Chapter 227

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Chapter 227. Where did you hang out last night? You look so tired.

Lin Beifan worked overnight to draft an implementation plan and submitted it to the empress and the officials for review.

After obtaining approval, it will be announced to the world immediately!

To support the construction of a new city for a million disaster victims, the court is collecting necessary supplies such as food, cloth, and charcoal from various sectors of society.

The top 10 contributors will receive a 5-year exclusive distributorship right for cement granted by the court!

The 11th to 30th top contributors can establish factories and engage in business in the new city with a 5-year exemption from taxes and a 3-year halving of taxation!

The 31st to 60th top contributors can establish factories and engage in business in the new city with a 3-year exemption from taxes and a 2-year halving of taxation!

The 61st to 100th top contributors can establish factories and engage in business in the new city with a 2-year exemption from taxes and a 1-year halving of taxation!

Other outstanding contributors may receive tax reductions at the court’s discretion.

As for what cement is, it will be explained in detail later.

It is described as a miraculous tool for building houses, repairing bridges and roads, and a national treasure…

There is praise from the heavens but disbelief on the ground!

Everyone is encouraged to come and see the new city, and everything will become clear.

This immediately piqued everyone’s curiosity!

“What exactly is cement? Is it really that amazing? Can a solid and durable house really be built in three days? I don’t believe it.”

“I don’t believe it either. It’s too fast. It takes me seven to eight days to build a thatched house! It would take at least one or two months to build those durable mansions!”

“I heard that cement was invented by Lin Beifan! Previously, Lin Beifan also invented the flying artifact, the hot air balloon, and the water weapon, the hovercraft, and they both had impressive effects! So it’s possible that cement is also something similar!”

“We should go and take a look!”

“And the tax incentives below are too generous. It makes me want to do business there!”

Many businessmen were tempted!

If cement is really as amazing as the court claims, it would definitely be a miraculous tool for building houses and a money-making tool!

In this world, who doesn’t want to have a home?

Who doesn’t want to own a solid, durable, and affordable house?

Now, the opportunity is right in front of them!

If they can obtain the exclusive distributorship granted by the court, they will definitely make a fortune!

Even if they can’t get the business rights for cement, it is worth going to see for the tax incentives.

Saving so many years of taxes would mean saving a lot of money!

And how much money can they earn with the money they save?

Businesspeople are the most sensitive to this aspect!

As a result, representatives from various business families and merchants all sent their people to the new city.

The fastest to arrive were naturally the business families in the capital.

As they looked at the neatly arranged houses that seemed to go on endlessly, their eyes widened in shock. “These houses were built in just a few days?”

“Of course, seeing is believing. Can I still deceive you?” Lin Beifan smiled.

“Lin, how many houses are there in total?”

Lin Beifan held up a finger and smiled. “Since we started construction until now, it has been 10 days, and a total of about 1,000 houses have been built!”

“Built a thousand houses in 10 days?” Everyone was speechless and shocked.

It should be noted that the scale of these houses is already equivalent to a small county!

They only took 10 days to build a small county!

“It’s a miracle, it’s truly a miracle!” one excited businessman said incoherently.

“Too fast! They are building 100 houses on average every day. It’s a speed that ordinary people can’t even imagine! If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn’t believe it!” Another merchant exclaimed incoherently.

“If I didn’t know this was a flat land, I wouldn’t believe that houses could be built so quickly!”

Everyone was amazed.

But Lin Beifan shook his head and said with some disdain, “Still too slow!”

“Too slow?!” Everyone was extremely shocked.

“Indeed! It’s mainly limited by production conditions; we don’t have enough cement! If I were given enough cement…” Lin Beifan opened his arms and said confidently, “I am confident that we can finish building all the houses within a week and a new city within two weeks!”

The big merchants felt dazzled by his statement!

Lin Beifan led everyone into the rows of houses and said with a smile, “Gentlemen, these houses are all built with cement! Take a look at them, how is the quality? Are they sturdy and durable?”

They had someone test the houses and found that they were indeed sturdy, water-resistant, and even fire-resistant, similar to the houses they usually lived in. However, these houses were built in just three days and were very affordable, meeting the housing needs of most people. The market potential was vast!

The merchants realized what a huge opportunity this was, especially considering the current real estate situation.

“Sir Lord, how can we obtain the cement distribution rights?” someone couldn’t help but ask.

All eyes turned to Lin Beifan.

Lin Beifan smiled and said, “The conditions have already been set! Our new city is under major construction and needs various material support, such as food, vegetables, cloth, cotton, diesel, and so on! As long as you contribute surplus materials from your homes and become one of the top ten contributors, you can obtain the cement distribution rights!”

“Even if you don’t get the distribution rights, it doesn’t matter! As long as you come here to set up factories and engage in business, we will provide you with various tax incentives and even offer free land and facilities to let everyone conduct business peacefully!”

