Chapter 215 – Is Ancestral Discipline Wrong? Stubborn old Daoist nun?

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Sikong Lanyue couldn’t believe it.

But in fact before her eyes, Zhan Qingchen had indeed broken through.

Her spiritual energy was abundant and her realm was solid, a solid Late Stage of Golden Elixir Realm.

“Strange, why is Qingchen’s dao heart not affected in the slightest, but even more solid than before?”

[Love between a man and a woman is a stomach-piercing poison, dabbling in the red world will only cloud the dao heart].

[Only by cutting off love and desire can one taste the heavenly dao].

These are important principles that have been passed down from generation to generation in Tianji Pavilion.

But now that Zhan Qingchen had fallen into the red world, her dao heart was not affected at all, and her strength was instead enhanced.

Could it be that the teachings of the ancestors were wrong?

In fact, love and desire are helpful for cultivation?

For a moment, Sikong Lanyue was confused.

Although she had long since risen to the pinnacle of power, she knew nothing about male and female love, and this matter was beyond her understanding.

“Independent and unchanging, moving without stopping…”

“I didn’t expect Su Shi to have this kind of understanding of the Great Dao.”

Sikong Lanyue hesitated for a moment.

In the end, she did not separate the two.

For now, it didn’t seem to have any adverse effects on Zhan Qingchen.

Looking at the two of them in an infatuated and affectionate manner, she was a little confused and secretly swore.

“How unreasonable!”

It was three o’clock at night when Zhan Qingchen was sound asleep.

Looking at her extremely beautiful sleeping face, Su Shi’s eyes were filled with tenderness.

But then, he sighed.

“When I arrive at Tianji Pavilion, I won’t be able to hug her like this.”

“Sikong Lanyue is indeed a bit troublesome.”

“That old Daoist nun is stubborn and will definitely beat the lovebirds with a stick if they appear before her…”

Su Shi muttered darkly.

After reading the plot of the original book, he had an understanding of Sikong Lanyue’s character.

If he wanted the other party to accept their relationship, it would be more difficult than climbing to the top.

Sikong Lanyue: “????”


Old Daoist nun?

From Su Shi’s tone of voice, it seemed like he knew her very well!

Sikong Lanyue forced herself to restrain her anger.

“It’s just that, for the sake of helping Qingchen break through, let’s not bother with him for now.”

“Let’s wait until I observe him properly.”

The void was broken and the figure disappeared.

Su Shi was still contemplating his countermeasure, unaware that all of this had been seen by the other party.

The next morning.

At the gate of Xuefeng City.

Jiang Tiyi looked at Su Shi with a reluctant look, as if unwilling that he would leave.

“Sir Duke, I will miss you, be sure to come and stop by sometime.”

She knew that Su Shi didn’t want to make too much of a stir, so she didn’t tell the entire congregation.

Otherwise, the entrance to the city would be overflowing at this moment.

Su Shi casually said, “If it’s Xuefeng City I probably won’t come again, but if you go to the Capital as an officer, we will have a chance to meet again.”

After saying that, he and the Tianji Pavilion entourage flew away.

Looking at that distant back, Jiang Tiyi’s eyes gradually became firm.

“Alright, then this is a deal.”

“We will definitely meet in the Capital!”

Su Shi did not realize that his casual remark had given the Three Divisions of the Empire an additional top-tier powerhouse, and Linlang an Iron-Blooded Divine Officer!

The group of people swept through the clouds as they sped through the air.

Zhan Qingchen glanced at him, “Looks like that Chief Jiang really adores you.”

Su Shi said amused, “Jealous again?”

Zhan Qingchen shook her head, “There are already thousands of people in the Chengtian Prefecture chapter alone, if I feed on everyone’s jealousy, won’t I drown in a jealousy tank?”

Su Shi was a little embarrassed.

This Fusu Society was indeed a bit outrageous.

Zhan Qingchen cupped her chin, “I wonder who the chapter president of the Land of Great Clouds is?”

