Chapter 214

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Chapter 214: Giving the Evil-Repelling Sword Manual to the Head of Tianmen!

Another three days passed, and the Head of Tianmen still received no news from Killstar.

He was already clear in his heart that something must have happened to him!

His heart ached, and it felt like bleeding!

You should know that up until now, five innate experts had disappeared without a trace!

Innate experts were not easy to come by; they couldn’t be found just anywhere!

To cultivate an innate expert, besides possessing exceptional martial talents, it also required a large amount of resources to nurture them.

He had spent more than 30 years to cultivate ten innate experts!

But in less than a month, five of them were lost!

What a tremendous loss it was?

Now, he dared not send any more innate experts to the capital, fearing that they might also encounter accidents!

“For now, I’ll record this matter and report it to the court another day!”

The Head of Tianmen temporarily put aside his worries, but Lin Beifan was unhappy.

He hadn’t provoked Tianmen at all, yet they repeatedly sent people to the capital to cause trouble. Each time, they targeted him. Did they think he was easy to bully?

If he hadn’t possessed exceptional martial skills, he would have met the King of Hell long ago!

A grandmaster could not be humiliated; this enmity must be avenged!

Unfortunately, now that he was the Prefect and the Principal of the Imperial Academy in the capital, a prominent minister of the court, he couldn’t leave the capital and directly attack their headquarters. He could only think of other ways.

One day, Lin Beifan invited the chief of the Six-Doors to his home.

Looking at the worried expression on Chief Guo’s face, Lin Beifan smiled and said, “Still troubled by the matter with Tianmen?”

“Of course, as long as Tianmen exists, I can’t sleep or eat peacefully!” Chief Guo said with a bitter smile. “Especially recently, I found out that five innate experts from Tianmen, like Lonely Wolf, Red Lady, and Demon Child, have disappeared without a trace. I have no idea where they’ve gone or what they’re planning! If I can’t investigate this within a day, I can’t relax my vigilance!”

Lin Beifan smiled faintly. You would never know where they went; you could never investigate it.

“I have a way to severely cripple Tianmen and relieve Chief Guo’s worries. Do you want to know?” Lin Beifan’s tone was full of temptation.

Chief Guo’s eyes lit up, and he urged, “Sir Lin, do you really have a way? Tell me quickly!”

“The method is actually simple!” Lin Beifan smiled and took out a manual, saying, “As long as you can deliver this manual into the hands of the Head of Tianmen, Tianmen’s days will be numbered!”

“What manual is this, and why is it so amazing?”

“This is a manual I accidentally obtained. Go ahead and open it and take a look!” Lin Beifan handed the manual to Chief Guo with excitement. “Evil-Repelling Sword Manual? Is there such a sword manual? How come I’ve never heard of it before?”

He couldn’t wait and immediately flipped to the first page, where it read: “To practice this skill, one must first castrate oneself!”

“Damn!” Chief Guo was dumbfounded.

What kind of bizarre technique was this?

Why did it require that…?

It made him feel a chill down there!

Raising his head, he looked at Lin Beifan in confusion.
Lin Beifan smiled and said, “Chief Guo, keep reading!”
With perplexity, Chief Guo continued to read.
The more he read, the more alarmed he became!

This set of techniques is completely different from the usual martial arts. It follows an unconventional path, reversing the meridians. However, the progress in cultivation is incredibly rapid, one can describe it as covering a thousand miles in a day!

For those with a talent for martial arts, as long as they cultivate according to the techniques in this manual, they can become a ninth-grade expert in less than three days. Within a month, they can become an eighth-grade expert. And within three months, they can become a seventh-grade expert. This speed is truly astonishing!

You should know that ordinary martial artists usually have to endure rigorous training for several years before they can become a ninth-grade warrior. If they persist and have sufficient resources, it may take seven or eight years to become an eighth-grade expert. It will take more than a decade or even twenty years to become a seventh-grade expert and reach the pinnacle of the acquired realm.

But this set of techniques cultivates at an unbelievably fast pace! It’s beyond imagination! Even if someone is an extraordinary talent in martial arts, without any fortuitous encounters, they can’t compare to this speed! It makes him want to wield a sword out of frustration!

After reading it, Chief Guo pondered for a moment and furrowed his brows, saying, “Sir Lin, if you want me to give this technique to the Head of Tianmen, wouldn’t that be equivalent to enhancing Tianmen’s strength? Why would you…”

Lin Beifan took a sip of tea and smiled, “Chief Guo, do you really think there’s such a good thing in the world? Ninth-grade in three days, eighth-grade in a month, seventh-grade in three months?”

Chief Guo was puzzled, “Lin Daren, please explain!”

“Chief Guo, you should have realized by now, this is a sinister technique! Regular martial arts practitioners start by doing horse stances, cultivating Qi and blood, strengthening muscles, and building bones. After their bodies are well-conditioned, they start meditating and cultivating Qi while diligently practicing martial techniques and techniques.”

“It can be said to be a step-by-step process, with no room for carelessness! During this period, they also need to ensure an adequate diet and herbal supplements; otherwise, they will harm their bodies and shorten their lifespans!”

“Martial artists may encounter fortuitous opportunities, but there are absolutely no shortcuts!”

Chief Guo nodded in agreement. Like him in the past, he had cultivated step by step. Over more than 40 years, except for some special circumstances, he had never slackened, which led to his current level of strength.

