Chapter 21

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Chapter 21: Learning various techniques, strength surges

The Transmission Pavilion has a total of 7 levels.

On the first level, techniques of the Divine Power realm are displayed; on the second level, techniques of the Divine Sea realm; on the third level, techniques of the Divine Core realm, and so forth.

Between each level, techniques are arranged according to different divine power attributes.

The Transmission Pavilion has strict rules – only those with sufficient strength can learn techniques from higher levels.

Lin Beifan headed straight to the first level, searching for techniques with the Thunder attribute.

Practitioners awakening Thunder attribute divine power are scarce, so are Thunder attribute techniques.

Among them, there is only one cultivation method called the “Divine Thunder True Technique.”

Fortunately, this is a Thunder technique that can be cultivated to the Immortal realm. Lin Beifan spent 300 points to exchange for the divine power part of the “Divine Thunder True Technique.”

As for Thunder techniques, there are only three: Palm Thunder, Thunder Calling Art, and Thunderous Sword Technique.

Not too difficult, Lin Beifan spent 200 points to learn them all.

“There are too few Thunder techniques; it seems I’ll have to develop some myself in the future,” Lin Beifan said with lingering regret.

Techniques like the Thousand Birds of Lightning, Nine Heavens Thunder, Three Thousand Thunder Illusions, and Endless Thunder Domain in movies and TV shows are so cool!

If he could develop them himself, it would surely shock the world!

Although it’s challenging, Lin Beifan is confident. After all, with his extraordinary comprehension, creating some Thunder techniques is a trivial matter.

However, he decided to postpone this matter until later when he has more time.

Then, Lin Beifan shifted his gaze to other bookshelves.

Remember, his divine power encompasses all attributes, making him capable of learning any technique.

Now, a rare opportunity is in front of him, and he won’t let it go to waste.

So, he entered a mode of intense learning, absorbing every technique he came across.

Water attribute technique, learned!

Wood attribute technique, learned!

Fire attribute technique, learned!

Without discrimination, he embraced all without taboo.

This led to a serious consequence – money flowing like water, and points gushing out rapidly.

Lin Beifan wasn’t concerned; the more he learned, the stronger he became.

With increased strength, he earned more points.

It became a positive cycle.

Because of his rapid learning, resembling flipping through pages, it caught many people’s attention.

Finally, someone couldn’t bear it and reminded him, “Junior, what you’re doing is wrong! Remember, being greedy leads to incompetence. First, identify your own attribute, then focus on learning techniques of that attribute. You can’t learn everything! Even if you have a lot of points, it’s not enough for your approach!”

Lin Beifan finished another book, put it back on the shelf, and said with a smile, “It’s okay, I’m just exploring and broadening my horizons!”

Then, he casually picked up another book, spent points, and continued reading.

“This guy… has issues!”

The other person muttered and ignored him.

Besides learning techniques, Lin Beifan also targeted the Transmission Pavilion’s miscellaneous study area, spending a considerable amount of time reading books every day.

Because, in the miscellaneous study area, there were all kinds of books except techniques.

Astronomy, geography, legends of ancient and modern times – it covered everything.

While others disliked wasting time on these books, Lin Beifan was never tired of it.

Because, he still needed to create a world.

The more he learned, the more he understood, and the more perfect the world he created would be.

After all, these miscellaneous books didn’t cost any points. Every book he read was like earning one, and the more he read, the more he earned.

Unknowingly, a week passed.

During this week, Lin Beifan didn’t practice much, and it seemed like he didn’t make much progress. However, his strength had undergone a tremendous transformation.

He had mastered the “Divine Thunder True Technique.”

The three major Thunder techniques were all fully learned and reached a perfect level.

He also mastered techniques of other attributes, all reaching a perfect level.

If he unleashed his full strength, dealing with his past three or four selves would be effortless.

His current major issue was the scarcity of divine power. With limited output, he couldn’t last long in a fight before exhausting his divine power and becoming exhausted.

If given unlimited divine power, even a Divine Sea realm expert would have a chance of being defeated.

At this point, his points were depleted, and he had to leave the Transmission Pavilion regretfully.

“Next, it’s time to create!” Lin Beifan’s eyes lit up.

After a week of intense learning, he had a deeper understanding of the extraordinary. He was now 80% sure he could create an extraordinary world.

Returning home, he informed Bai Yiyi and, under the guise of seclusion, entered a state of deep sleep.

In his dream, a blue planet appeared.

The camera zoomed in, revealing the vast land of China without towering buildings or modern vehicles. Instead, there were desolate fields where numerous ragged and emaciated men worked numbly.

Because this was ancient times, the Ming Dynasty period.

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