Chapter 217

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Chapter 217: This cunning little bitch, calculating the Tianmen to the death!

A figure appeared on a nearby mountain peak.

This person was wearing a simple gray daoist robe, with a yin-yang Bagua pattern on the back. They were holding a fly-whisk in their hand, with white hair but a rosy complexion, giving off an aura of transcendence and wisdom, resembling a hermit from the secular world.

Although they didn’t exude any imposing aura, no one dared to underestimate them!

To be able to face the Tianmen Sect Master head-on, they must be a formidable character!

The head of the Wudang Sect proudly introduced, “This is our Wudang Sect senior uncle, Daoist Liao Chen! He has been in seclusion for a century and only recently came out of seclusion. He heard that we are here to eradicate demons and uphold justice, so he came to lend a hand!”

“So, it turns out to be Senior Uncle Liao Chen. I thought he had already passed away, but he’s still alive. Truly an immortal being!”

“He has long been a grandmaster, achieving unity of man and nature. It’s not surprising that he lives a long life, is it?”

“Another grandmaster! It’s worthy of the Wudang Sect, with such profound heritage!”

Everyone was filled with admiration and awe towards the Wudang Sect.

The Tianmen Sect Master’s expression of fear and apprehension grew heavier.

A grandmaster alone, he could ignore.

But two grandmasters, he could not ignore.

After all, no matter how strong he was, he could only deal with one grandmaster. He wouldn’t stand a chance against two grandmasters.

Moreover, these two grandmasters possessed such deep heritage.

However, his tone remained firm, “Another old geezer! But even if you all attack together, you won’t be able to stop me!”

“May the Buddha bless you! Fellow cultivator, you are lost in delusion. You should know that by relinquishing your butcher’s knife, you can become a Buddha immediately!”

“You wicked sinner, die!”

The two grandmasters made their move together.

The Tianmen Sect Master fought against them alone!

They fought so fiercely that the heavens and earth crumbled, and the sun and moon lost their radiance!

Meanwhile, the righteous sects below, seeing that their side had two grandmasters, their morale skyrocketed, rushing towards the Tianmen Sect with great fervor.

On the other hand, the Tianmen disciples had low morale and could only resist passively. The mountain gate was quickly breached.

“Charge, kill all the demonic heads!”

“Victory is within sight!”

“Establish a name for ourselves, now is the time, haha!”

Everyone excitedly rushed in, shouting loudly.

The Tianmen Sect Master, who was fighting against two grandmasters alone, watched with fury, “You all deserve to die!”

He was unexpectedly struck by the old Daoist’s palm, and then he entered the Tianmen Sect with a violent killing intent, sweeping through like a storm, killing all the righteous sect disciples along the way.

The path was strewn with corpses, staining the road red with blood.

For a while, the righteous sect disciples were frightened and dared not advance.

It was only when the two grandmasters arrived that the Tianmen Sect Master had no choice but to retreat.

In the end, the Tianmen Sect Master, outnumbered and injured, fled.

“Remember this, all of you! I will definitely avenge this grudge!”

Without the protection of the Tianmen Sect Master, the Tianmen Sect was like a tiger with broken teeth and limbs, subjected to bullying and slaughter.

Within the span of a joss stick, the mountain gate was once again breached, with countless casualties.

As a result, the once formidable Tianmen Sect, which stood side by side with the Wudang and Shaolin Sects, was finally annihilated!

However, the various sects gained no benefits from this.
After this battle, they had all suffered heavy losses and their strength was greatly diminished.

The martial world, as a result, lost some of its luster and tranquility descended upon it.

The Great Martial Imperial Palace, morning court.

Guo, the head of the Sixth Ministry, excitedly reported, “Your Majesty, all the various sects besieged Tianmen, and now Tianmen’s mountain gate has been breached, resulting in numerous casualties! Five of the innate masters of Tianmen perished in this battle, while the other five all lost their lives as well! The Tianmen Sect’s Master was no match for the two grandmasters from Shaolin and Wudang and fled with injuries. His whereabouts are unknown!”

The Empress was delighted, “Good! Very good! Excellent!”

Guo continued his enthusiastic report, “In addition, the various sects also suffered heavy losses in the siege! According to my estimation, there were over 20,000 martial artists who participated in the attack on Tianmen, but more than tens of thousands are now buried at Tianmen Mountain! The strength of the martial world has greatly diminished, reducing the threat to the court. Please take note of this, Your Majesty!”

The Empress became even happier and clapped her hands with laughter, “This is wonderful! Our country’s situation is unstable, and the martial world is in turmoil! But after this battle, not only did we eliminate the major threat of Tianmen, but we also weakened the strength of the martial world, maintaining the rule of our dynasty! Guo, not only have you redeemed your past mistakes, but you have also accomplished great deeds! Haha!”

Guo beamed and modestly said, “It’s not my merit; everything was guided wisely by Your Majesty. The credit all goes to you!”

The Empress playfully scolded him, “You, you… Since you entered the court as an official, you haven’t learned any other skills, but you’re quite skilled at flattery! Haha!”

Guo hung his head, looking very embarrassed.

“This is a significant achievement and must be rewarded!”

The Empress said happily, “For all members of the Six-Doors involved in this matter, reward each of them with a thousand liang of silver! As for the main responsible persons like Liuqing, Lieyang, reward each of them with ten thousand liang of silver and promote them by one rank!”

