Chapter 22

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Chapter 22 – Guild of the Setting Sun 3

As the royal family moved to acquire Ex, the adventurer’s guild lost its momentum and was facing an increasing number of failed missions.

“Failed mission again? This is already the 11th this month. We’ve exceeded last year’s annual fault in just three days,” the receptionist said with a troubled expression.

“Oh, sorry about that. But it’s strange! The enemies were stronger than usual. They’ve become tougher and faster in just a few days,” one adventurer replied.

“Kami juga kehabisan nafas di tengah jalan

“We also ran out of breath in the midway. Why? We’ve never had this problem before!”

All the adventurers who failed their missions unanimously claimed that all the enemies were one level stronger than before.

That’s impossible (laughs). Of course, the enemies’ strength was the same.

In other words, they were one level weaker. The cause was Aix.

The buff effect from Support 1, which included +1 Strength, +1 Agility, and +1 AP, had finally worn off after being active for too long last month.

The reason for their complaints was probably because of that.

“What’s wrong with you guys? You’re slacking off,” the guild master said in a good mood as he came down from the second-floor master room.

Although he was slightly overweight, he had a considerable amount of muscle from his past experience as an adventurer.

“Guild master, you seem to be in a good mood.”

“Ya know it! I bought a house with a temporary bonus. Hahaha.”

The guild master laughed and let his guard down.

“Please invite us once it is finished. Anyway, could you hold a temporary meeting and put in a buff magic?”

“Sure thing.”

“We haven’t been motivated lately.”

There was a rumor in this adventurer’s guild that if you received guidance from the guild master, you would become as strong as the zombies.

Actually, you could easily become stronger for some reason, and once you experienced it, you would become addicted.

“You guys are completely unreliable. Fine, I’ll do it.”

The drowning adventurers clung to the guild master like a straw.

And so, an emergency meeting was called.

Two hours later, the adventurers, who had gathered due to their poor condition, looked at the guild master with expectant and grateful eyes.

The guild master was a man who was idolized by himself.

He snorted with a haughty attitude.

“Ah, today is a special day! I will give a stern warning to you adventurers who are slacking off. First, I want you to have a high consciousness and the ability to think for yourselves on a daily basis…”

This is the peak of his glory!

Finally, the long speech ends, and the adventurers clap and cheer in joy that the painful time is over. Clap, clap, clap, clap, it is a song of liberation.

“Adventurers, receive buffs from Aries and work hard on your adventure.”

“Thank you, Guild Master!! Aries-chan, please give us your buffs!”

As some adventurers get excited, Aries, who has just come from another place, looks at the Guild Master skeptically.

“Guild Master? I thought this before, but I think it’s meaningless to cast buffs when we’re not even in combat?”

“Huh? Aries, you don’t have to think about that. That’s why newbies are like this. Just do what you’re told quickly.”

The Guild Master, who quickly denied Aries’ self-spoken thoughts, scolded the subordinate who didn’t listen to him.

“Okay, everyone, please line up. We will cast buffs in order, so be ready.”

“Wow! I’ve regained my strength. Thank you!”

The adventurers make satisfied expressions as they create their muscles.

Aries casts the desired buff spells one after another on the participants, who have regained their confidence and are happily playing around. They write on their faces that they won’t fail from tomorrow.

As a peaceful atmosphere flows, the Guild Master receives words of thanks from the participants, looking satisfied.

It was thought that the temporary meeting would end as a great success, but as they went on in order of the adventurers who received buffs in the beginning, they began to make weird faces more and more.

Clearly confused and bewildered.

“Wait, could it be that the buffs have already expired?”

“That’s right. It’s already gone.”

“Could it be that Aries-chan is a subpar mage?”

The unfounded accusations were directed at Aries. A look of shock appeared on her face.

“What?! Wait, everyone, what are you talking about? Buff spells only last for 10 minutes, you know?”

The adventurers looked at each other’s faces, watching Aries with lukewarm eyes.

“No, no, buffs are useless if they don’t last for at least a month.”

“Aries-chan has a different specialization, so I’m not angry about it.”

“That defective mage was a buff specialist afterall?”

Aries starts to feel flustered.

“That’s impossible. I swear it. The buff magic lasts at most 10 minutes!”

This is a seal of approval from a magic specialist. In other words, they can no longer receive support through buffs like they have been until now.

“Huh? Isn’t that bad?”

“Yeah, it’s pretty bad when you can’t use your former power.”

“I have an idea! Let’s call in a replacement buff magician!”

“That’s why you’re an idiot! Didn’t you listen? There’s no one like that!”

Someone murmured.

“Could it be that Aix was actually amazing?”

Like a small stone thrown into the water, this statement quietly spread ripples that grew larger and larger.

Adventurers looked at each other.

“So, was the rumor that Aix was a defective magician wrong?”

“Why was he called a defective magician anyway? Who called him that?”

“Anyway, we can’t survive without that buff anymore.”

There was only one conclusion. They had to ask Aix to cast the buff magic again. They reached the conclusion that there was no other way to regain their past glory and someone raised their voice.

“Guildmaster, we need Aix. You were the one who chased him out, so it’s your responsibility to bring him back, right!?”

“Yeah, that’s right!”

The guild master faltered as he was stared at with serious eyes. The Guild Card destruction incident was still fresh in everyone’s memory, so it was only natural that he would be criticized.

“You guys, calm down. I’ve already talked to Aix about coming back. When he returns, he’ll be the first to do it.”

Many people breathed a sigh of relief at his words, but one person’s stomach was hurting badly.

The guild master looked carefree as he looked at the receptionist he had asked to do a simple errand a few days ago.

“Come to think of it, I haven’t heard the report on that matter. What’s going on with that, receptionist? You haven’t been showing your face much, when is Aix coming?”

Amidst the gazes of the adventurers, the receptionist answered in a sulky manner.

“Well… Aix isn’t coming.”

“What?! You haven’t reported anything until now, what have you been doing?!”

The guild master slammed his desk and intimidated the receptionist, causing her to reverse her attitude.

“First of all, it’s your fault, guild master! Someone has said that it’s your du to come and apologize to him!”

“What?! I’m supposed to apologize? To whom?”

The imposing boar looked perplexed.

The receptionist’s hand trembled as she grabbed the guild master’s neck.

“What?! Are you stupid?! It’s Aix-san! Apologize to Aix-san!!”

The receptionist turned into a righteous mob, tightening her grip on the bewildered guild master.

The remorseful bear.

By the way, the receptionist hasn’t apologized to Aix either, but that wasn’t relevant now.

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