Chapter 223

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Chapter 223: Secrets of the Space

Yashan, who was just subdued by Su Hao’s voice, was a bit dazed. The tone sounded exactly like his Boss Wei, but the timbre was off—too immature.

Yashan couldn’t help but turn his head to look, but the dim light made it difficult to see clearly. He asked in confusion, “Boss Wei?”

It was at this moment that Yashan finally noticed something unusual. Not only did Boss Wei’s voice have issues, but his own voice was also strange. Moreover, he felt extremely weak, with all the powerful vitality and strength gone without a trace.

Countless question marks popped up in his mind.

Su Hao whispered, “It’s me! Don’t speak.”

Seeing Yashan still puzzled, Su Hao immediately used the voice from the previous life and transmitted through the Little Black Room, “Yashan, I am your Boss Wei. From now on, close your mouth for me and don’t say a word!”

Yashan immediately widened his eyes.

To be able to speak directly in someone’s mind was Boss Wei’s special ability, and the person speaking to him had to be Boss Wei; there was absolutely no mistake!

“Boss Wei, where have you been all these years? Why was there no response to the calls? What is the powerful monster that suddenly appeared at the experimental base? Why do you look like this now?”

Yashan had a belly full of doubts he wanted to ask his Boss Wei, but at this moment, he could only forcefully suppress them.

Since Boss Wei said not to speak, then he wouldn’t speak. But it felt uncomfortable not to.

As Yashan and Su Hao shouted back and forth, the thin-faced boy sleeping on the third bed in the room woke up, looking at Su Hao and Yashan with confusion.


Just at this moment, there was a hurried sound of slippers in the corridor outside the door.

Then the door was pushed open.


The switch was pressed, and the entire room immediately lit up.

A woman in pajamas, wearing slippers, appeared at the door, nervously scanning the room. Seeing that all three little boys were there, she couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief.

The sudden bright light made Su Hao and the others blink. When they opened their eyes again, they found that there was an additional woman with a fair and delicate face at the door, causing them to look over.

At a glance, Yashan almost popped his eyeballs. Where had he seen such a clean and pure person? The face didn’t resemble the Zhu Hua people, the ears were smooth without fuzz, the hair was straight without curls, and, crucially, she was so short, only equivalent to a ten-year-old Zhu Hua child.

If it weren’t for Boss Wei not allowing him to speak, he would have jumped up, pointing at the other person and roaring, “Where did this alien come from?”

Yashan turned his head and looked at the childlike Boss Wei. Seeing Boss Wei looking at him with a gloomy face, Yashan felt as if a basin of cold water had been poured on him, and he couldn’t help but completely calm down, not thinking about anything.

The woman with a fair complexion looked at the three silent little boys, and a visible anger surged to its peak. After reaching its peak, she immediately exploded, “Y’all…!”

Su Hao secretly thought, “Indeed, she doesn’t understand. I don’t remember how many foreign languages I’ve learned, and they’re all at the universal level.”

And Yashan was even more bewildered.

The thin-faced boy shrank weakly, covering himself with the blanket, shaking his head to indicate that it had nothing to do with him.

The woman immediately turned her head towards Su Hao and Yashan, scolding them in a rapid manner. After scolding them and seeing Su Hao and Yashan remaining silent, she sighed, gave a few more instructions, “Badang” turned off the light, “Bang!” closed the door, and walked away with “dadadada” sounds in slippers.

Sharp-eyed Su Hao noticed something different just as the woman turned around. Behind the woman, there were two wolf-like beasts, one patrolling while the other crouched with its legs folded, ready to pounce.

The key point was that the two wolf-like beasts were huge, with a height of nearly two meters and a length of nearly three meters, looking extremely ferocious.

This made Su Hao realize that, indeed, it was a modern society, but it seemed different from his understanding of a modern society.

The room darkened again, quietness enveloping the space. After a while, noticing the absence of any movement, Su Hao entered the pinball space once again, checking the ‘Universal Light 3.0.’

As for Yashan, he tossed and turned, destined for a sleepless night. Su Hao found that the consciousness information recorded in the pinball space, apart from Yashan’s, had all been automatically cleaned by Little Light.

The densely packed experimental Little Black Rooms were now empty, leaving Su Hao feeling incredibly fulfilled. Additionally, everything seemed normal.

After confirming that everything was in order, Su Hao quickly formulated a rough growth plan.

“First, refine blood qi as soon as possible to reach the advanced elite stage, obtaining self-defense capabilities; use one arm as the cost to cultivate the gene modification solution and evolve into a fourth-level [Bone Demon], gaining powerful regeneration ability; the ‘Composite Rune’ combining ‘Perception,’ ‘Lightning,’ ‘Fire Dragon,’ ‘Barrier,’ and ‘Hard’ has already been constructed. Use the gene modification solution to solidify this composite rune into the body, advancing to the master level; evolve into a [Prophet], enhancing mental power; explore the world and try to take away all the knowledge from this world.”

If this world had a powerful internet function, taking away some knowledge would be simple. As for Yashan, since he’s already here, he might as well bring him along. If he misbehaves and causes trouble, he can be put back to sleep.

The next day, Su Hao, with the listless Yashan, followed the thin-faced boy from the same dormitory. Whatever the other did, Su Hao and Yashan did the same. Soon, they grasped the basic situation of the place they were staying.

It was a small orphanage, housing over a dozen children of different ages. The owner of the orphanage was the fierce-looking woman from last night.

In addition, there were two helpers—a freckled girl and a short-haired man with black-framed glasses. They looked gentle and weak.

In summary, Su Hao’s food and lodging were temporarily not a worry. Su Hao secretly decided, “Stay here for now and quickly improve strength.”

At this moment, Yashan approached, wanting to say something but hesitating. Su Hao directly reached out and turned Yashan’s face to the side.

Yashan, full of doubts, was forcefully silenced again.

One year quickly passed. Su Hao and Yashan both turned five years old. During this year, Su Hao and Yashan kept a low profile, rarely speaking, like two children with autism.

They spent a lot of time refining blood qi and gained a very rough understanding of this world. There wasn’t much difference in daily life, but Su Hao could notice various distinctions from many details.

People around them mostly discussed topics related to ‘summoners’ and ‘summoned beasts.’ It seemed the entire society revolved around summoners. Even some high-tech products were mostly designed to serve summoners.

For example, the round TV hanging on the front hall wall of the orphanage Su Hao stayed in played summoner exploration records or duel matches between summoners all day long. There was also the annual ‘Summoner World Cup,’ with various categories, such as singles, doubles, and team matches, being highly popular.

Summing it up, it was a modern world leaning toward another direction of technology. After a year of understanding, Su Hao developed a strong interest in this world. It was so intense that his passion was almost burning, with the desire deep within constantly urging him to grow up quickly and explore this magical world.

What interested Su Hao wasn’t summoners or summoned beasts but space. He noticed that all the summoners and their summoned beasts shown on TV were summoned on the spot.

As if performing magic, they appear out of thin air.

Not only on TV, but Su Hao also witnessed the owner of the orphanage, known as ‘Sister Bai,’ summoning two huge wolf dogs in the central yard.

Now, the question arises.

Where do summoned beasts come from?

A different dimension?

Or somewhere else?

Su Hao’s thirst for knowledge has already ignited.

This world hides the secret of space!

“The knowledge of this world! I’m determined to grasp it!”

(End of this chapter)

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