Su Shi was puzzled, “You don’t want to join the club either, do you?”

“Knowing yourself and the enemy is the only way to win a hundred battles, I want to beat off the enemy!”

Zhan Qingchen clenched her small fist.

Su Shi cried and laughed.

This is obviously jealousy!

Some Tianji Pavilion disciples secretly gaped at him.

“So handsome!”

Not only was Su Shi handsome, he also exuded an inexplicable aura of majesty that made one’s heart beat faster just by looking at him.

The daoist hearts of some young daoist nuns looked turbulent ……

The Land of Great Clouds is adjacent to Chengtian Prefecture and is located in the northeast of the Nine Regions.
Many sects of the righteous path reside here.

When you enter the Land of Great Clouds region, you can clearly feel that it is different from Chengtian Prefecture, cultivators flying in the air can be seen everywhere, and from time to time you can see people sitting on top of mountains and discussing the Dao.

The atmosphere of cultivation is very strong.

Tianji Pavilion’s mountain gate is located in the middle of a continuous mountain range.

Groups of people landed on the top of the mountain.

Zhan Qingchen took out a jade token and injected spiritual energy into it, which lit up with a shining divine light.

Welcome to Tianji Pavilion.


A soft bell rang.

The mist in front of them dissipated, revealing a fairy land on earth.

There was a vast sea of clouds, and countless ancient pavilions sat on top of the peaks, appearing in the vast sea of clouds.

There was a faint singing of silk and immortal cranes chirping and raising their wings.

It’s like an endlessly mesmerizing garden of paradise.

Although Su Shi was used to seeing grand scenes, he was very surprised by this scene.

There was a fairyland deep within the white clouds.

It truly lived up to its name!

Entering the mountain gate.

When they saw the two people, the passing disciples were astonished.

A man?

And his appearance ……

It seems to be Su Shi!

At this moment, a deacon flew in, “Chief, Patriarch has asked you and Shengzi Su to go to the Cloud Sea Cliff.”


Zhan Qingchen nodded and the two of them flew towards the depths of the Cloud Sea Cliff.

The people around them all froze.

“Shengzi Su?”

“Surprisingly, it’s really Su Shi?”

Shengzi of Demonic path, surprisingly came to Tianji Pavilion?

Cloud Sea Cliff.

Below the cliff, a sea of clouds swirled.

A figure sat cross-legged, surrounded by clouds and mist.


Zhan Qingchen bowed in greeting.

Sikong Lanyue said indifferently, “Sit down.”

The two of them sat on a small carpet facing each other.

Su Shi looked at the figure in front of him.

There were clouds and mist around her, and only her figure could be seen faintly, even her voice was unclear and blurred.

This was Zhan Qingchen’s master, the current Patriarch of Tianji Pavilion, a supreme being who had stepped into the strongest realm and was equivalent to the Demon Empress and Holy Empress!

As he measured Sikong Lanyue, Sikong Lanyue also measured him.

“I didn’t take a closer look last time….this person really has the intent of the Great Dao on him?”

Moreover, there seemed to be a hint of dragon qi between his brows, exuding supreme majesty.

This kind of aura was something she had only seen on Feng Chaoge.

“How strange.”

Sikong Lanyue frowned slightly.

Could this person be the son of the Great Dao?

The two of them each had their own thoughts, and the air was silent for a moment.

Zhan Qingchen watched them carefully.

It felt as if the atmosphere was not quite right.

Su Shi regained his senses and took the lead in breaking the silence, nodding his head and saying, “This junior greets Daoist Master Sikong.”

After all, this was a supreme being and also Zhan Qingchen’s master, a minimum of respect should remain.

“Daoist Master?”

Sikong Lanyue shook her head, “That’s not how Shengzi Su called me before.”

Su Shi was puzzled, “I don’t think we’ve met before, have we?”

Sikong Lanyue said indifferently, “If we’ve never met before, why would you say that I’m a stubborn old daoist nun?”

Su Shi: “????”

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