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Chapter 225

Chapter 225: Looking at Talent?

Although Su Hao and Yashan’s performance was very convincing, under the joint identification of the eight pitiful little troublemakers, Su Hao and Yashan were still taken away by the skeptical Sister Bai.

The most miserable one taken away was Bai Shansong.

In Sister Bai’s small study, Bai Shansong embarrassingly accused Su Hao and Yashan of their crimes while crying.

After listening, Sister Bai rolled her eyes in disdain. Such a big guy couldn’t beat two little ones and still had the nerve to cry out. How embarrassing!

Yes, Sister Bai admitted she was biased. Impatiently, she said, “Alright, I get it. You can leave now! I’ll deal with these two little troublemakers properly!”

Upon hearing this, Bai Shansong looked smugly at Su Hao.

Yashan, on the other hand, was quite surprised, thinking, “Looks like I underestimated them!”

Sister Bai’s gaze circled around Su Hao and Yashan, finally locking onto Su Hao. She asked slowly, “Jingzhong, Jingyi, is what Shansong said true?”

Su Hao shrugged and vaguely replied, “Not entirely true.”

Yashan remained silent.

Sister Bai still had some doubts and asked, “Jingzhong, do you have anything else to say?”

Su Hao immediately said, “Yes, Sister Bai! I want to know, how can one become a summoner?”

Sister Bai, feeling a headache coming on, patiently said, “I’m not asking about that. I’m asking about the fight Shansong and others had!”

Su Hao said, “There’s nothing more to say about that!”

Sister Bai sighed in frustration. Jingzhong was good in many ways, exceptionally intelligent, but communication was a challenge. Every time she talked to him, it felt odd.

Curious, Su Hao asked, “Sister Bai, I’m really curious about becoming a summoner. Can you tell me briefly?”

Sister Bai was about to come up with a casual excuse but couldn’t find a suitable one. Su Hao had been pestering her with this question, and now she couldn’t think of a good excuse.

Rubbing her temples, Sister Bai said, “Fine! I’ll tell you casually. Anyway, you’ll know soon.”

Su Hao happily said, “Thank you, Sister Bai!”

Then, he turned to Yashan and said, “Jingyi, quickly fetch two small stools! Also, bring some candies from our hidden room to share with Sister Bai.”

Yashan agreed and happily ran off.

Sister Bai was once again speechless.

In the orphanage, she was used to being firm, but she couldn’t understand why Jingyi, who seemed silly, listened only to Jingzhong. Everything required Jingzhong’s approval. If Jingzhong didn’t nod, it didn’t matter what she said.

Soon, Yashan returned with two small stools, set one for Su Hao, and another for himself. He then took out a small bag of candies and handed it to Su Hao.

Su Hao took it and gave it to Sister Bai, saying, “Sister Bai, have some candy! Don’t be polite!”

Sister Bai casually took two, shook them, and with interest said, “Is this bribing me?”

Su Hao nodded, “If Sister Bai finds it sweet, you can say a few more things.”

Hearing this, Sister Bai laughed heartily, “Haha! Sister Bai is in a good mood today. Say a couple more things.”

Su Hao and Yashan immediately sat up straight.

Sister Bai, with a smile, said, “Alright, Jingzhong, go ahead and ask!”

Su Hao was taken aback, expecting her to say something like, “Let’s start from the beginning.” He quickly organized the main questions in his mind and asked, “Sister Bai, then I’ll ask. The first question, what is the relationship between a summoner and their summoned beast?”

Sister Bai didn’t anticipate this as his first question. After thinking for a moment, she tried to explain in a language suitable for children, “It’s like the relationship between a master and a slave! You can imagine it as owning a little dog – you are the summoner, and the dog is the summoned beast. Different summoners treat their summoned beasts differently, and outsiders have no right to interfere.”

Su Hao nodded in understanding and continued, “The second question, can summoners freely summon their beasts in the city? Will they attack others indiscriminately?”

