Chapter 22

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Chapter 22: Successful Creation, Art of Manipulating the Five Senses!

This is a Ming Dynasty without extraordinary powers.

Imperial authority reigns supreme, scholars enter the court, sharing governance with the emperor.

The powerless common people can only submit to imperial authority and scholars, living in days of toil without hope, working from sunrise to sunset.

At this point, Lin Beifan begins to edit.

He adds martial arts sects such as Shaolin, Wudang, Emei, Kongtong, Huashan, etc., scattered across the famous rivers and landscapes of Daxia.

These martial arts sects are indispensable.

Without these martial arts sects, there would be no jianghu, and certainly no martial arts.

After constructing the framework of the martial arts world, Lin Beifan continues to edit, infusing extraordinary powers and introducing the concept of martial arts.

“This world has martial arts!”

“Martial arts are techniques that make people stronger. The higher the cultivation, the stronger the power!”

“To practice martial arts, one starts with standing meditation!”

“Standing meditation is to make the body stronger!”

“After strengthening the body, one can cultivate martial arts. Through unique methods, extract energy from food, circulate it throughout the body, open the eight extraordinary meridians, and store it in the dantian!”

“This extraordinary energy is called internal force!”

“The more internal force, the more meridians opened, the stronger the power!”

“Each sect has its own cultivation methods, not easily divulged!”

“Among them, Shaolin has the Yijin Jing, Golden Bell Shield, Arhat Fist, and 72 ultimate skills…”

“Wudang has Tai Chi Quan, Tai Chi Swordsmanship, Pure Yang Infinite Skill…”

As Lin Beifan continues to edit, this world becomes more and more perfect.

Until finally, Lin Beifan stops, and the world continues to evolve.

With more people practicing martial arts, distinctions in skill levels become evident.

To differentiate everyone’s strength, the martial arts world categorizes martial arts experts into four levels.

1. **Inferior Experts**: These are formidable individuals who have not yet cultivated internal force. After years of training, they possess robust bodies, agile movements, and can easily handle a few opponents. They are considered skilled individuals and are the most common in the martial arts world.

2. **Third-rate Experts**: These are experts who have successfully cultivated internal force. They have opened 1-6 meridians, possess 1-10 years of internal force cultivation, and can handle a dozen opponents. They have established themselves in the martial arts community.

3. **Second-rate Experts**: These are seasoned experts with years of cultivation. They have opened 7-12 meridians, possess 10-20 years of internal force cultivation, and can handle dozens of opponents. They are powerful enough to confront a well-equipped small army without a disadvantage. These experts are well-known in the martial arts world and hold considerable influence.

4. **First-rate Experts**: These are the top-tier powerhouses in the martial arts world. They have opened all 12 meridians and have started to open the eight extraordinary meridians. With over 20 years of internal force cultivation, each move can split mountains and rocks, and simple actions like plucking leaves can be deadly. They are usually the leaders or elders of various sects, possessing immense strength and status. If involved in the military, they would be figures akin to generals.

As everyone’s strength increases, desires grow, leading some individuals to behave recklessly, engaging in arson, murder, and plunder. Some sects start wars against each other, attempting to unify the martial arts world and become the leaders of the martial arts alliance. Ambitious figures secretly recruit soldiers, train experts, aiming to overthrow the imperial court and become the emperor.

The world becomes chaotic, with power struggles, conflicts, and ambitions unfolding. It’s a time where violence becomes the dominant theme, with each faction vying for supremacy.

This world continues to evolve without any signs of collapse.

This clearly indicates—

“I have successfully created the world!” Lin Beifan rejoices.

After a month of effort, he has finally achieved success!

He has successfully crafted a world with extraordinary powers, and it’s precisely the martial arts world he has been yearning for!

The success of creation means he can receive rewards once again!

As he thinks about it, the “Great Dream Heart Sutra” within him radiates a dazzling array of colors, flipping pages continuously. It reaches the second page and releases a burst of colorful light, entering Lin Beifan’s mind.

Lin Beifan closes his eyes, quickly absorbing the information within.

The Art of Manipulating the Five Senses, one of the top divine abilities of the “Great Dream Heart Sutra.”

When a person enters a dream, their consciousness can replace the consciousness of others, manipulating their senses and body to perform actions.

In this process, the other party remains completely unaware.

It can be used on people with a cultivation level lower than oneself, with no limit on the number of targets.

After absorbing the information, Lin Beifan opens his eyes, his face filled with excitement.

“This divine ability is incredible! It can manipulate others, allowing me to do whatever I want while making them bear the consequences. It’s much more practical than the The Art of Dreaming for a Millennium!”

In an instant, hundreds of usage methods flood Lin Beifan’s mind.

Each method is particularly despicable, shameless, and morally corrupt.

“Whether it’s wealth, status, or clandestine activities, this divine ability opens up endless possibilities.”

“Now, who should I target first?”

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