Chapter 21

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Chapter 21: Countdown of Five Days

Ran Qingmo could not be considered a good teacher.

Her method of teaching Xu Yuan was just like her calm and serene personality, neither too hot nor too cold.

Fortunately, her strong abilities allowed her to provide clear guidance to Xu Yuan, who was just starting to cultivate.

From the basic identification of acupoints and meridians to feeling the hidden source qi in this world under Ran Qingmo’s guidance, everything came naturally.

And it was through this process of sensing the source qi that Xu Yuan came to understand the role of the soul.

The more condensed and powerful one’s soul, the more source qi they can sense that exists between heaven and earth.

Due to the presence of the spirit pool and the soul-locking formation, the source qi within this cave almost condensed into liquid under Ran Qingmo’s sensing, but Xu Yuan could only perceive small clusters of weak “qi” when he sensed it.

The difference in souls was suffocating.

Of course, this also had to do with Ran Qingmo’s much stronger abilities compared to Xu Yuan.

The soul can also be constantly condensed and strengthened as one’s cultivation level improves.

Meridians determine the speed at which a person absorbs and transforms the source qi of heaven and earth for their own use, while the soul determines the amounting of source qi a person can sense.

The two are mutually complementary in cultivation.

If someone has a congenital body with fully open meridians but a loose and hazy soul, no matter how fast their body can transform source qi, they can only absorb the small clusters of qi that they can sense.

On the other hand, if someone has a naturally born soul body, the same applies.

As Ran Qingmo gradually imparted the knowledge of cultivation in this world, Xu Yuan became more aware of the terror of the “Blood Origin Heartfall Technique” in his hands.

A technique that can artificially create a congenital body.

If it were to be unleashed in the outside world, it would not be an exaggeration to say that this technique could start a war.

Not knowing how many times he had opened his eyes from the jade bed, Xu Yuan’s sight was still met with the dim cave ceiling.

He got up and glanced at the stone wall beside the bed.

There, a row of upright “zheng” characters caught his eye.

Because he couldn’t see the sky and couldn’t distinguish between day and night, Xu Yuan could only roughly estimate the time based on the number of times he slept.

By the time he woke up this time, the stone wall at the head of the bed was already engraved with six characters of “正”.

He had been alone with the black-clothed girl in the cave for about a month.

Under his tireless studying during these days, he had basically concluded his understanding of the basic knowledge of cultivation in this world.

Now, Xu Yuan had completely learned to use his spiritual soul to sense the Qi between heaven and earth.

And two weeks ago, Ran Qingmo also taught him a sword technique called “Lotus Sword Art,” which allowed Xu Yuan to experience the feeling of cultivating by channeling Qi into his body.

Now, two weeks later, Xu Yuan could already cultivate on his own without Ran Qingmo’s guidance.

Thinking this, Xu Yuan subconsciously glanced at her sitting in the corner.

Staring at her for two seconds, Xu Yuan lightly laughed and withdrew his gaze.

Although he had already grown accustomed to her face without a veil, her flawless appearance occasionally still amazed him.

Unfortunately, despite the long time they had experienced hardships together in this cave, this Rán surnamed ice ball’s attitude towards him had not changed much.


It turns out that the stories in fairy tales are indeed deceiving.

Putting aside these scattered thoughts, Xu Yuan focused his mind and once again opened the book “Blood Origin Heartfall Technique.”

The obscure vocabulary in this technique that had once confused him was now clear and understandable, and he could comprehend the entire content of the technique.

He had already thoroughly read through the contents of the technique during the nearly one month’s time, but Xu Yuan still read it every day, flipping through it over and over again.

This was a matter of life and death for him.

Techniques like this, even a slight difference in a single word, could cost a person’s life when the Qi was circulating.

Don’t ask, it’s based on personal experience.

The route of Qi circulation in the Blood Origin Heartfall Technique was much more complicated than the Lotus Sword Art that Ran Qingmo gave him. In order to avoid being confused when he truly began cultivation, Xu Yuan had started trying to guide the weak Qi within his body along the meridian route according to the Blood Origin Heartfall Technique one week ago.