“In addition, there’s Guo, you! You were fully responsible for this matter, not only eliminating Tianmen but also weakening the strength of the martial world, safeguarding the rule of our dynasty. Your contributions are immense! Therefore, reward you with ten thousand liang of silver and one hundred mu of fertile land! You will also be promoted by one rank and remain in charge of the Six Ministries. Kneel and receive the honor!”

Guo was ecstatic!

To him, the other rewards were just icing on the cake.

But being promoted by one rank, becoming a second-grade official of the court, was an unprecedented honor!

You see, the total head of the Six Doors had always been a third-grade official.

Since the establishment of the Six Doors, there had never been a total head who became a second-grade official of the court. He was breaking new ground!

He might not be the most powerful total head in history, but he was undoubtedly the most outstanding one!

His name would be recorded in the annals of history!

“Thank you, Your Majesty, for your great kindness!” Guo exclaimed loudly.

The officials at the court all cast envious glances at him.

What kind of luck was this guy having recently? How did he achieve success one after another?

Now he was even promoted out of the ordinary. It was truly something to be jealous of!

“Guo, now tell us how you wiped out Tianmen and weakened the martial world,” the Empress asked with a delightful smile, her eyes unconsciously drifting towards Lin Beifan.

“Reporting to Your Majesty, all of this was thanks to the Vice Governor of the Dedian Prefecture and the Principal of the Imperial Academy, Lin Beifan!” Guo said loudly, “It was Lin Beifan who came up with a brilliant plan, allowing us of the Six Doors to accomplish such great achievements!”

The Empress was taken aback and smiled, “Indeed, it must be Sir Lin! Without leaving the capital, he managed to annihilate Tianmen!”

Then, Guo vividly described the whole process. Lin Beifan provided a forbidden cultivation method that rapidly consumed one’s life force and had the Six Doors deliver it into the hands of the Tianmen Sect’s Master. Once he got hold of this wicked technique, he not only castrated all the members of his sect but also forced them to cultivate it, increasing their strength while simultaneously provoking enmity.

Afterward, he spread rumors to portray Tianmen as a demonic and heretical sect.

Then, with Lin Beifan’s help behind the scenes, they united various sects to destroy Tianmen.

Finally, Tianmen was destroyed, and the Sect’s Master escaped with injuries.

The threat to the court was resolved.

From beginning to end, they didn’t pay much price and easily wiped out Tianmen!

When the officials in the court heard this, they couldn’t help but shake their heads and sigh.


Too cunning!

This sly and crafty person calculated Tianmen from start to finish! It seems that we must keep our distance from him in the future. Otherwise, we might get fooled without even realizing it!

Only the Empress was extremely delighted, “This method is truly marvelous, astounding! Sir Lin, you have accomplished another great deed. But we will temporarily keep this achievement in mind, and later on, we will reward you accordingly!”

“Thank you, Your Majesty,” Lin Beifan bowed.

In the evening, when it was time to finish work, Guo, the head of the Sixth Doors, unexpectedly came with a group of people, carrying several large boxes.

Lin Beifan was puzzled when he saw them, “Master Guo, why do you have the time to come now? At this time, shouldn’t you be taking your brothers to celebrate with drinks?”

Guo had a beaming smile on his face, “Drinking is indeed in order! But before we drink, let’s present a gift first!”

Lin Beifan chuckled, “Do we really need to exchange gifts between us? Besides, do you see anything missing here?”

“This gift, Sir Lin, you will definitely like it!” Guo leaned in closer and whispered, “In these boxes are the treasures of Tianmen, with a total value of 5 million liang! We thought that instead of letting these treasures go to those cheap martial artists, it would be better to give them to you! So, while all the various sects besieged Tianmen, we secretly moved these treasures out from inside! Please accept them!”

Lin Beifan’s eyes lit up. He unexpectedly received additional income!

5 million liang!

It wasn’t a small amount, and it made him quite excited!

He could reject anything, except he couldn’t resist the temptation of money!

Lin Beifan smiled, “How can I accept such a generous gift? Besides, what I have here is already sufficient.”

“It’s fine to accept it! It’s fine to accept it!” Guo also smiled happily.

All along, he and the Sixth Doors were indebted to Lin Beifan. He reduced many casualties and achieved merits, leading to promotions and titles. He was full of gratitude towards Lin Beifan!

But there wasn’t much they could do to repay him, which made them feel quite guilty!

Knowing that Lin Beifan was fond of money and treasures, they saw this great opportunity. Seizing the chaos outside, they secretly moved the gold, silver, and treasures from Tianmen and gifted them to Lin Beifan.

Now it seemed that they made the right choice!

The other party was very pleased and readily accepted.

Guo was extremely happy. This kind of mutual giving and receiving deepened their friendship!

In the future, when they encountered problems, they could directly and openly seek Lin Beifan’s advice.

With Lin Beifan’s help, wouldn’t the next promotion and title come much sooner?


This was a win-win situation, and everyone was very happy!

“Sir Lin, our banquet at the Sixth Doors is about to begin. Would you honor us with your presence?” Guo extended the invitation.

“I’d be honored!” Lin Beifan waved his hand, “Today is a very joyous day. I’ll bring over a few casks of fine wine from my cellar, and we’ll all have a great time tonight!”

“Haha, I’ll thank you on behalf of those little rascals!” Guo said with gratitude.

That night, everyone drank merrily and joyfully.

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