Chapter 217 – Zhan Qingchen carved Su Shi into her Dao Heart?

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Seeing the white-clothed figure, all the elders froze.

Surprisingly, it was him?

The most popular figure of the younger generation.

At the age of twenty, he had broken through from the Golden Elixir Realm to the Nascent Soul Realm, a supreme genius with Holy-grade perfect talent, and his talent and enlightenment were unmatched even by Zhan Qingchen.

Even if they were far in the North, they had long heard of Su Shi’s great reputation.

But why would this person appear in Tianji Pavilion?

Sikong Lanyue spoke, “This is Duke Su Shi, I don’t think I need to do much introduction, you all must already know him.”

“It’s really him!”

“Why is Su Shi here?”

“He, isn’t he someone from the Demonic path?!!!”

The elders suddenly chimed in.

Listening to the murmurs of the crowd, Sikong Lanyue’s voice sounded clear and sharp.

“Shengzi Su was invited here by me.”

“He has merit for saving Qingchen’s life, and not long ago he even finished off the demon dragon in Xuefeng City and saved some of our sect disciples once again, so our Tianji Pavilion has a great debt to him.”

“You still don’t say hello?”

The elders looked at each other, but they could only cup their hands in greeting, “Greetings to Shengzi Su.”

Su Shi was not impressed.

There was no need to engage in such hypocritical politeness because the path was different.

He came for Zhan Qingchen and didn’t care what others thought.

Seeing his lazy appearance, the faces of the elders looked a little ugly.

They are still the powerhouses of the Incarnated God Realm and Tribulation Realm, but the other party seems to have no respect for them at all!

The Great Elder asked in a loud voice, “Then why did the Sect Patriarch suddenly open Wendao Cliff?”

“This is the second reason I invited him here.”

Sikong Lanyue said, “Su Shi and Zhan Qingchen, today, will prove their dao hearts at Wendao Cliff.”


People were shocked to hear these words.

Putting Zhan Qingchen aside, Su Shi was also allowed to enter Wendao Cliff?

“Sect Patriarch, this is inappropriate!”

“Wendao Cliff can only be used by direct disciples!”

“Even if he has merit to Tianji Pavilion, the matter of Wendao Cliff is not trivial, so I hope the Sect Patriarch will think twice!”

“After all, he is someone from the Demonic path!”

“Patriach, think twice!”

The elders reacted strongly and spoke up to prevent him.

Wendao Cliff was a hidden secret of the sect, similar to the Nine Profound Bells of the Netherworld Rakshasa Sect, so how could outsiders easily touch it?

Not to mention that it was someone from the Demonic Path!

“Someone from Demonic path?”

Sikong Lanyue said in a deep voice, “In your eyes, what is right and what is evil?”

The Great Elder said, “Su Shi is the Shengzi of the Netherworld Rakshasa Sect, is it still not considered a demonic path? Since ancient times, righteousness and evil contradict each other, so I hope the Sect Patriarch will think twice before acting.”

Sikong Lanyue asked, “Then when he saved my Tianji Pavilion disciples, do you still consider that righteousness and evil contradict with each other?”

“This is ……”

The Great Elder was silent for a moment.

Sikong Lanyue’s voice was as cold as ice.

“When Huangyuan was attacked by outsiders, the disciples of the righteous path almost all fled without a trace.”

“And that guy from the Demonic path you’re all talking about broke the great formation with his own strength, saving hundreds of thousands of lives!”

“In terms of merit to mankind, who among you is comparable to Su Shi?”

Facing Sikong Lanyue’s stern question, the faces of the elders turned red and they were speechless.

“The Righteous path also has its own stubbornness, and the Demonic path can also produce a hero.”

“The word righteous is to remind you all to be righteous and adhere to the path of righteousness, not to act condescend and question the hero of mankind.”

“If sect disciples are all narrow-minded like you ……”

Sikong Lanyue said coldly, “Then Tianji Pavilion should just be disbanded!”

