Chapter 22

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Chapter 22: Protagonist: Watch me trick him to death!

The protagonist, Ye Xingchen, became excited.

What is this?

This is an opportunity!

In the previous life, the demon king Lin Beifan made a fortune by investing in the stock market, almost hitting every skyrocketing stock as well as gold futures and so on. And then he quickly rose to power!

Now reborn, he must stop him!

At the very least, he must slow down his progress and not let him rise so quickly!

But how to trick him?

The other party is extremely intelligent and familiar with all walks of life. Plus, he has the smart woman Liu Rumei to help him. Ordinary reasons simply cannot convince him.

So, he definitely can’t speak nonsense!

He must come up with a rational and reasonable excuse!

After thinking for a moment, Ye Xingchen frowned, “I think the stock market is not good right now!”

Lin Beifan was taken aback, “Why do you say that?”

Liu Rumei was also puzzled.

“I am a bodyguard, I haven’t studied for many years, and I don’t understand profound theories, but I do know that the economy is not doing well right now! Not only is our country’s economy not doing well, but the global economy is also not doing well! So the stock market has been continuously plummeting, and everywhere is covered in green! So entering the stock market at this time is very risky. If you’re not careful, you’ll be taken advantage of!”

“The stock market is like this, and markets like futures and options must be volatile and unpredictable! I’ve heard that they even have leveraged trading, where 1 yuan can be used as 10 yuan, making the risk even higher!”

“As for bonds and the like, although the returns are relatively stable, the returns are too slow! Boss Lin, you came to this place to achieve results, the higher the returns, the better. You definitely won’t be interested in those small returns!”

“So I suggest not to get involved in securities investments for the time being!”

Liu Rumei was amazed. She didn’t expect a bodyguard like him to analyze things so thoroughly.

However, Lin Beifan narrowed his eyes. This protagonist indeed seemed a bit strange.

“That’s right, the global economy is not doing well right now, and the securities market is also very sluggish! Either the returns are low or the risks are high! But still, I recommend investing in the securities market!”

“Because our funds are limited, there aren’t many things we can invest in! Secondly, the securities market has relatively high liquidity. So when we discover problems, we can withdraw our funds in a timely manner to avoid losses!”

Liu Rumei expressed her own opinion.

Ye Xingchen secretly thought to himself that Liu Rumei isn’t as easily fooled as he thought. It seems that he needs to step up his efforts.

At this moment, Lin Beifan smiled and asked, “Brother Ye, you made a very reasonable point! But if we don’t invest in the securities market, what should we invest in? Can you give me a few suggestions?”

The protagonist, Ye Xingchen, pretended to be foolish and scratched the back of his head, chuckling, “I’m just an ignorant person, I don’t know what’s good to invest in! But if I had money, my first choice would definitely be to buy properties! Because properties hold their value and can be used for living or renting out. No matter how you calculate it, you won’t lose! And now the real estate market is so hot, property prices are getting higher and higher, so we can at least make some money!”

That was his first trick and recommendation.

Before his rebirth, due to the global economic downturn, everyone was broke and couldn’t afford houses. As a result, the booming real estate market of the last 20 years reached a turning point and plummeted.

Even in the economic centers of first-tier cities, property prices followed the downward trend.

Therefore, if the other party invests in real estate, not only will they not make any money, but their funds may also be trapped.

And he gave himself a way out by cleverly acting ignorant, saying that he didn’t know anything and it was normal for his suggestions to be wrong!

You can’t blame him if your investment direction is wrong, right?

At this point, Liu Rumei spoke up, “Currently, the domestic real estate market is indeed very hot! However, both domestic and global economies are starting to deteriorate, and as a result, the real estate industry, which relies on capital, will certainly enter a frozen period! It’s very unwise to enter the real estate industry now!”

“And another thing, our funds are still too little! With one hundred million, how many houses can we buy in Mo Hai City? It’s either too much to afford or not necessary to buy too little. There’s really no need to wade into these troubled waters!”

The protagonist, Ye Xingchen, once again looked at her with admiration.

No wonder she is the right-hand man of the Demon King, she even sees the future prospects of the real estate industry!

It seems that he must exert some effort.

“What about the education industry?”

Ye Xingchen said seriously, “As the saying goes, even if you’re poor, you can’t skimp on education, even if you’re suffering, you can’t let your children suffer! All parents do not want their children to lose out at the starting line, so they attach great importance to their education and are willing to invest. They will save money themselves but are willing to spend tens of thousands of yuan on their children’s tutoring classes!”

“Look, the education industry is booming in our country. It is said that the number of practitioners has reached tens of millions and the industry scale has reached trillions! This industry will not be affected by the economy, so we can invest in this area and guarantee substantial returns!”

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