Chapter 216

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Chapter 216: Where is the Limit

The opponent, possessing the vital force of life [Child of Fate], was easily killed by Yashan’s accidental move, leaving Yashan feeling uneasy.

Yashan’s clear plan was to go all out, engage in a hundred rounds with the opponent, and then, with a clever move, make them cry and beg for mercy on their knees.

Afterward, he would step on the defeated opponent and solemnly spread the philosophy of the ‘Innovation Century’ project.

Unexpectedly, the opponent fell so easily.

It’s truly unworthy of the title [Child of Fate].

Hidden in the shadows, Momo, the [Xuzi], was about to seize the opportunity to ambush Yashan when, surprisingly, [Child of Fate] Terry couldn’t withstand a single round and belched.

This scared her to the core, and she quickly retracted her hand halfway.

‘This tall man is unexpectedly terrifying. It’s better to retreat than to confront him.’

With that thought, [Xuzi] Momo gradually dissipated in the air, leaving no trace.

Yashan then walked towards [Changzi] Ash.

Seeing Yashan leaving, Su Hao immediately sent a message to Yashan’s consciousness through the small dark room: “Yashan, help me collect some flesh and blood!”

This voice emerged from the depths of Yashan’s mind, making him stunned and incredulous: “Boss Wei?”

The battle quickly ended. The difference between seventh-level mutants with runes and those without runes was like night and day.

Seventh-level mutants, who were once difficult to kill, crumbled under the effects of second-level runes, with no room for resistance.

If there was, just strike them with a lightning bolt, or two if necessary.

The three gathered again, and Meng Chuan proudly said, “Yashan, these seventh-level mutants seem odd! It’s too easy! They just lie down and don’t move after being shocked a few times! We worried for nothing all these days!”

Until now, Meng Chuan still felt a sense of unreality.

If all seventh-level mutants were like this, what had the Temple of Forest been preparing for all these years?

Wouldn’t it be better to come over earlier?

Yashan was momentarily speechless.

It wasn’t that seventh-level mutants were too weak; it was that the runes they possessed were too powerful.

For these mutants who gained strength through life evolution, the existence of ‘runes’ was an overpowering force. Finding the correct way to use them was, to some extent, unbeatable.

In Yashan’s mind, the figure of Boss Wei flashed again. His Boss Wei was undoubtedly the ‘god’ standing at the top of this world! A ‘god’ in every sense of the word!

Meng Chuan glanced vaguely at the sky and asked, “What do we do next?”

Yashan said, “Take the three bodies and go back to the Elephant Emperor City to find [Xuzi] Momo.”

Ash’s sleeves emitted dense threads, wrapping the three bodies into cocoons, hanging them in mid-air. Then, Yashan slowly walked back to the Emperor City.

Momo, the [Xuzi], floating not far away, was frightened to hear that these three killers were looking for her. She had no confidence in winning against them.

She immediately wanted to retreat to the Elephant Emperor City, but wouldn’t that be walking into a trap?

After some thought, [Xuzi] Momo gritted her teeth and thought, “No, absolutely can’t go back. Who knows if these three will kill me without a second thought! Besides, it’s been five days already, and the people I contacted should be arriving soon! I’ll personally go to meet them!”

As the influence of the Temple of Forest continued to expand, the pressure on other major cities increased.

In their eyes, the Temple of Forest was merely pretending to form alliances, aiming to absorb all major cities!

Why would they willingly hand over their power?

But they couldn’t resist the overwhelming force of the Temple of Forest, and cultivating new seventh-level power was both difficult and risky. Who knew if those they nurtured would turn out to be ungrateful?

So, two years ago, the seventh-level mutants of various major cities secretly formed the ‘Anti-Temple Alliance.’ Their main purpose was to collectively resist the Temple of Forest’s absorption and preserve themselves.

They weren’t foolish; if they just watched from the sidelines, sooner or later, they would be targeted, and everyone would be gradually absorbed by the Temple of Forest.

After [Xuzi] Momo moved away, Meng Chuan whispered to Yashan, “Yashan, she’s gone!”