“Sect Patriarch!”

The elders shivered and knelt down in fear.

Su Shi looked at Sikong Lanyue in amazement.

This nun Daoist had actually thrown away her prejudice and spoke up for him in public.

“It seems that saying that she was stubborn before was somewhat erroneous ……”

The Great Elder hesitated for a moment and said, “Even if what the Sect Patriarch said is justified, but Wendao Cliff is a sect inheritance.”

Sikong Lanyue impatiently said, “So many opinions, why don’t you just become a Sect Patriarch yourself?”

The Great Elder hurriedly lowered his head, “This old man doesn’t dare.”

“But it doesn’t seem right to give it to an outsider, does it?”

“Shut your mouth if you don’t dare.”

“It’s not your turn to teach me how to use the sect’s heritage.”

Looking at the turbulent clouds, the crowd shivered and fell silent.

Even the Great Elder did not dare to utter a single word.

Zhan Qingchen advised in a small voice, “Don’t get angry, Master.”

“Hmph, you think this isn’t for you? Otherwise, why should I bother having to do this?”

Sikong Lanyue glared at her.

This rebellious disciple was really good at finding trouble for herself.

Zhan Qingchen said nervously, “I know that Master is the best, the best Master in the entire world.”

Sikong Shuyue shook her head.

She had gotten so grumpy, she didn’t know who she learned it from.


It feels like it’s not bad?

Wendao Cliff.

The cliff in front of him soared high into the clouds, smooth as if it were a mirror, emitting a lustrous shine like jade.

Sensing a hint of something extraordinary, Su Shi asked,

“You still haven’t told me, what exactly is the purpose of this cliff?”

Sikong Lanyue explained, “At Wendao Cliff you can communicate with the heavenly realm, check the heart of the dao, reveal resonance with the origin of the dao, and also enhance your understanding of the dao.”

“In a way, it is a way to repay your merit.”

“On the other hand, I also want to see your dao heart.”

She spoke frankly.

Wendao Cliff could verify the heart of the Dao.

Only after seeing his heart could she be sure that she would be able to hand Zhan Qingchen over to him.

“I will come first.”

Zhan Qingchen calmed herself down and slowly pressed her palm against the cliff.

The air trembled slightly, as if the sound of dao was faintly heard.

The cliff wall rippled like water, and a glorious light bloomed.

A painting appeared.

In the silent night sky, a bright moon hangs high in the cold sky, exuding cold light.

The rivers below reflected the sparkling light of the waves.

Cold and lonely, with a majestic atmosphere.

The moon reflects the ebb and flow of the river.

Zhan Qingchen was born with the best Daoist heart.

“Chief’s daoist heart is as sturdy as ever.”

“The Tanchuan River and the blue waves are white in the twilight, the wind and the Qing Lan moon reflecting the ebb and flow of the river, Chief is indeed worthy of being an heir.”

“She is destined to be born for the dao.”

“With Super-grade perfect talent, coupled with this kind of Dao heart, Chief’s future is boundless.”

The elders spoke in praise.

Sikong Lanyue also silently nodded her head.

DZhan Qingchen’s dao heart was clear and bright, not only was it not slack, it was much more solid than before.

At this moment, the scene on the cliff changed suddenly.

The night split, the sun shone on the earth, and the golden sun hung around the bright moon.

In the middle of the river, two fish chased the waves.

Loneliness and solitude disappeared and the shadow was filled with joy and contentment.

The elders froze in their tracks.


“The sun and moon in the same sky?”

Sikong Lanyue stared blankly at the phenomenon.

Zhan Qingchen’s dao heart had actually transformed!

Others might not know, but she knew clearly in her heart what this blazing sun represented.

It was none other than Su Shi!

This girl had carved Su Shi into her dao heart!

“Could it be that the love between a man and a woman not only does not cover the dao heart ……”

“Instead, it also helps with cultivation?”

Sikong Lanyue felt confused.

This matter has obviously touched the blind spot of her knowledge …….

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