Practicing martial arts was much harder than studying! During severe cold or hot weather, one could stay inside reading books, but martial artists had to face the harsh weather while practicing to confront nature to gain strength.

Practicing martial arts was more expensive than studying! Reading mainly required money for buying books and paying tuition fees, which most families could manage with determination.

But martial artists needed to consume a large amount of meat every day to replenish their physical nutrition, which was not affordable for ordinary people. They also needed to purchase expensive medicinal herbs to nourish their bodies, which incurred even higher costs.

If they sought apprenticeship, they would also have to pay tuition fees. Moreover, practicing martial arts required natural talent, which was not common. However, reading was accessible to anyone with a sound mind and the willingness to learn.

“So, this technique actually overdraws the life force within the body for cultivation! The faster you cultivate, the faster you die! If you cultivate to the ninth grade, it will shorten your life by 10 years! Eighth grade, 30 years! And if you cultivate to the seventh grade…” Lin Beifan chuckled, “You might not even live for a year!”

Chief Guo exclaimed, “Damn!”

“If you have outstanding talent and cultivate to the half-step Innate level, you might not even live for a month!”

Chief Guo exclaimed again, “Damn!”

“As for Innate realm?” Lin Beifan waved his hand, “He will never have that opportunity! The moment he becomes Innate, it will be his time of death!”

Chief Guo was shocked repeatedly. His hands holding the manual trembled. This was truly a sinister technique! While others practice martial arts to become stronger and live longer, this technique goes against the grain! The faster you cultivate, the faster you die! It was terrifying!!!

“So, as long as we hand over this technique to the Head of Tianmen, to strengthen the power of Tianmen, he will definitely pass this technique to his subordinates and let them practice together! By that time, we won’t need to take action; they will destroy themselves!” Lin Beifan confidently smiled.

“But, can this plan really work? The opponent is a grandmaster. Wouldn’t he be able to see through it?” Chief Guo asked.

Lin Beifan smiled and replied, “Even if he sees through it, he won’t resist the temptation! For someone as ambitious as him, sacrificing others to further his own cause is nothing out of the ordinary, right?”

“Sir Lin, you are absolutely right!” Chief Guo wholeheartedly agreed.

“After obtaining this manual, he will definitely let his subordinates practice it while contemplating ways to improve it! However, cultivation follows basic principles—there are gains and losses. If he wants others to cultivate quickly, he will have to consume vast amounts of cultivation resources, or else they can only overdraw their lives! What do you think he will choose?”

“He will undoubtedly sacrifice others to further himself!” Chief Guo firmly said.

Lin Beifan nodded with a smile, “Exactly!”

“Moreover, handing over this technique to the Head of Tianmen has another significant advantage!” Lin Beifan said mysteriously.

“What advantage?” Chief Guo eagerly asked.

“After cultivating this sword manual, their temperament will change, becoming violent and bloodthirsty! By then, we can portray them as evil cultists and rally the heroes of the martial world to exterminate them together!”

“These martial world heroes may be cunning and crafty, but in order to prevent Tianmen from continuing to grow and to obtain the Evil-Repelling Sword Manual, they will undoubtedly rise together to attack Tianmen!”

“In doing so, they will end up killing each other! We can eliminate Tianmen while also taking the opportunity to weaken the power of the martial world. Killing two birds with one stone, isn’t that satisfying?” Lin Beifan laughed triumphantly.

“Brilliant! It’s truly brilliant!” Chief Guo slapped his thigh in excitement. “With Tianmen destroyed and the martial world’s power weakened, it will become much easier to manage the martial world. We will be stable and not afraid of them causing trouble! Haha!”

“However, if the Evil-Repelling Sword Manual spreads and is practiced by others, it may lead to a huge upheaval…”

“No need to worry, take a look at this!” Lin Beifan took out another manual.

Chief Guo looked at it and said, “The Method to Crack the Evil-Repelling Sword Manual!”

“This technique is specifically designed to counter the Evil-Repelling Sword Manual!” Lin Beifan said with excitement. “As long as the officials learn this cracking method, even an eighth-grade expert could defeat a seventh-grade expert who practices the Evil-Repelling Sword Manual! If they don’t practice it, that’s fine, but if they do, besides shortening their lifespan, they will be under the strict control of our imperial court! Haha!”

“What an ingenious cracking method! I really like it! Haha!” Chief Guo also laughed delightedly.

All the frustration he had experienced in recent days poured out. He laughed heartily, feeling relaxed and relieved.

His eyes towards Lin Beifan suddenly changed. Lin Beifan was puzzled and touched his own face, saying, “Chief Guo, why are you looking at me like that? Is there something on my face?”

Chief Guo looked serious and pointed at Lin Beifan’s nose, laughing and scolding, “You’re the only one who can come up with such devious methods! Haha!”

Lin Beifan: “…”

1. The Evil Repelling Sword manual, also known as the Bixie Sword Manual, is a fictional martial arts manual featured in the classic Chinese wuxia novel “The Smiling, Proud Wanderer” (Xiao Ao Jiang Hu) written by Jin Yong (Louis Cha). In the novel, Yue Buqun is a prominent character and a skilled martial artist who practices the Bixie Sword technique.

You can read the fanfic here Being Yue Buqun’s Disciple, My Master’s Wife is Teasing Me!

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