“Fantastic!!!” Everyone was thrilled.

After a day of enthusiastic exploration, the merchants immediately went back to prepare the required materials.

On the second day, carts after carts of materials were transported here.

Meanwhile, through word of mouth among the merchants in the capital, more people became aware of the uses of cement and the favorable policies for the new city. As a result, even more merchants rushed to visit, and the flow of people was endless.

On one impressive day, they received 300 merchants!

Everyone came with enthusiasm and returned with satisfaction, thinking that this trip was definitely worth it!

The amount of materials being delivered here continued to increase!

Now, the food supply was balanced, and there was no longer a need for the court to continue relief efforts.

Necessities such as cotton, blankets, oil, and charcoal were gradually becoming more abundant.

The lives of the disaster victims were getting better and better!

They had free houses to live in, could eat and drink to their fill every day, had blankets to keep warm, and their family and friends were by their side. No one exploited them, and their lives were looking brighter and better!

Who could have imagined that half a month ago, they were homeless and starving refugees?

Now, their lives here were even better than what they had experienced in Southern Jiang!

Their grateful eyes turned to the young man among the merchants who was lively and full of laughter.

It was this young man, the great official, who had saved them from the abyss and brought them all this happiness!

Thank you, Sir Lin!

Lin Beifan was truly busy now!

Apart from managing the Imperial Academy, he had to take care of the affairs in the capital, and now he was also busy with the construction of the new city!

In all aspects, he couldn’t do without him.

Luckily, he was a grandmaster, full of energy and stamina; otherwise, he might have been exhausted!

But even so, Lin Beifan was still extremely tired, especially when facing women.

At this moment, Li Shi Shi and Li Yuxin came in together, carrying a bowl of lotus seed soup.

Lin Beifan’s complexion immediately turned pale.

Li Shishi felt distressed and said, “Husband, take a rest for a while. Have some soup before continuing with official business!”

Lin Beifan shook his head, “The official matters are not finished yet; I can’t rest!”

Li Shishi scolded gently, “Even if you’re busy, you must take care of yourself! These official matters can wait until tomorrow! Your health is the most important thing now!”

Saying that, she moved the official documents in front of Lin Beifan to the side and made him rest and drink the soup first.

After a few sips, Lin Beifan felt full.

At this moment, Li Yuxin quietly walked behind Lin Beifan and helped him massage his temples to relax.

Lin Beifan once again smelled the familiar medicinal fragrance, which felt particularly comfortable. He closed his eyes and said, “Miss Yuxin, thank you, you’ve worked hard!”

“Sir, you are the one who’s truly working hard!” Li Yuxin said tenderly, “You have been working tirelessly day and night to settle the one million disaster victims. My little effort is nothing compared to what you’ve been through. Sir, let me help you with a massage every day from now on!”

“Thank you, Miss Yuxin!” Lin Beifan was moved.

“No need to thank me; it’s what I should do!” Li Yuxin was very happy in her heart.

At this moment, Lin Beifan felt some movement on his legs. He opened his eyes and saw Li Shishi holding her small fist, massaging his leg muscles, and asked, “Shishi, what are you doing?”

Li Shishi smiled and said, “Husband, this is a skill I just learned from Yuxin! You have been working hard these days, running around tirelessly. Let me help you relax your legs, hoping you’ll feel more comfortable!”

“Shi Shi, you are truly my good wife!”

At this moment, the little princess ran in shouting, “Lin Beifan! Lin Beifan…”

But she was stunned to see this scene. Lin Beifan was completely slumped in the chair, looking pale like a ghost.

A series of question marks appeared above the little princess’s head. What happened? How did he become so weak after just one day?

Did he secretly go out and do something naughty last night?

“Lin Beifan, what’s wrong with you?” the little princess asked carefully.

“Husband has been busy with the construction of the new city, so he’s exhausted!” Li Shishi sighed.

“I see!” The little princess ran up to Lin Beifan and squatted down in front of him, looking at his almost lifeless appearance, feeling a little distressed. “Lin Beifan, how are you now? Should I call the imperial doctor to see you?”

At this moment, Lin Beifan reached out his weak hand towards her.

“What are you trying to do?” The little princess blinked her eyes, puzzled.

“I’m so tired, bring your little face over and let me pinch it!” Lin Beifan said.

The little princess: “…”

She was about to get angry, but seeing Lin Beifan’s pale face and thinking about the hardships he had endured these days, she softened her heart and said, “Just a quick pinch, not too much!”

“Little princess, you’re really kind!” Lin Beifan pinched her face and chuckled with a mischievous look.

It’s so bouncy and fun to pinch!

Not long after, Dali came in and said, “Young Master, Minister of Personnel Gao Tianyao has come. He wants to see you about something!”

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