Chapter 223 – Last Words of the Former Sect Patriarch! Sikong Lanyue is suffering!

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Qiong Yun Peak.

At the top of the mountain, Sikong Lanyue stood with her arms folded.

The gray-robed Daoist behind her bowed, “Sect Patriarch, the three states in the south are very calm, and the Netherworld Sect has not made a move so far.”


Sikong Lanyue raised her eyebrows slightly.

Although Su Shi’s visit to Tianji Pavilion was not a big deal, it definitely could not be hidden from the Demon Empress’ ears.

With Yun Qiluo’s character, it was already a good thing she didn’t break down the threshold of her house.

How could it be so quiet?

As she was pondering, the gray-robed Daoist asked, “Sect Patriarch, is Su Shi really the Destined One?”

Sikong Lanyue nodded and said, “That’s right, he has sensed the Mixed Elements of Great Dao.”

The gray-robed Daoist’s pupils constricted.

With his nature, he naturally knew what the word “Mixed Elements” meant.

It was the origin of heaven and earth, a supreme dao that had existed since before the beginning of the divine universe.

All the thousands of dao laws were raised in Mixed Elements.

“The true dragon has appeared and controls the Mixed Elements, the prophecy has been fulfilled.”

“In that case, the next step is to ride the phoenix and luan and ascend to the absolute peak, right?”

Thinking of Su Shi’s various achievements during this period of time, the gray-robed Daoist realized that the rise of this Shengzi of Demonic path was already unstoppable.

“Then what are you planning to do?”

“Just take it easy.”

Sikong Lanyue looked helpless.

Her master had willed that she must guard the Destined One in Tianji Pavilion.

But Su Shi was unwilling to take her as master, what could she do?

Thinking about what had happened in the Spirit Realm, Sikong Lanyue’s calm dao heart rippled.

She had never been close to a man before.

The pounding from the depths of her soul was simply unbearable.

Looking back now, she was still a little confused.

“Master said that love between a man and a woman would disturb the dao heart, but why did Qingchen’s dao heart transform because of it?”

“Master said that men are dirty and foul-smelling things, but Su Shi’s roots and bones are as crystalline as jade and his body smells good.”

“Could Master be wrong?”

The clouds around her fell and swelled.

At that moment, Sikong Lanyue remembered something, “Right, how did I forget?”

The figure instantly disappeared.

Only a confused gray-robed Daoist was left behind.

Floating Cloud Palace, Hidden Scripture Pavilion.

Sikong Lanyue broke out of the air.

Coming to the bookshelf in the corner, her palm rippled, accompanied by a rising atmosphere.

The illusory formation broke, only to see a jade letter placed at the top.

“Before her death, Master said that if my dao heart is disturbed, I can open this box.”

“What is contained within should be the solution.”

Sikong Lanyue opened the jade letter with great anticipation.

No light or striking sight, within lay a letter quietly.

Opening the letter, a familiar handwriting could be seen.

Disciple, since you have opened this letter, I think you must be experiencing some difficult confusion, or perhaps even questioning the ancestral teachings.

Sikong Lanyue smiled, “As expected of Master, she had already predicted it.”

Proceed to the following.

You are my most precious disciple, your talent and heart are rare in the world, your dao heart is even more perfect and flawless, to make your heart tremble, I guess that man must be very extraordinary, right?

“How did Master know that it was a man?”

Sikong Lanyue nodded, “But Su Shi is indeed quite extraordinary.”

Nine out of ten men in this world are infatuated with nothing more than their lust.

On the day when your face is no longer beautiful, you will be abandoned, leaving you alone in the mud, suffering from the red world.

I don’t want you to be trapped by love and affect your cultivation, so I have been telling you since you were a child that there are no good men.

But there are no absolutes. There is always someone special in this world.

There are those who will push you into the abyss, and there are also those who will light up your life.

If one day a star that belongs to you appears, I hope you will follow your heart and not get stuck in life because of the so-called teachings of the ancestors.

Preserving heavenly principles and extinguishing worldly desires is not the only way.

If you can’t achieve too much forgetfulness, doesn’t extreme loving-kindness in the dao seem good too?

In short, don’t let yourself regret it.

Sikong Lanyue froze.

Her master had never spoken these words to her before.

“My star?”

Thinking of that star that shone pure white, she slightly recalled for a moment.

Could it be that to her, Su Shi was that special person?

On the back of the letter, there was a small paragraph of text.

I too was once faced with the same confusion as my Master.

In the end, I chose to obey the ancestor’s command and watched my own star go out.

This was the greatest regret of my life.

I hope it doesn’t happen to you.

After reading the entire letter, Sikong Lanyue’s brow furrowed.

She had expected her master to tell her the solution, but apparently her master persuaded her to compromise?

“Although I don’t know what Master has gone through.”

“But this clearly does not apply to me.”

She and Su Shi had just met, how could she possibly allow herself to be with him for a lifetime?

Sikong Lanyue kept the letter.

“Master’s advice lacks reference value.”

“The reason why I lost control in the spirit realm was because my cultivation was suppressed.”

“As long as the cultivation level is restored, external objects cannot affect me at all.”

She was able to rise to supremacy and become the most powerful, and had sufficient confidence in her own dao.

Sikong Lanyue simply sat on the ground and silently recited the Calming Qi Mantra, and the overwhelming clouds and mist immediately returned to calm.

Her daoist heart was solid as a rock, without the slightest looseness.

“Indeed, how could I be so weak?”

She revealed a smile.

However, in the next second, that smile froze on her face.

Her soul trembled once more, and an intense, wave-like throbbing almost instantly overwhelmed her dao heart.

The cloud dissipated into nothing.

Sikong Lanyue’s figure revealed itself, trembling slightly.

Her heart beat faster and faster, and a sweet redness crept onto her white jade cheeks, and the panic and discomfort she felt made her body weak.

Let alone suppress it, she couldn’t even raise a single trace of spiritual energy.

“It’s happening again?”

“What should I …… do~~?”

Her eyes went blank and she completely lost consciousness.



Su Shi lay on the rocking chair, his eyes slightly closed as he looked into himself.

He could only see a river of brightly shining stars within his Dantian, pure white stars that shone brightly.


“I don’t know how this star is lit.”

The blazing sun was due to divine flame, the Violet Emperor Star was due to dragon qi, while this star, Tianxuan, lit up rather inexplicably.

Thinking back to Sikong Lanyue’s strange appearance in the Spirit Realm.

Su Shi opened the system panel and confirmed that the conquest effect had disappeared.

“It should be fine now.”

He controlled his spiritual power and hesitantly touched the Tianxuan Star, and the white star suddenly shone with glorious matter.

Inside the Hidden Scripture Pavilion, Sikong Lanyue shivered and her eyes completely lost focus.

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