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Chapter 228

Chapter 228: If there is a next life, be a pig’s head.

After Brother Sheng’s unsuccessful resistance, he obediently answered Su Hao’s questions. Both of them belonged to an organization called the ‘Summoned Beast Resistance Association,’ tasked with collecting a group of children under six for an assignment.

As for the organization’s location, member structure, and the purpose of collecting children, they knew nothing. Moreover, they were not formal members of the organization but had direct contact with superiors, and the rest was unknown.

They were merely errand boys in the organization. Su Hao asked some questions about summoners, but their vague and unclear answers provided little useful information.

However, for Su Hao, knowing this information was sufficient. Sneering, he looked at the two and said, “Human traffickers? Hmph!”

Brother Sheng immediately pleaded, “Brothers… no! Two gentlemen! It’s our first offense, the first time we laid hands and we end up in your hands, we haven’t done anything else wrong. Please let us go this time, don’t take us to the security bureau!”

This was a scripted plea. If Su Hao took them to the security bureau, they would be safe. Su Hao remained silent, directly pressing down on Brother Sheng’s head.

Brother Sheng, full of fear, thought Su Hao was going to finish him off. However, with his joints dislocated, he couldn’t move and could only watch as this ruthless child pressed his delicate hand against his head.

Su Hao infused Brother Sheng’s brain with his blood qi, more and more, reaching a critical point. Brother Sheng’s conscious information was recorded in the space like a pinball, locked in a dark room.

Afterward, Su Hao removed his hand, then walked to Tuozi, doing the same to record his conscious information.

Brother Sheng and Tuozi looked puzzled. What was this kid doing?

The moment Su Hao pressed his palm to Brother Sheng’s forehead nearly scared him to death. During that moment, he flashed through his life, even recalling his high school goddess.

When Su Hao removed his hand, he slowly came back to his senses, feeling like he had just returned from the gates of hell.

“Too… too terrifying!”

Tonight, they had definitely encountered something sinister!

Brother Sheng decided that early tomorrow, he would quit his job immediately. This scare wasn’t worth it for a faster way to advance!

After confirming that the conscious information was recorded, Su Hao helped Brother Sheng reconnect his joints. He then checked the surroundings, ensuring nothing was overlooked, and said to Brother Sheng, “You can leave now!”

Brother Sheng and Tuozi were stunned.

Leave? Did they hear it right? Was he letting them go just like that? It didn’t match their expectations; it seemed too simple!

They exchanged glances, still doubtful. Looking at the kid’s expression, it didn’t seem like a joke.

Brother Sheng slowly got up, came to Tuozi’s side, lifted him, and walked away from the alley in three steps, one turn.

Su Hao suddenly shouted, “Hey!”

Brother Sheng’s legs went soft, causing Tuozi to fall to the ground in pain.

Su Hao continued, “You plan to leave this big cat and mouse here? Hurry up and clean up!”

Brother Sheng breathed a sigh of relief, smiling sweetly, “Okay!”

Brother Sheng approached the bodies of the big cat and mouse, closed his eyes, and concentrated. Soon, under the visible distortion of light, the two bodies were sucked into an inexplicable place, disappearing as if egg yolk had been sucked into a small bottle.

Only some bloodstains remained in place.

Afraid that Su Hao might change his mind, Brother Sheng quickly carried Tuozi and ran. Running into the darkness, they didn’t see the two kids chasing them. Brother Sheng’s heavy heart finally settled when he confirmed his safety.

Feeling triumphant, Brother Sheng said, “No matter how powerful they are, they’re just two little ghosts! Your brother Sheng is smart!”

Then, with a face full of lingering fear, he muttered, “Seriously, how can these two little ghosts be so powerful? It’s impossible to train like this from the womb! They can even emit electricity… I’m scared!”

After Su Hao and Yashan quickly left the scene, Yashan couldn’t help but ask, “Boss Wei, did you just let them go like that?”

Su Hao smiled, “Of course not. I dislike human traffickers, especially those who target me. So, they’re doomed to die! I just let them die in a different place!”

Yashan was puzzled, “What?”

Su Hao pointed to a corner where a camera was placed and explained seriously, “The technology in this society is very advanced. There are electronic eyes everywhere, recording everything that happens within their range. If we directly kill someone, it’s easy to trace back to us. Even though we’re currently in the form of children, it will still cause a lot of trouble. So, I let them go a bit farther, cut ties with us, and then kill them! We need to be cautious in our actions.”

