Chapter 218

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Chapter 218: Unstoppable Boss Wei

In the activated ‘Fire Dragon Thunder Domain,’ sparks and electric light rampage.

Su Hao wasted no time; he changed direction, surged forward, and instantly arrived next to the stiff and burnt [Mingzi], thrusting a dagger generated at hand into the neck.


Following closely, a dense array of diamond spikes emerged from [Mingzi’s] body, turning him into a hedgehog, immobile.

Su Hao’s figure didn’t stop, turning to another [Mingzi], repeating the process, impaling both level-seven [Mingzi] together.

Casually pulling out a vial of reagent, Su Hao injected each [Mingzi].

In just two breaths, both [Mingzi] lost consciousness.

Su Hao loosened his grip, and the two [Mingzi] freely fell from the high altitude.

As for the remaining [Xuzi] and [Quanzi], the cells scattered in the airspace were almost burned away in the eruption of the ‘Fire Dragon Thunder Domain.’ Now, they reverted to their original forms, barely falling down, not yet reaching the ground.

Su Hao descended, administered a shot to each one, and all of them lost consciousness moments later.

“Bang Bang Bang!”

Six bodies successively thudded heavily on the ground, emitting a peculiar muffled sound.

With one ‘Fire Dragon Thunder Domain,’ six level-seven mutants were wiped out in an instant!

At this moment, the forty-plus level-six and level-seven mutants on the ground were all dumbfounded.

They stopped, raised their heads, eyes fixed on the handsome armor freely shuttling through the sky, adopting an appearance of facing a formidable enemy.

The enormous fireball pressing upon them in the sky had gradually disappeared, and the figure in the armor became clear.

Finally, someone couldn’t help but ask, “What was that just now?”

However, no one answered because no one knew.

The people present were among the highest echelons in this world, with the broadest and most diverse experiences, but none could explain what had just happened.

This scene exceeded their realm of understanding.

A sense of unease began to brew in their hearts.

The people above must be from the Temple Forest Association, but what exactly is this Temple Forest Association?

At this moment, someone asked a unsettling speculation: “Was that a [god]?”

This speculation was immediately refuted, “A [god] is just a boring legend! How could there really be [god]? At your age, don’t you understand this?”

Saying this, even he wasn’t sure if the armored figure above was the legendary [god].

But whether the other party was a [god] or not, military discipline couldn’t be disrupted at this moment.

“But I’ve lived for quite some time, and I’ve never seen such a scene!”

“Don’t even dare to think about it, let alone seeing it!”

At this point, someone began to have a sense of retreat. Those who could reach level six or seven were not fools.

They also cherished the strength and status they had gained so hard.

Once dead, there would be nothing left.

However, at this moment, someone stepped forward to inspire the others.

“Don’t be afraid! We still have over a dozen level-sevens and thirty level-six mutants here. If we work together, we can defeat him!”

“Some will distract, while others look for opportunities to strike a heavy blow!”

“That’s right! After defeating him, each of us can share a piece of flesh.”

“As long as he dares to come, I can smash him with one punch!”

However, everyone subconsciously ignored the fact that none of them could fly, making them powerless against Su Hao flying in the sky.

For Su Hao, hovering in the sky was like offering himself as a lamb for slaughter.

Yet, Su Hao obviously didn’t want to drop bombs from the sky; the efficiency was too low. Because if they didn’t die from the explosion, he would still have to harvest them everywhere.

It was better to take advantage of their relatively concentrated positions and sweep them away in one go.


Su Hao landed on the ground, his feet heavily stomping, and the transparent diamond armor, with him as the center, rapidly spread out in all directions. In just a moment, it expanded to a range of over three thousand meters, encompassing everyone.

Then, a large number of circular pattern engravings were completed.

Of course, during this process, some tried to seize the land use rights, but without exception, Su Hao’s massive blood energy broke through all their attempts.

It was only at this moment that all the level-six and level-seven mutants realized the severity of the situation.

“He’s a level-seven [Child of Fate]!”

“Oh no! We’ve entered the [Child pf Fate]’s domain!”

“Run quickly!”

Everyone knew that [Child of Fate] had a deadly ability, ‘Decay’! It could use life as a cost to make all creatures within the domain ‘decay’ and die, and no one could resist it!

