Chapter 219

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Chapter 219: I don’t like rude people!

After injecting every mutant with the ‘Mutant Dormancy’ serum, Su Hao sent them all to Yashan to be taken to the experimental base in Temple Forest City.

Su Hao had three purposes for these mutants:

1. Experimentation and gene information collection.
2. Rapid integration of all the power in Seven Cities to build the Super Mutant Zone and accelerate the pace of transformation.
3. Dispatch them to guard various Super Mutant Zones, becoming the guardians of those zones.

Su Hao’s plan involved implanting a ‘Gene Virus 2’ targeting fragment into these mutants, making them like the mutants in the Super Mutant Zone—unable to leave or even approach the zone’s edge.

The Super Mutant Zone became their prison.

These mutants, aged between sixties and seventies, would soon pass away in another five or six decades, creating no significant waves.

However, things couldn’t be rushed. To make them obedient, Su Hao needed to get close to them at the experimental base.

At this moment, the overall development trend of this world had become relatively fixed, and there were no more obstacles ahead.

First, Su Hao sequentially implanted gene fragments attacking with ‘Gene Toxin 2’.

Next, he designed a gene fragment capable of synthesizing ‘Extraordinary Gene Inhibitor Protein’ and implanted it in them. This gene’s function was simple—continuously produce the ‘Extraordinary Gene Inhibitor Protein.’ When the protein reached a certain concentration, it would suppress and seal the mutant’s extraordinary abilities, turning them into a powerful but ordinary person.

This was Su Hao’s means of controlling these mutants.

The inhibitory protein accumulated slowly, reaching sufficient density after one month. In other words, if a seventh-level mutant didn’t receive the inhibitor clearing agent provided by Su Hao after a month, they would become a powerful but ordinary person!

For obedient ones, Su Hao distributed the clearing agent every month. For disobedient ones, he didn’t need to intervene personally; stopping the supply of the clearing agent would make them prey for the powerful mutants in the Super Mutant Zone, just like the life and death symbols used by Tianshan Tonglao.

And this technique of Su Hao’s might not be deciphered by them even after several hundred years.

This was a dimensional reduction attack!

For them, this was an incomprehensible method.

Finally, Su Hao put corresponding restraints on them and woke them all up.

Upon waking, everyone instinctively tried to resist and break free, but they all realized that their powerful abilities had disappeared.

It was like turning on a light, where the light and electricity were present, but the switch was nowhere to be found!

It was a peculiar sensation, causing everyone to feel a suffocating urge to spit out blood.

Things hadn’t been going well during this period outside. It should be said that ever since the inexplicable emergence of the Temple Forest Society, things had started going downhill for them.

Unable to break free, the group began observing their surroundings and saw Su Hao standing quietly, observing them.

Handsome, mature, with a gentle expression, but cold eyes.

A burly man roared, “Hey! Kid over there, hurry up and help grandpa undo this.”

Su Hao recognized him as one of the three “Rongzi,” exceptionally powerful in physical strength.

Not everyone was as reckless as the “Rongzi.” Most, upon seeing their own state and Su Hao’s relaxed demeanor, immediately understood their situation.

Their brains quickly worked: Where is this? Who captured them? Why were they captured? How to escape…


No answers.

Su Hao remained silent until everyone settled down, then slowly spoke, revealing their predicament, “First, I’ve planted a toxin in you, rendering your mutant abilities useless. Essentially, I’ve deprived you of your strength. The antidote is in my hands. With it, you can regain your power. However, it’s not absolute. One month later, the poison will act again, and you’ll lose your strength once more. In other words, every month, if you don’t get my antidote, you’ll be as weak as you are now.”

As Su Hao finished speaking, the burly “Rongzi” erupted, shouting, “Trying to threaten grandpa? Go to hell! Spit!”

Su Hao extended his hand, forming a long knife, and walked slowly forward.



Blood sprayed high, a head rolled on the ground, and the “Rongzi” stared angrily until death.

Everyone watched with a chilling spine. The powerful seventh-level mutant “Rongzi” had died so easily!


A sixth-level mutant saw his Boss decapitated, struggled excitedly, and glared fiercely at Su Hao, “Bastard, come at me!”


The blade flashed.


A head soared and fell to the ground, rolling next to his Boss, both dead.

Everyone widened their eyes, afraid to move, looking at Su Hao in terror.

At this moment, Su Hao spoke slowly, “While I’m still talking, I don’t like being interrupted!”

With a swing, he flicked the blood off the knife, and the blade dissolved and disappeared.

Su Hao seemed to remember something, “Oh, I forgot to introduce myself. I am Wei, the ‘God of Genesis’ of the Temple Forest Society!”


Everyone collectively gasped. The name of the ‘God of Genesis’ Wei had been widely known in recent years. They knew this was the deity worshipped by the Temple Forest Society, a status surpassing even the common deity of the Zhu Hua People, the ‘Great God Zhu.’

Unexpectedly, an immensely powerful deity stood before them.

“No wonder a group of seventh-level mutants was utterly powerless. It turns out we were defeated by a ‘God’!” The realization that they were defeated by a deity somewhat eased their minds.

This was embarrassing!

Following this was confusion: Is there really a ‘God’ in this world?

The person before them, despite appearing excessively young, didn’t seem like a “God.” However, the undeniable strength that instantly defeated them couldn’t be fake.

Observing the quiet scene, Su Hao expressed satisfaction, “It seems you still have basic manners, willing to let me finish speaking!”

Su Hao extended two fingers, “Secondly, you are now my prisoners and need to work for me. I don’t want your lives unless you don’t want to live! What I need you to do is simple: go back to your respective cities, announce your affiliation with the ‘Temple Forest Society,’ and cooperate in completing organizational restructuring.”

Pausing, Su Hao continued, “Each of you has only one month. If, after a month, you can’t give me a satisfactory answer, you won’t be able to get the antidote from me. Once you become an ordinary person, you won’t need me to intervene; your subordinates will tear you into pieces and devour you.”

Su Hao revealed a mysterious smile, “Whether it’s true or not, you can boldly try. Failure means certain death!”

Su Hao extended a third finger, “Thirdly, after dealing with matters in your own city, you need to enter the Super Mutant Zone for guard duty as a zone guardian. Your job is to protect the Mutant Zone from destruction; there will be detailed instructions later. Friendly reminder: don’t think about running out of the Mutant Zone because you’ll inexplicably die.”

Seeing everyone looking perplexed, Su Hao, in a thoughtful gesture, distributed a small booklet to each person, saying, “Follow what the booklet says!”

Afterwards, Su Hao waved his hand, releasing everyone.

The freed individuals didn’t make any rash moves, instead, they watched Su Hao with suspicion, the mysterious man crowned with the title of the “God of Genesis.”

Because they knew: act, and you die; observe quietly, and you might live.

Su Hao took out a small bottle, saying, “This is the antidote. Just one pill, and you’ll regain your strength, but it only lasts for a month. Please cherish the time.”

After distributing the antidote, Su Hao pointed to the door, “Alright, you can go now. Return here within thirty days to collect the second batch of antidotes.”

Dozens of people were stunned.

“You’re letting us go just like that?” A huge doubt arose in their minds, along with a surreal feeling.

But they were all shrewd individuals, refraining from asking silly questions, exemplified by the guy whose head had rolled to the side.

Silently, the group left Su Hao’s experimental base.

Outside the city, they faced an awkward question: To take the antidote or not? Who should take it first? If someone recovers first, will they take advantage and eliminate everyone? If they all take it together and it’s poisonous, will they all die together?

(End of this chapter)

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