Chapter 23

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Chapter 23: Strip! Take them all off!

Lin Beifan’s eyes rolled, and a figure emerged in his mind.

At this moment, Lai Xiaoqiang was extremely happy.

After more than two years of hard work, he finally took a step forward today and became a powerhouse in the Extraordinary Realm. Simultaneously, he officially became a disciple of the sect.

Overwhelmed with joy, he generously invited his friends to join him for a drink.

Holding a cup of wine, he said with a flushed face, “Brothers, please listen to me! Today is the day I advanced to the Extraordinary Realm. I am very happy! So, I specially invited everyone to share my joy!”

“Thanks, Brother Qiang, let’s toast to you!” Everyone raised their glasses.

“Brothers, cheers!”

Lai Xiaoqiang clinked glasses and then downed his drink in one gulp, showing off his boldness.

“Brothers, I’m not good with words, so I won’t say much! In short, everyone must eat and drink well today. If there’s not enough food, cook more, and if there’s not enough wine, order more. Today, we must get drunk and not go home!”

“That’s right, Brother Qiang! Haha!”

Thus, the glasses intermingled, and everyone drank heartily.

As the protagonist of the banquet, Lai Xiaoqiang received toasts from everyone and accepted them all.

Starting with a cup, he then switched to a bowl and finally to a large jar.

No need to use spiritual power to pour the wine.

Cheating in a drinking game with friends? Why should I bother?

So, after consuming several jars of fine wine, he was somewhat intoxicated, his eyes glazed, and he slumped onto the table.

“Brother Qiang, how are you feeling?”

“Can you still drink?”

“Should I take you home?”

Lai Xiaoqiang mustered a bit of spirit, waved his hand, and mumbled in a daze, “Don’t worry about me. Keep drinking. I’ll rest for a while and then continue… continue the 300 rounds of battle with you all!”

“Okay, Brother Qiang, you rest first. We’ll drink with you later!”

Lai Xiaoqiang nodded drowsily, then with a thud, he collapsed on the table and fell asleep.

Just as the others continued with their drinking, reveling in the lively atmosphere, a mysterious force suddenly descended.

Lai Xiaoqiang abruptly sat up, his face flushed, eyes glazed, but now with a hint of a sly smile.

People around noticed, becoming excited.

“Brother Qiang, you’re awake? So quickly?”

“Come, let’s continue drinking!”

Lai Xiaoqiang slapped his hand on the table, scolding, “Drink, drink, all you know is drinking! Just drinking has no fun. Let’s play a special game!”

“Game? What special game?”

“Brother Qiang, tell us!”

Everyone was intrigued.

Lai Xiaoqiang grinned, “This game is called ‘Ask Me Anything.’ I ask a question, and after you answer, you ask me a question. It goes on like that! If someone can’t answer or answers incorrectly, they have to take off an item of clothing until they are completely undressed!”

Everyone looked at each other, expressions turning uneasy.

“Brother Qiang, can we skip this?”

“Undressing, it’s embarrassing!”

“Can we have a different punishment, like drinking?”

Lai Xiaoqiang declared loudly, “We’re all grown men, what are you afraid of? If you don’t play, you won’t be able to leave tonight!”

Under the pressure of Lai Xiaoqiang’s authority, everyone reluctantly agreed.

Starting with Lai Xiaoqiang, he randomly picked someone and said, “Zhang San, are you ready? I’m about to ask a question!”

Zhang San was very confident, saying, “Brother Qiang, bring it on! I’ve been well-versed in the Confucian classics since childhood. If it weren’t for going up the mountain to cultivate, I would have achieved success in the imperial examination by now! The questions you ask won’t stump me!”

Lai Xiaoqiang patted Zhang San’s shoulder forcefully, shouting, “Good, I admire your courage! Listen carefully. My first question is: How many stars are there in the sky?”

Zhang San: “…”

“Haha, can’t answer, right?”

Lai Xiaoqiang laughed triumphantly, “If you can’t answer, then take off your clothes! Off, off, off…”

Others joined in the clamor.

“Off, off, off…”

So, with resentment, Zhang San took off his jacket.

Lai Xiaoqiang was very satisfied, “Zhang San, since you couldn’t answer the question, it’s still my turn to ask.”

Zhang San remained confident, “Brother Qiang, bring it on! It was just a fluke earlier; this time, I’ll definitely answer your question!”

“Okay, I ask you, what are the names of each star in the sky?”

Zhang San: “…”

Lai Xiaoqiang laughed triumphantly, “Can’t answer, right? Then continue undressing! Off, off, off! Strip! Take it all off!”

Everyone once again joined in the uproar.

“Off, off, off! Strip! Take it all off!”

Zhang San, feeling helpless, took off his undershirt.

And so, the game continued.

Since Zhang San kept failing to answer the questions, his clothes came off one by one.

Until finally, only a yellowed pair of briefs remained.

There was one last question.

Unfortunately, Zhang San couldn’t answer this final question either.

Terrified, he huddled in a corner, shivering, “Brother Qiang, I can’t undress anymore; if I undress further, I won’t be able to face anyone!”

Lai Xiaoqiang menacingly walked over, smiling, “Little San, a bet is a bet; hurry up and strip. Don’t force me to do it for you, okay?”

Zhang San vigorously shook his head, “No… I can’t undress. I won’t play this game anymore!”

“Not playing is not an option; hand it over!”

“No… don’t!”

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