After a moment of contemplation, Yashan said indifferently, “Did they unite? In that case, let’s slowly return to Huixiang! She’s probably seeking help from others; let them wait!”

Meng Chuan was shocked, “Yashan, not counting the Elephant Emperor City, there are nearly twenty seventh-level mutants in the other major cities combined! Shouldn’t we retreat first? Even with runes, it’s impossible to handle six or seven at once!”

Yashan coldly said, “Perfect timing. Let’s take them all out in one go! These people have proven not to be allies of our Temple of Forest.”

Two days later, Yashan, Meng Chuan, and Ash looked at the sixty or seventy people surrounding them from a distance, making their scalps tingle!

Yashan roared in a low voice, “Meng Chuan, didn’t you say there were less than twenty people?”

Meng Chuan, sweating profusely, whispered, “Yashan, I didn’t expect them to be so insane, bringing even sixth-level mutants!”

Yashan viciously said, “Note it down in the intelligence department; give them all half a year’s salary deduction when we return!”

Meng Chuan asked, “Yashan, what should we do now? One or two sixth-level mutants are nothing, but once it reaches more than five, we might not even be able to handle seventh-level mutants! There are too many people now!”

Ash calmly said, “I can control the sixth-level mutants, but leave the seventh-level ones to both of you!”

Yashan and Meng Chuan exclaimed in unison, “Dream on!”

Meng Chuan suggested, “Yashan, let’s use your ‘luxury aircraft’ to escape!”

Yashan clenched his fist and resolutely said, “I have a way to take them all down! Listen, all we need to do now is delay as much as possible, don’t confront them head-on, save our lives, and head towards the direction of the Temple of Forest City while fighting!”

Meng Chuan suddenly looked admiring, “Yashan, you truly deserve to be our leader. You can counterattack even in such a dire situation!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yashan shouted, “Is Boss Wei here? Calling Boss Wei! Yashan requests support! Boss Wei…”

Meng Chuan: “???”
Ash: “???”

Soon, the sixty or seventy people on the opposite side began to move. Some disappeared on the spot, some flew into the sky, some burrowed underground, some transformed into giants—various shapes and sizes. A major battle was about to unfold.

Yashan immediately shouted, “The three of us mustn’t separate, cover each other! Fly up into the sky first!”

Having said that, they leaped into the air and flew towards the sky.

Ash’s threads wrapped around Yashan, lifting him into the high altitude. Meng Chuan quickly soared into the sky, closely following behind Yashan.

Once in the sky, the enemies immediately decreased by more than half. Only around twenty individuals with flying capabilities approached the three.

[Xuzi] Momo was captivated by the previous battles of Yashan and the others, hesitating to get close. After flying into the sky with the main force, she stayed within the crowd, shouting joyfully, “It’s them! Definitely the seventh-level mutants of the so-called Temple of Forest. As long as we take them down, everything will end!”

“Hurry, rush up and surround them!”

“Why don’t I see [Mingzi] using his most powerful Space Claw?”

“And [Quanzi]? Hurry up and entangle them, use your technique of flesh and blood erosion, devour their flesh and blood!”

“Old lady, shut up!!!”

Everyone couldn’t stand her noise and shouted in unison.

As Su Hao anticipated, the alliance of seventh-level mutants from various major cities had indeed occurred.

But since it was an expected event, Su Hao was well-prepared: Just finish it!

“It’s my turn!” Su Hao put down what he was doing, pushed open the door of the laboratory, walked slowly into the courtyard, and with a leap, ascended a hundred meters. Simultaneously, he transformed into [Child of Fate], his feet erupted, flying towards a distant place.

The distance between Temple of Forest City and Emperor City was far, but in Su Hao’s highest speed flight state, it would only take about five hours!

In other words, Yashan and the others only needed to endure for six hours in the midst of the siege of sixty or seventy people!

Whether they could endure it or not was uncertain.

However, considering that the three of them carried a large number of runes, they shouldn’t be so weak. They should be able to hold on for some time.

With a smooth figure cutting through the air in rapid flight, Su Hao silently thought, “This time, giving it my all, let’s see where my limits lie!”

(End of this chapter)

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