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Chapter 211

Chapter 211: Deceiving the World

On this day, Yashan returned alone from Huixiang City to the experimental base of Su Hao in the city of Temple Forest.

As soon as he landed, he saw Boss Wei already waiting in the courtyard. Yashan immediately approached joyfully, saying, “Boss Wei! Good news!”

Su Hao waved his hand, summoning a diamond table and chairs from the ground.

Su Hao took the lead and sat down, gesturing, “Sit down and speak slowly.”

Following his advice, Yashan sat down and said, “The first batch of students from the Wei Institute – Huixiang Branch…”

Just as he began speaking, Yashan suddenly stopped and looked around. He felt that speaking like this wasn’t appropriate.

Suddenly, he realized, “Boss Wei, please wait for a moment, I’ll be right back!”

Of course, without a table of good food, the conversation felt dry!

Su Hao was momentarily stunned, then couldn’t help but smile. Indeed, it had been a while since he had a good meal, so he decided to wait.

Soon, a table full of hot food was ready by Yashan.

After both of them had their fill, they resumed the earlier conversation.

Yashan continued, “Boss Wei, our first batch of students, a total of two hundred participated in the first evolution trial. One hundred and thirty successfully evolved in the ‘Experimental Mutant Beast Zone,’ eighteen withdrew, and the rest have already perished.”

“Our expectations have been met, and everyone in the ‘Temple Forest Association’ has seen it all. There’s no longer any doubt about the ‘Innovative Century’ project we proposed.”

Su Hao casually said, “That’s good! Although the mortality rate is a bit high.”

Yashan replied, “It’s a bit high, but for others, this mortality rate isn’t considered high. Evolution into mutants itself carries a high risk. When choosing to become mutant students, they’ve already weighed life and death for themselves.”

“Moreover, for them to have this opportunity, it’s a great thing. Now, many people are eager to join the mutant class!”

Su Hao suggested, “As long as everyone can accept it, that’s the best outcome. However, I have a suggestion. If we form groups of three or five children to participate in the trials, the survival rate will significantly increase.”

A lightning bolt of realization struck Yashan’s mind, making him suddenly enlightened. He slapped his thigh and exclaimed, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

Currently, the ‘Temple Forest Association’ is thrilled with the success of the first trial, with no one considering how to increase the survival rate.

Yashan proposed, “Starting from the next session, all trial students will participate in groups of three.”

Following this, Yashan added, “Boss Wei, the two super ‘Mutant Beast Zones’ we partitioned have been completely established and are confirmed to be very safe. We can start releasing mutants inside.”

“We have two options for releasing mutants: one is to release mutants of the same sequence in one super Mutant Beast Zone, dividing them into eight major zones corresponding to eight sequences. The second option is a mixed release with different focuses.”

“After a unanimous decision by the Temple Forest Association, we’ve chosen a mixed release with different emphases. Boss Wei, what do you think?”

Su Hao nodded, “Either is fine!”

Yashan proposed, “Boss Wei, should we go and have a look at the completed super Mutant Beast Zones?”

Su Hao thought it might be prudent to personally inspect the area to avoid any oversights. So, he said, “Let’s go then!”

Both were decisive individuals, and off they went. Transforming into [Child of Fate] they swiftly ascended into the air, flying rapidly toward the distant location.

This super ‘Mutant Beast Zone’ was truly immense, occupying an area almost as large as the territory of the DU country. However, in the context of the entire world, it seemed insignificant.

The extensive boundary tree forest extended to the limits of their vision, with a width of over ten thousand meters as observed from high altitude.

Su Hao randomly selected a spot, descended, stood on a branch of a boundary tree, infused it with blood essence, and recorded the tree’s information.

He immediately had Little Light analyze the gene structure of the boundary tree.

Little Light quickly produced the result: “Respected Mr. Su Hao, genetic comparison result: Suitable for cultivating descendant boundary trees and can function normally.”

Su Hao took flight again, tracing the boundary tree forest, intermittently analyzing the genetic makeup of individual trees.

It took them a full two days to circle the super Mutant Beast Zone.

