Chapter 23

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===023 Search===

A few days later, Wu Yuntian brought Su Hao down from the high walls with a leap.

The cold wind brushed against them, and Su Hao was on edge as he quickly descended. It wasn’t until Wu Yuntian held his hand and firmly stepped on the snowy ground that he relaxed.

Then the two of them walked away, one in front and one behind.

Su Hao held a short knife that had slain a blue-eyed wilderness wolf and wore two rudimentary iron armors, following behind in a well-behaved manner. He observed his surroundings curiously and cautiously with his eyes, alert for any dangers.

The iron armors on him were made by his father, Wu Yuntian. He simply punched holes in two pieces of iron, tied them together with ropes, and that was it.

Su Hao found the two pieces of iron a bit awkward and asked Wu Yuntian why he had to wear armor.

Wu Yuntian told him very seriously that the wilderness was very dangerous, and wearing armor protected the body, reducing the chances of serious injury. With an extra layer of protection, there would be more safety. With Su Hao’s strength as a high-level ordinary martial artist, the weight of the two pieces of iron was nothing, but they provided good defense. This was a crucial equipment for survival in the wilderness.

Su Hao didn’t say anything more and decided to make himself a suitable set of armor in the future. Having two pieces of iron hanging in the front and back made him look exceptionally unsightly.

After walking behind for about an hour, Su Hao couldn’t help but ask, “Father, where are we going?”

Without turning his head, Wu Yuntian replied, “Don’t speak loudly when walking alone in the wilderness. We’ll be there soon.”

Wu Yuntian led Su Hao up a small hill and through the dense shadows of the trees. Behind the hill, the scenery was suddenly unobstructed. He pointed ahead and said, “Do you see the tallest tree in front?”

“I see it.”

“That’s the place where the Unicorn Flower Deer often forages and there will be many Unicorn Flower Deer appearing. You can see them as you walk further in,”

Su Hao said puzzledly, “So my goal today is to hunt the Unicorn Flower Deer?”

“No, the Unicorn Flower Deer are very alert, you won’t be able to get close to them at all. Your target is the hunter of the Unicorn Flower Deer- the snow leopard. Use your knife to take it down,” Wu Yuntian replied.

Su Hao thought for a moment and felt something was not right, “I can’t even catch up to the Unicorn Flower Deer, how could I possibly catch up to their hunter?”

“The snow leopard has a strong territorial sense, you don’t need to chase after it. As long as you enter its territory, it will launch an attack on you,” Wu Yuntian explained.

Suddenly, Su Hao felt a bit uneasy and asked, “Father, there won’t be any danger, right?”

“No! The snow leopard is stronger than the azure-eyed steppe wolf, but not significantly stronger. As long as you watch out for its claws, you should be able to handle it for a while. Besides, I will be watching nearby,” Wu Yuntian reassured.

Su Hao immediately felt relieved, tightened his grip on the short knife, and began thinking of strategies.

Seeing that Su Hao had no objections, Wu Yuntian turned and said, “Let’s approach from the side.”

After a while, Wu Yuntian stopped and said to Su Hao behind him, “Alright, this is it. From here on out, you’re on your own.”

Su Hao took a deep breath and took cautious steps forward. He encouraged himself in his heart, “Don’t panic, Father is protecting me from behind. If I can’t beat it, I can always call for help, right?”

But when Su Hao turned his head again, he couldn’t see his father’s figure anymore.

“Where is he?” Su Hao’s heart skipped a beat, could it be that he was left behind? No, no, stay calm!

After walking a few more minutes, Su Hao arrived at the Unicorn Flower Deer’s territory and could already see them foraging in the snowy ground. These deer with only one horn would first insert their horn into the snow to explore, and once they found hay to eat, they would quickly raise their heads and vigilantly observe their surroundings.

Now, where is the snow leopard? Su Hao lowered his center of gravity, keeping himself in a state ready to strike at any moment, with his blood boiling inside him.

It was silent all around, Su Hao didn’t see the snow leopard that Wu Yuntian mentioned, but he dared not relax. The fact that he couldn’t find the other party’s trace made it even more dangerous. It meant that the snow leopard was observing him from the shadows.

Su Hao’s brain worked rapidly, analyzing the snow leopard’s position. His eyes kept scanning back and forth, searching for anything unusual.

“Should I use Pinball Space?” A sudden inspiration crossed Su Hao’s mind. He thought of a good idea – he couldn’t spot anything unusual, but the computer intelligence might be able to.As soon as he thought about it, System immediately gave a new instruction: “Identify regular shapes in the field of view, identify organisms in the field of view, identify hair in the field of view…”

Precise search instructions were issued one by one, and System’s computing speed was very fast, instantly providing feedback.

In the living room of the pinball space, after intelligent simulation, it had turned into a vast expanse of white, precisely simulating a scene within a radius of one hundred meters of Su Hao.

Small and large red circles marked the special locations that the instructions were searching for. Su Hao did a quick scan and noticed that most of the marked locations were Unicorn Flower Deer. Then Su Hao continued with the instructions: “Species name: Unicorn Flower Deer.”

“Naming successful, data collection and comparison successful.”

“Exclude Unicorn Flower Deer.”

As the instruction was given, more than half of the red circles in the field of view disappeared.

The nearest red circle was on a tree ten meters away. Su Hao looked up at the marked spot and saw two round blue eyes staring at him tightly through the snowy tree gap, icy and alert.

Snow Leopard!!

Su Hao’s scalp instantly went numb. The leopard was only ten meters away, and he didn’t even notice. If he took a few steps forward, he would probably be attacked. At such a close distance, he would definitely not react in time.

The snow leopard also realized that Su Hao had spotted it, so it lightly jumped down from the tree and took two steps forward, standing face to face with Su Hao.

The snow leopard had a slender body, with sporadic black spots scattered on its snow-white fur. Walking on the snow, it seemed to be invisible. Coupled with its light footsteps, Su Hao estimated that even if the other party walked behind him, he wouldn’t notice.

This snow leopard looked too ferocious. Including its tail, it was estimated to be three meters long. Su Hao couldn’t believe that it was only slightly stronger than a prairie wolf.

“My father asked me to deal with this guy. Isn’t it too hasty! I don’t think I’m its match at all.”

Su Hao complained inwardly, but he remained composed.

“Species name: Snow Leopard”

“Naming successful.”

The snow leopard seemed unwilling to attack first, instead patiently waiting for the enemy to reveal a flaw.

Su Hao thought for a moment and decided to take the initiative to make a move and test the waters.

So he slowly bent down, grabbed a large clump of snow, compacted it into a snowball, and threw it at the snow leopard.

The snow leopard agilely leaped to avoid the snowball.

Su Hao scooped up more snow and threw another one.

The snow leopard dodged again, and Su Hao threw another.

Wu Yuntian was prepared behind Su Hao to prevent any accidents. But watching this scene made his eyes twitch. He asked Su Hao to familiarize himself with combat, not to have a snowball fight.

Perhaps provoked by the dignity of a fierce beast, or feeling that Su Hao’s light and non-threatening attacks, the snow leopard launched its attack.

It went all out.

“So fast!” Su Hao’s pupils constricted, his whole body tensing up.

The snow leopard’s attack was different from that of the prairie wolf. The prairie wolf liked to pounce and bite at the enemy’s throat, but the snow leopard kept its center of gravity low, using an attack from the bottom upward. This allowed it to quickly adjust its direction and adapt during high-speed attacks.

In the split second that the snow leopard suddenly rushed over, Su Hao faced immense pressure, almost unable to breathe.

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