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Chapter 220

Chapter 220: Eye of the World

After connecting with Yashan, Su Hao no longer paid attention to these extraordinary individuals.

The reason is simple: if the task is completed, everything is fine; if not, in just a month, the other party will lose the power of the extraordinary individuals again, and there won’t be any big waves.

The final result will not change!

After completing these tasks, Su Hao once again immersed himself in the laboratory, continuously recording the consciousness information of the small round mouse, then erasing it, recording again, and erasing again.

Trying various experiments.

In the end, Su Hao could even completely take control of the small round mouse’s body.

The principle is simple: just import pre-edited special brainwave signals into the consciousness information of the small round mouse, replacing its original brainwave signals.

The replacement process is not complicated; it only requires transmitting brainwave signals strong enough to override the original signals of the small round mouse, achieving remote control.

The success of the small round mouse experiment made Su Hao realize the functions that the ball space could achieve.

1. Freely record and erase consciousness.
2. Ultra-long-range exploration; here, ‘ultra-long-range’ can ignore spatial distance, meaning that as long as Su Hao records the consciousness of various world creatures, he can simultaneously see information from different worlds.
3. Can remotely transmit information to the person whose consciousness information is recorded.
4. To some extent, take over the body of the person whose consciousness information is recorded; it can also ignore spatial distance.
5. Can create a small city composed of small black rooms, providing an outlet for the consciousness locked in the small black rooms; but currently, this is not useful.
6. Consciousness will grow with the acquisition of useful information, and the addition of rules, but growth limits are restricted by the physical body.

Su Hao looked at the organized information, slowly contemplating how to maximize the effects of the ball space to quickly help him improve his strength.

Sitting in the study chair of the ball space, Su Hao took out a notebook, a pen mysteriously appearing in his hand, and began to write and draw, organizing his thoughts.

“Firstly, what I desire most is to gain more knowledge, explore the mysteries of the universe, and preferably stay alive to witness the scenery and magnificence of various worlds until eternity or the end of the universe.

Secondly, the way I acquire knowledge is not determined by me but depends on where the ball space takes me. I can only excavate useful knowledge from the worlds I visit.

Finally, to smoothly learn and acquire knowledge, what I need most is a significant amount of time. In summary, due to unknown reasons, there will be a fatal threat around 3-6 years old, and another one at 15-18 years old, possibly more in the future. However, as my strength increases, this threat becomes faint and negligible.

So, I need to ensure my survival in each world as much as possible while quickly learning the core knowledge of that world.”

After roughly organizing the information, Su Hao flipped the paper and continued writing and drawing.

“Since the purpose is clear, the methods come out!

Firstly, continuously perfect the ‘small black room’ until it is impenetrable. This task takes precedence and should be vigilant at all times because as long as the ball space is still mine, I have more opportunities; otherwise, everything is lost.

Secondly, make every effort to learn, absorb useful knowledge, and develop in all aspects. Strengthen my consciousness while finding a way to build a perfect body that can infinitely strengthen my body and consciousness.

However, currently, it seems unrealistic to speed up my learning!

But simple attempts can be made now, such as the function of the eye of the world.

Thirdly, use the function of the small black room to cultivate one or two long-term assistants who can be used for experiments at critical moments or try dangerous activities, avoiding direct risks.”

Then he continued writing: “Fourth, try to find a way to leave the coordinates of the world; after leaving this world, I actually want to know how this world will develop in the future! Maybe I can find a way back in the future!

Anything is possible!”

When Su Hao organized everything, he wrote the last line on the paper with a pen:

“Small black room!”

“Perfect body!”

“Eye of the world!”

“Long-term assistant!”

“Positioning universal coordinates!”

Two years passed in a hurry, and Su Hao turned thirty-three.

During these two years, he accomplished three things.

Firstly, he delved into perfecting the permissions function of the small black room. He had made the small black room incredibly secure, personally testing it, and no matter what he tried, he couldn’t break through.

This did not put Su Hao at ease; he understood that it was only unsolvable based on his existing knowledge. For someone with higher knowledge, it might not be unsolvable.

Secondly, he explored the idea of the ‘Eye of the World’ and made an attempt, theoretically succeeding!

The method was simple; it could be accomplished through the permissions of the ‘small black room.’

Su Hao first recorded the consciousness information of Yashan’s son, Heli. In doing so, Heli became Su Hao’s ‘Eye of the World.’

When Heli’s descendants were born, the ‘small black room’ automatically sent a message to Heli, requiring him to inject his vitality into the child’s entire brain when the child was one year old, recording the child’s consciousness information.

In this way, the ‘Eye of the World’ was passed down.

Su Hao named the process of inputting vitality as ‘Wisdom Inheritance of the God of Genesis.’

After Heli’s death, the small black room would automatically delete Heli’s consciousness information, and so on!

As for when this ‘Eye of the World’ would suddenly cut off, it was beyond Su Hao’s control.

To control the risk, Su Hao only recorded Heli.

Thirdly, progress was made towards the perfect body. Su Hao focused his attention on the integration of the eight extraordinary sequences, particularly the ‘God.’

After two years of adjustment, the success rate of evolving into a ‘God’ had reached 99.9%.

In other words, Su Hao evolving into the legendary ‘God’ was almost a certain event.

Su Hao exited the ball space, stood up and stretched, muttering to himself, “I wonder if this so-called ‘God’ can help me break through the constraints of the physical and mental aspects again!”

“In theory, the limits of the body can be surpassed, but the mental aspect is uncertain!”

Su Hao could have evolved into a ‘God’ long ago, but because there was no precedent to refer to, it was a very dangerous thing for him.

Moreover, after countless generations, Zhu Huoman had many Level-7 extraordinary individuals, but none had truly evolved into the legendary ‘God.’

Su Hao took a long breath, “No rush! First, explore every corner of this world thoroughly; there might be unexpected gains regarding the ‘God.’”

Thinking about it, Su Hao immediately transmitted a message to Yashan through the small black room, “Yashan, I’m going on a trip, and I don’t know when I’ll be back. If you need me, just shout ‘Call for Boss Wei,’ and I’ll be able to hear it.”

Yashan, who was inspecting the eight super-beast zones, suddenly paused, then immediately replied, “Understood, Boss Wei!”

The group of people following him looked at Yashan inexplicably.

They couldn’t help but wonder: Did Boss Wei just talk to Yashan boss? Why didn’t we hear it?

On the side, Meng Chuan looked admiringly!

Indeed, he is the ‘God of Genesis,’ Boss Wei! Truly omnipotent!

(End of this chapter)


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My Divine Diary

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