Now, they had stepped into the [Child of Fate]’s domain, meaning that as long as this incredibly powerful [Child of Fate] was willing to sacrifice lifespan, he could wipe them all out in one go.

“Don’t be afraid! With such a large range, it takes time for him to initiate ‘Decay.’ Run quickly, and we still have a chance!”

Everyone scattered in panic, fleeing beyond Su Hao’s domain.

However, everyone guessed wrong; Su Hao wasn’t initiating ‘Decay’ but rather ‘Thunder Domain.’

“Boom, boom, boom—”

The sound of thunder echoed continuously, turning the three-thousand-meter radius into an ocean of lightning.

No one could escape; they were all struck down by lightning on the spot.

The [Jingzi] who were faster, about a thousand meters away from the edge of the domain, were electrocuted and fell to the ground.

Soon, a massive and incredibly hard diamond armor rose from under their feet, tightly enveloping them, forming a colossal crystal monument over thirty meters high. Then, sharp diamond spikes emerged from the inside, piercing their bodies densely, fixing them firmly in the crystal monument, like insects sealed in amber.

“Crack, crack, crack!”

Unexpectedly, three of the crystal monuments emitted cracking sounds.

Su Hao looked toward the sound and saw three giants, each twenty meters tall, with dark red skin emitting a peculiar luster, and the inner diamond spikes couldn’t penetrate their skin.

“Is [Rongzi] from [Strong People] sequence? Pretty impressive!” Su Hao said, waving his hand. More diamond armor rose from around the three of them. As they broke free from the crystal monuments, Su Hao firmly enclosed them again.

But it wasn’t over; inscriptions began to appear on the crystal monuments surrounding them.


As the runes activated, a large number of diamond spikes protruded from the inside of the crystal monument, piercing the bodies of the three [Rongzi].


Painful roars echoed out; after being pierced by the diamond spikes, they had no strength left to struggle.


The entire inscription covered them again, and the three giant [Rongzi] remained motionless.

Through the transparent diamond armor, their angry gazes could vaguely be seen directed at Su Hao.

However, the angry glares were of no use; everything was settled, and their fate was sealed, ready to be slaughtered.

Yashan, along with Meng Chuan and Ash, walked slowly behind Su Hao.

At this moment, all three of them wore expressions of confusion.

What just happened? In the blink of an eye, Boss Wei had taken down everyone.

They hadn’t even had a chance to greet Boss Wei!

It could only be said that Boss Wei’s strength exceeded the understanding of the three of them. A thought involuntarily emerged in their minds: Could one person really reach such a level?

Yashan still wore an expression of disbelief, opening his mouth to say, “Boss Wei, this…”

In fact, Yashan didn’t know what to say! He just felt that Boss Wei’s figure was truly majestic, like a god.

And this was their recognized leader!

Meng Chuan and Ash indeed couldn’t snap out of it for a long time. It was as if the perfect world constructed by their brains had been shattered by Boss Wei, making it difficult for them to organize their chaotic thoughts for a while.

It wasn’t until the image of Huiyang City Square and the colossal statue of the **Genesis God** above the ‘Genesis Temple’ surfaced in their minds that all their thoughts, like finding a center, began to connect and form a new worldview, with the statue of the **Genesis God** as the focal point.

The **Genesis God** Boss Wei is invincible, omnipotent.

With this understanding, everything made sense.

After Yashan slightly calmed his emotions, he directly asked, “Boss Wei, should we kill these people directly?”

Su Hao thought for a moment and said, “It depends on the intention of your Temple Forest Association. If you want to use them, they still have some usefulness. If you find it troublesome, you can kill them all.”

Yashan was puzzled, “What do you mean?”

Su Hao said, “These people have strong abilities and enough prestige in various cities. If you can use them, it might speed up the establishment of the other seven ‘Super Beast Zones.’

Most importantly, once the eight Beast Zones are established, there will inevitably be a need for someone to guard them around the clock to prevent any accidents. To be honest, with the talent of your Temple Forest Association alone, it’s far from enough.”

Su Hao pointed to the massive crystal monuments ahead, saying, “And these powerful mutants right in front of you are just right for the job.”

Yashan nodded, agreeing with Boss Wei’s words, but still had a doubt, “Boss Wei, will they obediently listen?”

Su Hao revealed a mysterious smile, “Of course, nothing is impossible!”

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