Sister Bai chuckled, “All official summoners must have a license. Summoners with a license can freely summon their pets in the city. On the contrary, summoners without a license, once discovered, will be expelled from Zhongzhou, and severe cases may face imprisonment! But don’t worry, summoned beasts won’t harm people randomly.”

Frowning, Su Hao thought, “How can I be sure of that?”

He asked again, “Are there no cases of summoned beasts attacking others?”

Sister Bai patiently explained, “Summoned beasts, originally ‘Vice Star Beasts,’ are mostly aggressive and lack reason. To become a legal summoned beast, it must be fully controlled by the summoner. So, if a summoned beast attacks someone, it’s mostly because the summoner instructed it. Jingzhong, you don’t need to worry; the possibility of summoned beasts attacking ordinary people in the city is very low and won’t happen to you!”

Su Hao thought, “Who can be sure about that?”

He continued, “Sister Bai, the third question, where do summoned beasts come from? I mean, like your two wolves, where are they now? Why can you suddenly summon them?”

Sister Bai smiled, “You’ll learn these things when you enroll in the Summoner Academy. I can’t explain it clearly in a short time!”

Then, Sister Bai looked at the time and said, “You don’t have much time left. Today, I’ll allow you to ask one last question.”

Su Hao regretfully said, “It seems our candies, collected by Jingyi and me, are only worth three questions!”

Sister Bai laughed, “If it weren’t for the candies, I would have kicked you out long ago! Hurry up and ask!”

Su Hao said, “Then the last question, Sister Bai, you can’t dodge this one. How can I become a summoner?”

Sister Bai first looked seriously at Su Hao, then chuckled, “It seems our little Jingzhong wants to become a great summoner in the future!”

Su Hao straightforwardly nodded, “That’s right!”

Sister Bai said mysteriously, “Whether you want to become a summoner and whether you can become one have no relation at all!”

Su Hao wondered, “Why do you say that?”

Sister Bai explained, “Because it depends on talent!”

Su Hao raised an eyebrow, “Talent?”

Sister Bai said, “Exactly, talent. Whether a person can become a summoner is determined from the moment they are born and has nothing to do with effort.”

Trying to evoke a sense of disappointment, Sister Bai said, “How about it? Feeling very disappointed? Haha!”

To her surprise, Su Hao nodded calmly, “It’s fine. I’m not lacking in talent for this kind of thing.”

Sister Bai scoffed, “Confidence is good, but don’t set your expectations too high. The higher the expectation, the greater the disappointment. You should know that the probability of a person having summoner talent is only 1%.”

Su Hao indicated understanding.

Sister Bai continued, “Little Jingzhong, don’t blame your Sister Bai for dampening your enthusiasm. You are too smart and mature for your age, but it’s not necessarily a good thing. If you take being a summoner too seriously and later find out you don’t have the talent, the impact on you will be devastating. There are countless examples of this! So, treat becoming a summoner like buying a lottery ticket! A 1% chance of winning.”

Su Hao responded with a sweet smile, “Don’t worry, Sister Bai, I understand this! One last, last question: How do I know if I have summoner talent?”

Sister Bai said, “That’s simple. When you turn six, there will be people specifically conducting talent tests for you.”

After saying that, Sister Bai stood up, walked to Su Hao and Yashan, lifted them by the back of their necks, and walked towards the exit. As she walked, she said, “We’ve talked enough today. Go play!”

After finishing her words, Sister Bai put Su Hao and Yashan down and returned to her study.


The door was forcefully shut.

The next moment, the door was opened again, and two small stools flew out, landing with a *ping pong* on the ground. Following them was a bag of candies, perfectly hitting Yashan on the forehead!

White Shansong, watching from a distance, smirked in satisfaction. It seemed like these two annoying little troublemakers received a stern punishment.

Su Hao witnessed the scene and remarked, “Jingyi, someone else is in for trouble!”

Yashan was puzzled but followed Su Hao’s gaze and saw Bai Shansong with a swollen face. He chuckled.

(End of this chapter)


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My Divine Diary

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