Chapter 217

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Chapter 217: Fire Dragon Thunder Domain

“Boss Yashan! Can Boss Wei really hear your call? Will Boss Wei really come to save us?”

At this moment, Meng Chuan is covered in blood, and [Child of Clarity’s]once smooth fur is now pockmarked, stained red with blood, still dripping with fresh blood.

Meng Chuan is reaching his limit; the high-intensity battle rapidly depletes his vitality. His life force is nowhere near that of Yashan, a master warrior. Even using a healing rune to stop bleeding is a luxury he can’t afford.

Seeing Meng Chuan’s pitiful state, Yashan casually throws a healing rune on him, stops the bleeding, and says, “What’s the rush? Whether Boss Wei can hear me or not, I know. Just wait! You won’t die!”

Yashan looks unaffected overall, thanks to the formidable vitality of [Child of Fate]. Despite severe injuries, it can recover to its original state, albeit at the cost of blood and energy.

After advancing to a master, Yashan’s blood and energy undergo a qualitative change, making the quantity less of a concern. He looks at Ash beneath him and asks, “Ash, can you still hold on?”

Ash, pale under the high collar, nods and replies, “Yes!”

Meng Chuan adds, “Boss Yashan, they are catching up again!”

Yashan glances back, his diamond armor changing shape. Yashan adjusts his body, holds the ‘big spear’ in his hand, loads a standard bullet, aims at the pursuers, including Mingzi of the Nightwalker sequence, Quanzi of the Mimic sequence, and Xuzi of the Speed People sequence, with an old acquaintance, Momo.

As for the level six mutants, Yashan and his companions took the opportunity to assassinate them in previous battles. The remaining ones are all stubborn level seven mutants.

Seeing Yashan aiming the gun at them, the six level-seven mutants immediately start irregular movements. Xuzi and Quanzi even directly disperse their figures, disappearing.

Yashan aims at one Mingzi and fires.


After a loud noise, nothing happens.

Yashan awkwardly smiles, “Bad feeling today, missed the shot! Let’s quickly fly and shake them off.”

His diamond armor immediately changes shape, extending a diamond arm to wrap around Meng Chuan. With a sudden burst of speed, they quickly leave the six level-seven mutants behind.

Yashan and his team tried using the ‘Second-level Lightning’ rune to assassinate the opponents, but they could only trigger one lightning bolt each time, paralyzing three people. Before they could follow up, the others attacked. Even Yashan’s thick diamond armor couldn’t withstand Mingzi’s claws without risk.

A few seconds later, the paralyzed level-seven mutants regained their mobility.

The crucial point is that through previous battles, the opponents have figured out their tactics, making it challenging to find opportunities for a fatal attack on Yashan.

It won’t be easy to kill the remaining level-seven mutants behind them anytime soon.

So, after getting through the intense early battles and eliminating the level-six mutants, Yashan, with the enemies still in the sky, circles around, searching for an opportunity.

Not only are there enemies in the sky, but there are also over forty mutants waiting on the ground. They eagerly look up, anticipating when those three would no longer endure and fall from the sky.

Having followed closely for half a day, they’ve already planned how to rush up and dismantle them once Yashan and the others fall.

Unable to fly, they complain, “What are those Mingzi, Xuzi, and Quanzi eating? It’s been so long, and they haven’t caught anyone!”

“That’s right! If I knew they were this useless, I wouldn’t have agreed to join forces with them!”

“Waiting like this isn’t a solution!”

“Indeed, if they just fly away, we’ve wasted our time today. The Temple Forest will learn their lesson, and we won’t have such a good opportunity again!”

“Don’t worry! They’ve used up their energy; they can’t hold on much longer! As long as we keep an eye on them!”

“Nonsense, you said that a long time ago! Why are they still flying fine now?”

“Do you have a solution? Fly up yourself then!”


“Listen to me, everyone! From the beginning, they’ve been leading us in circles, slowly heading east, as if deliberately teasing us to follow. There might be a trick!”


Upon hearing this, the group bursts into laughter.

“A trick? Hahaha!”

“So many of us, how could there be a trick?”

“The funniest joke I’ve heard this year!”

The person who raised the question thinks better of it and doesn’t say anything more.

After a while, the sharp-eyed Meng Chuan suddenly points to the distance and says, “Boss Yashan, look quickly, what is that?”

A small black dot appears in the sky in the distance, barely visible without careful observation.

Yashan blurts out, “Boss Wei!”

Meng Chuan and Ash can’t help but ask, “Boss Wei?”

Then, Meng Chuan’s eyes light up, and he can’t help but shout, “Boss Wei, we’ve finally been looking forward to your arrival. If you don’t come, we’ll be torn to pieces by the people below!”

Yashan scolds, “Meng Chuan, what’s with the shouting? There are people watching below! Maintain your composure!”

Both parties are flying at an extremely fast speed, and in an instant, Su Hao’s figure is right in front of them, but without saying anything, he passes by Yashan and the others!


A massive shockwave shakes Yashan and the others in the high sky!

The three of them simultaneously turn their heads to look.

They see that the sky is now covered with densely packed crystal sand, which has somehow encompassed the entire field of view, spreading out to an unknown distance.

Yashan immediately recognizes it as Boss Wei’s unique skill, the ‘Golden Sand.’

As Boss Wei rapidly approaches the six level-seven mutants, the crystal sand undergoes a transformation, gathering together to form one rune array after another.

Yashan takes a glance and recognizes them as the ‘Second-level Lightning’ and ‘Second-level Fire Dragon’ runes.

The six level-seven mutants, including Xuzi, Mo Mo, and others chasing behind Yashan, immediately become more vigilant at the sudden appearance of this new enemy.

“What is this?” They see the sky covered with crystal sand, and although they are puzzled, they sense danger.

They each use their own life-saving skills, executing fancy dodges and evasions. Xuzi and Quanzi disperse and become elusive, while Mingzi displays various graceful maneuvers in mid-air, making it difficult to predict.

However, no matter how they evade, it is meaningless to Su Hao. A surge of ancient blood engulfs the entire sky in an instant.

‘The Fire Dragon Thunder Domain!’

With Su Hao’s intent, within a radius of three thousand meters centered around him, apart from the airspace occupied by Yashan and others, a fierce blaze and lightning burst forth. The crackling sound of lightning and the roaring flames combine into a deafening noise.

“Boom, boom, boom—”

Like an immensely huge fireball.

Interwoven with ferocious electric serpents raging within the spherical range.

Dazzling light bursts forth, followed by the expansion of the spherical area, visibly red flames rolling outward.


The incessant sound rolls far away from the massive fireball.

Everyone who witnesses it unconsciously widens their eyes, their mouths hanging open in astonishment.

A face full of disbelief!

“What… is this?”

(End of this chapter)

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