Yashan nodded, curiously looking at the camera, “Electronic eyes? It seems impressive…”

Yashan was full of curiosity about everything in this world, many of which he had never seen before, almost like miracles.

However, what made him uncomfortable was that every time he asked Boss Wei, Boss Wei would say, “Wait for about ten years, and you’ll probably understand.” He never explained things specifically.

Su Hao added, “Before we acquire the power to resist everything, don’t act impulsively. In case one day a big Ivan falls on our heads, you won’t even know how you died.”

Yashan asked, “What is a big Ivan?”

Su Hao laughed, “I don’t know how to make that thing yet. When I learn, I’ll make one for you to try!”

As soon as Yashan heard Boss Wei’s tone, he immediately knew it was something extremely dangerous. He quickly laughed and said, “Let’s leave it for those who need it!”

Su Hao and Yashan quietly climbed over the wall, sneaking back to the dormitory.

They found their roommate Bai Jingchun sitting on the bed, not sleeping, staring with big eyes as Su Hao and Yashan quietly entered the room and closed the door.

This startled Su Hao and Yashan.

Surprised, Su Hao said, “Chun, why haven’t you slept yet? Do you need to use the bathroom too?”

Bai Jingchun shook his head, pointing to the big pit on the floor, his voice soft, “Can’t sleep…”

Su Hao understood. It was scary for a child to sleep alone.

Climbing onto the bed, Su Hao lay down, saying, “It’s okay, it was dug by a pig. The noise from digging woke me up, so I went out to the bathroom. Sleep! Tomorrow, let Sister Bai help us fill it up!”

Bai Jingchun nodded, obediently lying down. However, his eyes remained fixed on Su Hao and Yashan, afraid that the two might run away again and leave him alone.

Ignoring him, Su Hao lay down with his head covered, and Yashan also silently lay down, falling into a deep sleep.

Su Hao didn’t sleep immediately. Instead, he entered the pinball space with his consciousness to observe the current location of the two human traffickers. He found that they had reached a crowded area.

Su Hao directly gave instructions to Little Light to erase their consciousness!

A massive flow of information surged within the space, washing into the small dark rooms of the two human traffickers. Their conscious structures were instantly shattered, ground into meaningless fragments.

Then Su Hao said coldly, “If you have a next life, be a pig’s head!”

Then he exited the pinball space and went to sleep. Tonight’s battle had consumed quite a bit of Su Hao’s blood qi, and in no time, he fell into a deep sleep.

At the same time, Brother Sheng, carrying Tuozi on his back, suddenly collapsed softly at the hospital entrance, losing all signs of life. Along with him, Tuozi on his back, which had been making noises, also went silent at an unknown moment.

“Bang! Bang!”

The sound of the fall caught the attention of others. After a moment of hesitation, someone quickly approached to check, and an urgent voice sounded, “Hurry, call a doctor! Two people fainted here!”

Indeed, to outsiders, it seemed like they had fainted, but in reality, they would never wake up again. All that was left was to wait for some time, and their bodies would follow suit in death.

Early the next morning, Sister Bai wore a stern expression as she paced back and forth in Su Hao’s dormitory.

Clutching her fists tightly, then loosening them, and then clenching them again.

Two assistants, Hu Sheng and the freckled girl Xiaotian, stood on the side, silent.

Su Hao and the other two little kids obediently stood behind everyone.

After taking a deep breath and calming her emotions, Sister Bai said, “Asheng, go find a master to fill this up.”

Hu Sheng hesitated, wanted to say something, but in the end, he remained silent and simply responded before leaving.

Sister Bai suddenly turned to the three kids with a relieved expression. She tried to keep her tone as gentle as possible and said, “Jingzhong, Jingyi, Jingchun, you three tell Sister Bai what happened.”

Su Hao immediately said, “Let me explain…”

“This story is a bit long. Allow me to start from the beginning… You see, last night, it was dark and windy, with many experts around, and the wind was light and the clouds were thin…”

(End of this chapter)


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My Divine Diary

My Divine Diary

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An accident gave Su Hao the ability to reincarnate infinitely. But who can tell him why he can’t live past five years of age every time he is reincarnated? The universe is dangerous and unfriendly to children. Su Hao decided on his first small goal — to become an adult. “How could I not even become an adult!” … Amidst Su Hao’s millions of reincarnations, one time after another. After obtaining enough knowledge, he discovered the way to become a god. This is a mortal’s path to divinity. Maybe… you can too!


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