At the beginning of this attempt, everything was going smoothly, and Xu Yuan’s weak Qi was circulating orderly along the route of the technique.

Unfortunately, when he was one-third of the way through, Xu Yuan made a slight mistake and deviated from the proper guidance of Qi and the description of the technique by half a step, causing him to directly fall into a demonic state.

The feeling of falling into a demonic state was not pleasant.

Due to this one momentary mistake, all the Qi within his body instantly went out of control, wildly rushing through his fragile meridians.

If Xu Yuan’s accumulated Qi had not been so weak, he could even imagine how this uncontrolled Qi would have shattered his meridians.

Fortunately, at that time, Xu Yuan had the presence of a powerful expert, Ran Qingmo, by his side. Before his meridians were damaged, she immediately took action to stabilize his raging Qi.

Although it was a false alarm, Xu Yuan still realized the difficulty of cultivating the Blood Origin Heartfall Technique.

You see, when he practiced the Lotus Sword Technique, which was of medium difficulty, he passed on the first try without any tendency to fall into a demonic state. But with the Blood Origin Heartfall Technique, he fell into a demonic state after only one-third of its operation.

However, this setback did not make Xu Yuan feel frustrated; instead, it made him somewhat excited.

Because he discovered that even when he was in a demonic state, this person named Ran could stabilize his condition before he got injured.

In other words, he could try as many times as he wanted until he became completely familiar with the operation of the technique!

Thinking of this, Xu Yuan made up his mind.

Ran Qingmo noticed that Xu Yuan was practicing a difficult technique but, perhaps due to her personality, she did not inquire too much.

Instead, she silently saved him from falling into a demonic state again and again.

After thoroughly reading the Blood Origin Heartfall Technique again, Xu Yuan silently placed it on the jade bed and slowly walked towards her in the corner.

At this moment, Ran Qingmo’s clear voice came from the corner.

It was soft but audible.

“The formation outside is about to break.”



Upon hearing Ran Qingmo’s abrupt words, Xu Yuan’s footsteps slightly halted.

However, in an instant, he realized the meaning of the formation she mentioned.

It seemed that his initial speculation upon entering this cave was correct. This cave indeed had a formation that could shield external perception.

But now, this formation was about to break.

This news made Xu Yuan’s mind sink.

He is not fully prepared to start practicing the Blood Origin Heartfall Technique.

Thanks to Ran Qingmo’s repeated rescue, he is now able to perfectly circulate the Qi along the meridian route of the technique, but only in a conscious state.

If he wants to perform the technique perfectly at the moment of death, the difficulty will multiply exponentially.

Converging his mind, Xu Yuan calmly asks, “Hmm, how much time do we have left?”

Ran Qingmo closes her eyes and senses for a moment before softly responding, “Around five days.”

Xu Yuan takes a deep breath and whispers, “Will they be able to find this cave?”

This cave is obviously located inside the mountain, so perhaps…

Ran Qingmo’s clear voice interrupts Xu Yuan’s fantasy, “They can.”

Xu Yuan’s thoughts become overwhelmingly complicated in an instant.

The five-day countdown to death has already silently begun.

He stands there in silence for a long time.

In the midst of the silence, she suddenly speaks softly, “You don’t have to worry.”

He slowly regains his senses and looks at her.

Her clear eyes are earnestly fixed on him, “I will help you escape.”

Looking into her serious eyes, Xu Yuan remains silent for two seconds and gives her a slight smile.

There is some bitterness, but more than that, there is resignation.

If he agrees to her suggestion, Xu Yuan can already foresee how the beautiful woman in black before him will be dismembered five days later.

There are too many powerful individuals in this world.

If Ji Qingyue can be killed, then Ran Qingmo can naturally be killed as well.

In the end, Xu Yuan does not answer Ran Qingmo’s words. Instead, he slowly sits down beside her.

After a long silence, he suddenly whispers, “Miss Ran, can you make me enter a state of near-death?”

Ran Qingmo’s eyes show a hint of confusion, “What?”

Xu Yuan repeats softly, “I said, can you make me enter a state of near-death?”

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