours later, Su Hao wakes up in a daze, immediately sensing a faint pattern added to his body. The blood in his whole body has started to establish a connection.

Su Hao sighs in relief, saying, “It worked!”

In just two days, this pattern will widen and take shape, completely activating his innate skill!

At this moment, he finally regains a reliable power, significantly reducing the sense of imminent pursuit, even though he is just a six-year-old with a small stature.

Next, he rapidly transforms, replenishing his vitality to the peak of a master warrior.

Half a month later.

Sister Bai wears a relaxed expression as she finds Su Hao and Yashan. “Jingzhong Jingyi, you’ll be starting school in seven days. Come, let’s go shopping with Sister Bai and get you a cute little school bag!”

“Oh!” Su Hao responds indifferently, showing no interest in the “cute little school bag.”

Yashan is somewhat uneasy, as he hasn’t started school yet but already feels the looming fear of being dominated by homework.

Seeing Su Hao’s reaction, Sister Bai smiles, “Of course, I’ll also test your summoner talent to see if you should attend the Summoner Academy or a regular primary school.”

Su Hao’s eyes light up, nodding immediately, “Thank you, Sister Bai. Let’s set off now!”

Sister Bai is very pleased with Su Hao’s performance, turning to look around and asking, “Where’s Jingchun?”

Yashan points casually.

Following Yashan’s finger, Sister Bai sees a small figure hiding behind a pillar, staring blankly at them.

Sister Bai beckons with her finger, “Jingchun, come over!”

Hesitant, Bai Jingchun finally walks over.

Sister Bai squats down and pinches Jingchun’s thin face, feeling sorry for him in his dazed state. She asks, “Why aren’t you playing with Jingzhong and Jingyi?”

Su Hao and Yashan both turn their attention to Bai Jingchun, startling him.

Sister Bai turns to Su Hao and Yashan, saying, “Jingzhong, Jingyi, why aren’t you two joining in?”

Su Hao is speechless; does Sister Bai misunderstand the term ‘joining in’? It’s Jingchun who is alone, so why isn’t Jingchun considered antisocial?

Sister Bai says to Su Hao, “Jingzhong, Jingchun is your younger brother. Take care of him, understand?”

Su Hao responds, “Of course, always taking care of him! Right, Jingchun?”

Bai Jingchun nods, saying, “Yeah.”

Sister Bai stands up and says, “Let’s go! We’re heading out now for a good stroll!”

And so, Su Hao finally leaves the beginner’s village where he has stayed for two years, stepping onto the streets for the first time.

The central streets are bustling with people, summoners occasionally riding their beasts, attracting attention.

During this outing, Yashan, a country bumpkin unfamiliar with the world, wide-eyed, keeps asking questions. “Boss Jingzhong, what’s this? What’s that?”

Su Hao is not in the mood to explain much, casually responding. They have been shopping with Sister Bai for half a day, and each person now has a small backpack.

Girls are irresistibly drawn to shopping – it’s true!

Finally, Su Hao can’t help but say, “Sister Bai, did you forget something?”

Trying on a beautiful dress, Sister Bai casually says, “Huh? Forget what?”

Su Hao says, “When are you planning to take us for talent testing?”

Sister Bai is taken aback, as if just remembering this, and immediately says, “Let’s go now!”

Then she casually puts the dress aside, and the waiter immediately says with a smile, “Miss, would you like me to pack it for you?”

Sister Bai quickly says, “Too expensive, I don’t want it!”

The waiter smiles outwardly but mutters inwardly, “She hasn’t even seen the price yet, how does she know it’s expensive?”

The place for talent testing is not far from the central street. Sister Bai quickly brings the three to a building resembling a museum. After showing their identity information and registering, they enter smoothly.

The spacious hall is crowded with parents and their children participating in talent testing before school, similar to the chaos of elementary school registration.

In general, it appears quite chaotic.

Some people are ecstatic upon discovering their talents, while most wear dull expressions, leaving silently with disappointment.

Sister Bai points to the side, saying, “Let’s first go register.”

After waiting in line for a few minutes, it’s Su Hao and the others’ turn.

They first fill in information such as name and age, then the camera clicks at their faces. Following that, a large camera spits out a form with a photo.

The staff stamps it with a “pop” sound and hands it to Su Hao, saying, “Take this.”

Su Hao looks at it and sees his passport-sized photo and basic information. Most of it is unspecified.

Below is a simple form for registering whether or not they have talents.

One column is labeled ‘Normal,’ followed by three columns: ‘Below C-level,’ ‘B-level,’ and ‘Above A-level.’ Su Hao speculates that ‘Normal’ is a euphemism for having no talent, while the three subsequent columns represent the results of the preliminary talent test, categorized into three levels based on strength.

Soon after filling out the information for Yashan and Bai Jingchun, Sister Bai leads them to another area—the testing room, which is also the most crowded place. Not everyone is there for testing; there are more spectators than participants. During this time of the year, talent testing becomes the most popular event, attracting everyone’s attention.

“Congratulations to Chen Haiyun for possessing a B-level Summoner talent!” echoes through the hall.

A wave of excitement sweeps through everyone present.

“Wow! B-level talent, she has the potential to become an advanced Summoner in the future!”

“Which kid is so lucky!”

“This is the tenth B-level talent today; the quality of this batch of children is really good!”

Soon, a confident little girl walks out of the testing room, accompanied by two or three people guarding her left and right, seemingly afraid that someone might harbor ill intentions. This precaution has precedent, as some people, driven by jealousy, may become crazy and resort to cruel actions.

“B-level talent? Seems pretty impressive!” Su Hao curiously looks over, smiling.

He then hands the form to Yashan, whispering, “Jingyi, hold onto this for me. I’ll be right back!”

With that, Su Hao takes advantage of Sister Bai’s distraction, disappears into the crowd, and quickly emerges in front of the young girl, Chen Haiyun.

The man, presumably Chen Haiyun’s father, instinctively reaches out to push Su Hao away, saying, “Where did this kid come from? Get out of the way.”

Su Hao sidesteps and pulls the man’s hand. The man, as if losing balance, staggers aside. Meanwhile, Su Hao grabs the little girl’s chilly hand, revealing a bright, big smile, and says, “Hello there! Congratulations on achieving a B-level talent!”

(End of this chapter)


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My Divine Diary

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