After landing on a high peak within the zone, Su Hao praised, “You’ve done a great job with this, Yashan! There are no issues with the boundary trees. And the area of this super Mutant Beast Zone is spacious enough to accommodate mutants of all levels, forming an entirely new ecosystem.”

Yashan, feeling a bit embarrassed, chuckled, “If Boss Wei hadn’t initially advised me to designate a larger area, I might still be guarding that small experimental ‘Mutant Beast Zone.’ Now, I truly understand what Boss Wei meant. An organization’s achievements depend on the vision and breadth of its top leadership. It’s indeed true.”

Su Hao remarked, “No one is naturally wise; it’s through experiences and exposure to various situations that one learns these truths.”

“For the subsequent super Mutant Beast Zones, let’s follow this size as the standard. I’ll make it clear now: they must be larger than here, never smaller.”

Yashan quickly replied, “Understood, Boss Wei.”

Su Hao added, “Yashan, since we’ve chosen this path, many things must be guarded against. You should know that destruction is always easier than construction.”

“Now, let me ask you a question: If someone intentionally damages your boundary tree forest, causing the mutants inside to escape, what would you do?”

This question left Yashan bewildered!

Yashan didn’t foolishly ask, “Why would anyone want to destroy it?” Because he wasn’t young anymore, no longer naive. At over fifty years old, Yashan understood not to underestimate the ‘evil’ within people.

As time unfolds, there will inevitably be individuals, for various reasons, choosing to destroy the boundary trees and release the mutants inside.

If all eight major super Mutant Beast Zones were simultaneously destroyed, it would be a lethal blow to the Zhu Hua society.

After seriously considering for a while, Yashan shook his head and said, “Boss Wei, no matter how I think, I can’t come up with a solution. As long as someone intentionally destroys, we are powerless to stop it. We can only repair after the damage, impossible to always deploy a large number of personnel to guard the boundary area.”

Su Hao said, “So, in the future, there will be more of these little problems! Gradually, you’ll realize that every seemingly small problem, in handling, is quite tricky and to some extent, unsolvable.”

Yashan nodded, “Indeed, I’ve deeply experienced this over these years. Boss Wei, what should we do if someone intentionally damages the boundary?”

Su Hao pointed to the extensive boundary trees in front of them and said, “Yashan, when you see these extensive boundary trees surrounding the Mutant Beast Zone, do you think that the boundary trees are the key to confining the mutants?”

Yashan nodded, “Exactly, that’s the first reaction!”

Su Hao smiled, “Why do you think that way?”

Yashan pondered for a moment and then said, “It just seems obvious!”

Su Hao continued, “What if I plant different types of trees inside and outside the boundary trees?”

Yashan was puzzled, “Then I’d think it’s the result of these different trees!”

Su Hao explained, “I’ve not only planted various trees but also drawn patterns resembling runes within a certain range inside the boundary trees.”

Yashan gradually understood Su Hao’s meaning.

Su Hao chuckled and pointed outside the boundary trees, “What if I not only planted different trees and drew runes but also deliberately created some scattered, non-functional gaps in the boundary trees?”

Yashan immediately responded, “Then I definitely wouldn’t think it’s the boundary trees blocking the mutants; I’d focus on the runes as the cause of the damage!”

Su Hao concluded, “Exactly! Regardless of what we do, your aim is to divert everyone’s attention away from the boundary trees, turning them into the most inconspicuous species outside the Mutant Beast Zone.”

Su Hao turned to Yashan and said, “So, Yashan, go fabricate a lie! Create one that everyone in the world will believe! Let everyone take this lie as the truth, imprint it deep within their souls.”

“As long as it deceives, keep deceiving!”

Yashan was overwhelmed by Su Hao’s words, but the stimulating feeling of deceiving the whole world followed. He excitedly blushed and exclaimed, “I understand, Boss Wei!”

Su Hao nodded in satisfaction.

Yashan then asked, “But Boss Wei, how can we deceive the entire world?”

Su Hao nearly spat out blood; it seemed like what he just said was in vain.

Yashan appeared genuinely innocent! He couldn’t deceive one or two people, let alone deceive the entire world!

(End of this chapter)


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My Divine Diary

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