Chapter 21

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Chapter 21 – The White Royal Family Wants to Get Along 3

After giving instructions for a continued investigation to the spy, the old man emerged from the secret room looking a bit tired.

The reason was because he was having trouble dealing with Aix.

If Aix didn’t want to work, it would be fine to leave him alone, but the problem was that he had disaster-level abilities.

In other words, he was a sleeping dragon. If you step on its tail carelessly, it could be terrifying.

“Well then, should we protect or isolate him? However, there is no basis for either option.”

Thinking about what to do, the old man walked alone down the empty hallway.

“Do you have any troubles?” Suddenly, the angel popped out.

No, it was the princess.

She stared at him with curious, shining blue eyes.

“Oh!?… Your Highness. You startled me and shortened my lifespan.”

“If you like, I can listen to your troubles. Leave it to me.”

Feeling caught off guard, the old man carelessly ended up consulting her.

“Thank you, Your Highness. I don’t understand something. What is it that someone who doesn’t want to work desires?”

“Well, only the person themselves know that. Just because someone is a woman or a man doesn’t mean they want the same things. Have you asked the person themselves?”

That’s right.

He was relieved that his worries were lighter.

He had overlooked the obvious because he had relied too much on the relics of the ancient kingdom.

He was glad he had asked the princess.

“Thank you, Your Highness.”

“No problem. Then let’s go ask the Great Mage themselves!”

The old man felt a cold sweat run down his back as the princess chuckled.

Oh, I shouldn’t have asked.

“Oh dear, your worries only increase if you keep them to yourself. We should share our troubles.”

The old man couldn’t possibly win against the princess, who chuckled softly.

“Well, let’s arrange a meeting with Aix-sama soon. Here is the information. Please review it beforehand.”

“Understood. Fufufu.”

The royal family doesn’t act rashly.

They send out feelers.

They prepare a guide.

They make arrangements and set the date and time.

Calculations for the other party are included, from the venue and the food, to the music to be played and even the clothes to be worn.

Sometimes they show off their authority, and sometimes they act like close friends, in order to naturally achieve the desired outcome. Therefore, it takes a little time. You could say that they deliberately take their time.

The mischievous child who meddles in adult matters is the cause of this situation.

Oldman’s miscalculation was that the sense of time between adults and children was completely different.

Princess Lula’s actions, as she skimmed through the report from the spy, were swift. To put it in perspective, she was already as if in the middle of teleporting. It was too fast.

“Designated coordinates: the villa at Forest End, where the great magician resides. I am going to meet him now!” She raised her finger in a pose, then disappeared with a whoosh, followed hastily by her exclusive bodyguards.

By the time oldman had started to question the princess’s final laugh, she had already departed. Once the matter had been discussed, the outcome had already been decided.

“Princess? Princess, where are you?”

“I’m around here, aren’t I?”

The princess, now dressed in a town girl’s clothes, wandered around the town nervously. Suddenly, she noticed a brown-haired young man with black eyes? No, he was a youth. He was wandering around a back alley holding skewers.

Excitement stirred within her. “Um, what are you doing?” “Uh, well, I was thinking of giving some food to the stray cats.”

The princess imagined fluffy cats and her eyes shone. “I’ll help you!”

“No, um-”

The boy reluctantly followed the expensive-looking girl who had offered to lend a hand and entered the alleyway.

“I think it’s over here.”

“Okay, but don’t run!”

Their target was in the alleyway. A sleeping cat. However, it wasn’t the one the boy was looking for.

“Hurry up, hurry!”

“Uh, want to eat?”

Under the princess’s hopeful gaze, the boy offered the skewered snack to a white long-haired cat. The cat sniffed at it, and with a yawn, closed its eyes contentedly and went back to sleep.

“Looks like it fell asleep.”


As they looked at each other, their intended target passed by in the alley.

The young girl from the slums that the boy had been searching for approached happily. She had messy black hair and a supple body. Her tail was wagging like that of a cat beastman. The princess, who was meeting her for the first time, was left behind.

“Oh, it’s nii-chan!”

“It’s Aix, here you go. Can I give you this again?”

“Is it okay to take it again?”

“It’s fine.”

“Thank you, Aix nii-chan!”


They were completely in their own world. The protagonist, Aix, was unemployed, but he had been giving gifts to the cat girl. He felt awkward being stared at by the princess.

“Um… are you the great mage Aix, by any chance?”

“Well, I’m called a defective mage, but…”

As he answered, her sparkling eyes clouded over.

“I’m sorry, I was searching for the great mage who made this mysterious magical tool, and your names matched, so I just assumed.”

As he looked at the tube she was holding, he wondered where he had seen it before. It looked similar to the tube made for the Viscount.

“Can I see it?”

“Sure. Fufufu, it’s good, isn’t it? It’s cool and very light.”

The girl he had just met was boasting as if it were her own achievement, but it was indeed the stick Aix had made.

“I can make it.”


When he said that, the wealthy blond girl started digging through her item bag in a panic. As she looked up with hopeful eyes, she handed him two expensive-looking tubes with fine craftsmanship.

“Wind, ice ball! x2, here you go.”

When he received them and used magic on them, it seemed like he had met her expectations.

“As I expected, Aix-sama is the great mage, right?”

“Huh? Um…”

Aix, a great mage? Despite only being able to use basic magic? But he didn’t feel bad about it.

“I was searching for you.”

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